Using Sacred Geometry for Health and Well Being Part 3

Using Sacred Geometry for Health and Well Being Part 3

We want to get back to that place of listening, of becoming aware, having a whole different wider and broader range of awareness. That really is connecting us with soul, so that we're not just looking at all the different physical attributes.

We're multi-dimensional people. We have so much at our disposal. Our connections are what enables us to be able to move to those higher levels so that we can truly be Soulful in how we create our life. This is one of the things that Greg and I have learned over the past 33 years in working with Sacred Geometry, and we've had quite an experience over these years with the tools that we've created. We've seen that our Soul capability keeps becoming more and more known to us. We keep increasing our awareness, increasing and expanding our capability. So it's never getting into just one baseline place. It's always a process of advancement. What more can we learn?  

One of the things that we have developed along with our tools is different meditations, short attunements and activations. So while you're working with our products, or if you don't have them yet, we have ways of supporting you. Taking you into that reflective, peaceful and meditative space, so that you're attuning into your higher nature. You're enabling yourself from that receptive place to be able to readjust to come back into an alignment that perhaps needs adjustments.

One of the attunements that we really have enjoyed working with enables you to recalibrate. To recognize that sometimes we're on an automatic pilot that doesn't serve us. We can recalibrate that. We can hook ourselves up energetically with our Soul with these higher dimensional energies so that we can have a different level of working from that autopilot perspective.

This is such an important part. It's the real evolution of where we're going with all of this. That is to be aligned with Soul. To be aligned with the whole. When you are in that space. Then service is a natural outcome of what you're focused on.

The purpose of your life. It's the health of the whole being that starts coming in to play here on this Dimension. Because you are working with the whole body. The interesting thing is that when you are in service to all, when you're in service to the whole body, then the whole body steps forward and pays more attention to you.

It's just like a part of your physical body. What if you just stop using your left hand because you didn't think it was as good as your right hand? If you don't use something then you start to lose it. It is called atrophy. It's almost like that.

You really need to practice using that connection to the whole to build strength. To take you there more and more. To allow it to be a bigger and larger part of your field, body and life.

When you are in that field. What starts happening is you are in a vibrational level that no longer allows lower vibrational bacteria, lower vibrational accidents and lower vibrational issues to come into your life. Even lower vibrational people that you don't wish to be around, disappear from your life. Because you no longer are creating that resonance. Just like a C tuning fork will resonate with a C tone. We create resonance within our being through the vibrations that we resonate with. Those vibrations attract the reality of our life to us. Whether that's illness. The bacteria and germs are always there. It's just your body goes to that level of vibration to allow them to flourish.

It is like addictions, we get so caught up in the understanding that we need this thing to make our life whole. So we are addicted sometimes to things we wouldn't even think of as addictions. But if they are there in our life constantly controlling our life in the forefront of our thoughts and consciousness instead of that love, that connection and soul experience that can be so beautiful. When that is there in the forefront of your life, then these so-called addictions, germs and problems in life don't have the same toehold. Don't have the same ability to come in and work with us.

Absolutely that's really our mission through Sacred Geometry to bring you tools and opportunities to empower your life. To support you in how you can be a more creative being from that broader perspective, mind, body and spirit.

We have been so blessed. We are so grateful for what we've learned in our lifetime. Which is continuing on, just getting better and richer all the time. There's so much that we have at our fingertips now. So we are offering you the ability to tap into that. There's so much that's here for us all.

When we take those steps into those higher Realms of Who We Are Sacred Geometry tools are phenomenal for that. We also bring along with that teachings, guidance, meditations and all kinds of things so you can be more successful on this path to greater health, well-being, loving relationships, prosperity and abundance. All the things that you are capable of in your life.  

Thank you for being with us today. We look forward to spending a lot more time with you sharing some of the things we've learned in our 33 years of working with Sacred Geometry. Where you can tell it's the totality of our experience with this life. It blends into everything that is. It supports everything that is.

We can come to the understanding that everything going on in Universe is following patterns, rhythms and cycles. If we become aware of them and bring those aspects of Universe into our daily life, we can shift from a mundane 3D existence to the greater Divine Birthright that is there before us, especially at this time in creation. Thank You and Blessings

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