The Stargate was originally brought through Prageet Harris from his guide, Alcazar and has been made by Metaforms for over 25 years. Every Stargate is both a receiver and a transmitter. All the Stargates around the world resonate with the energies and gently radiate the same field into the space around them. In this way, more and more of the planet is touched by these frequencies. They connect with each other increasing the power of the whole as well as each individual form. The energy fields are created by the various sacred geometries within the structure.

There are many ways of working with your personal Stargate. The first thing to be aware of is that each Stargate has its own consciousness. It is important for you to begin by connecting with that consciousness. The Stargates are activated by intention and does not require intense effort, simply focused attention and intention. No Stargate experience is ever the same. And every individual works in their own unique way.

For most people it takes awhile to tune in and align with your Stargate. Many people like to sleep with the Stargate near their heads – others like to lie down and place it on their body, or hang it and sit beneath it. Experiment with ways that work best for you.

If you are using this as part of your healing practice, there are also many possibilities. We suggest that before working with a client you take a moment to connect with the Stargate and to set your intention for the session. Then, simply having it in the room will create an energy field through which benevolent beings can operate.

For example, massage therapists often place the Stargate beneath the table. Bodyworkers often place the Stargate underneath areas of discomfort as they work on the body. Doctors and dentists often have them in their surgery or waiting room to create an energy of calmness and comfort.

Small Stargates come in three sizes: 6 inches, 10 inches and 15 inches high. The base metal is silicon bronze, and the gold Stargate is a bronze base layered with copper, nickel, and 24 karat gold.

The difference between the bronze and 24 carat gold Stargates is that the bronze has a stronger ‘grounding’ effect for people, so it is good for those who feel a bit ungrounded, while the gold has a stronger ‘love’ or heart energy. Both work equally well for connecting to the higher dimensions and the benevolent beings that exist there.

Stargates are handmade and may take 2-4 weeks to ship if out of stock. 

6 inch Altar size Stargate: $600 in Bronze.
$840 in Gold Plated

For Gold

Buy the 6″ Gold Plated in 2 Payments

For Bronze

Buy the 6″ Bronze in 2 Payments

10 inch Stargate: $900 in Bronze. $1,300 in Gold Plated

Buy the 10″ Gold Plated in 2 Payments

Buy the 10″ Bronze in 2 Payments

15 inch Stargate: $1,200 in Bronze. $1,800 in Gold Plated

Buy the 15″ Gold Plated in 2 Payments

Buy the 15″ Bronze in 2 Payments

Note: Shipping outside of the U.S. for the 15″ Stargate may be very expensive. We recommend ordering the 10″ Stargate instead.