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What People Are Saying About Gregory and Gail Hoag

“Thank you for showing us evidence that if we look deeper and explore sacred geometry there is order, wisdom and intelligence in the universe. It personally gave me comfort in this somewhat chaotic appearing time. I loved hearing you both talk of metaphysical stuff as well.”

— Sandy

“I loved the way you both presented, very much in sync with each other - Gregory, your vast well of knowledge and brilliant presentation and Gail, your masterful approach to recreating some complex (for me) pieces of info into layman’s terms so I could internalize the value without having to think too hard. Loved the program and enjoyed the knowledge.”

— Alan

“I have learned so much this month yet I need to watch the replays again to absorb even more hearing the information again - the numerical meaning of the relationship between everything in the Universe, how space and time inter-relate, how the energy impacts not only each of us as individuals but for much, much more in our world- and the Universe!”

— Terry

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