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It’s not just the gem in the center that is different with the Advanced I.Connect. The technology has been upgraded with a higher frequency crystal, advanced antenna systems and new gemstones and minerals at key places on the circuit board. These innovations make the next generation I.Connect resonate at a higher frequency than the I.Connect2, supporting its operation at a band-width that enables important healing and integration work. It engages you with vibrations that will speak to your body, establishing a sympathetic resonance for alignment with divine nature and well-being.

Pure Source codes are held at the 7th and 8th dimensional levels of our being and are impressed into life forms as the creation process generates. As energy steps down in frequency to descend into physical matter, these codes are the operatives for life’s design. This goes beyond DNA, however it is what impresses the DNA codes. Up until this unique time in Earth’s transformation, DNA has not been capable of holding the full essence of these codes. An energetic shift is now taking place and it requires conscious work to make these adjustments effective.

We have been impacted by beliefs and energies experienced through our families, communities and environment in this life, as well as other lifetimes. We carry unresolved issues that have been embedded in our physical and emotional body, disrupting health and the ability to properly manifest. Through conscious use of the Advanced I.Connect, these energies will dissipate and align with higher more divine frequencies, enabling your higher presence to take its place in greater health, joy, compassion and love.

Using the Advanced I.Connect is a powerful tool to facilitate these adjustments. It is best to work with this tool on a regular basis, enabling the process to overwrite the 3rd dimensional imprints you’ve embodied. Just as a C tone resonates with a C tuning fork, this I.Connect introduces new vibrational energies that will remain connected to Source codes as you become further aligned. As the recalibration continues, your body, mind and spirit will evolve to a new level of capability with the regeneration of new cells aligned with higher level codes. Over a period of time, your body is being cleansed, renewed and prepared for accessing your higher potential and greater health. As with many healing processes, you may notice parts of your physical body and emotional past coming to the surface to release trauma and limited consciousness. As you embrace these old wounds with acceptance and love, your soul can more freely express its light raising the vibration of your present body to new levels of health and awareness.

This I.Connect will offer you all the benefits and values of the I.Connect 2 as well. Please see the I.Connect2 page to read more.

The Advanced I.Connect is designed for those who:

“The new Advanced I Connect really changes things. ~ A new range of energy that balances the forces of life around and within me. I keep the Advanced I Connect in a small pouch all the time.”