Pleiadian Communication Portal

Pleiadian Communication Portal

This powerful sacred geometric antenna system includes the Pleiadian structure; spinning Metatron’s Cube; toroidal ring with caduceus coil and alchemical mixture of various charged crystals; and I.Connect. Included is a bronze stand. 16" high x 17" wide. Choose a gold-plated stand for an additional $60.

$1,478 - Special Order. Please allow 4-6 weeks

2 payments of $739

The Pleiadians and the full Galactic community are playing a major role with planet earth at this time.

This community brings their presence forward now to support mankind by giving you a unique access through the Communication Portal to enable those of us who are awake and ready to interact and activate pre-agreement alliances.

The Communication Portal has birthed and is now anchored in Grand Marais, MN., the first phase in the building of a powerful receiving station. This Portal has the ability to transmit outwards as well as into those individuals ready to receive for an accelerated process of reconnection through you and out to the entire universal community. Simultaneously you are realigned to your pure Source/ higher self potential.

Through the Communication Portal you have the opportunity to:

  • Utilize and activate your own pre-agreement reconnections with the universal and Galactic community.
  • Accelerate your own enlightenment process.
  • Activate a re-calibration of light frequency through the body, rejuvenating the cells for self-healing.
  • Activate full crystalline structure in your physical body.
  • Re-activate telepathic abilities.

A three dimensional sacred geometric antenna system has been created from the series of channeled portal templates to successfully allow individuals and/or groups to interact directly through the Communication Portal. This geometric form has been created by two amazing individuals who have also been working with the Pleiadians for many years, Gregory and Gail Hoag.

“The Heart Companion and I.Connect maintain a connection with the Communication Portal which allows you to move into expanded alignment to the galactic community. Simply wear these tools and bring your awareness to them, touching it with your consciousness and then you are aligned fully with the Portal. The Heart Companion brings you into a new alignment through the heart race to expand and evolve with the galactic energies. These tools support you in energetically integrating new alignments with the universal community in the home space of the heart. Reconnect with your sacred heritage where we hold that unique frequency that we are God consciousness between us all.”
Christine Day

Heart Companion pendant worn over
your heart aligns you to the
Communication Portal

These Heart Companions are specially designed, then energized and aligned within the Communication Portal. Double sided pendant with gemstones for
higher connection or grounding
Shown: 14 gem Rainbow pendant ~ $668
Prices of other models range from $228-$668

Carrying the I.Connect
aligns you naturally to the Communication Portal

This I.Connect is specially energized and aligned within the Communication Portal.$188

“By having connected to these beautiful tools I feel not quite so limited or alone. I feel like I have a way to connect up to Beings and ones I have known before that are there for me.”


"The I.Connect is truly astonishing, giving me such clarity, ease and focus, Just phenomenal."