Our Sacred Geometry Technology

Spiritual qualities of minerals and gems used in the
Heart Companion, I.Connect, Child Companion and Pet.Connect

Inside every piece of our energetic jewelry are dozens of Sacred Geometric antenna systems, circuit boards, oscillating crystals, toroidal systems and electron beam generated molecular layerings. What we want to share with you now is the special alchemical mix of gems and minerals that vibrate all of these together in a focused activation of the full energetic body of a human being.

Crystals are hand crushed and mixed to precise proportion, energized during the full moon preceeding the 2016 Solstice, following the guidance we receive. This way Spirit creates the best pathway for the good of all. The energizing takes place on our land in Colorado where 18 foot high geometries connect to a chamber occupied by sound frequencies and inert gas charged spinning geometric forms for a night of alchemical blending with the dimensional ladder to Source.

The number of different gems and minerals is 12, a significant number that we weren’t aware of until we were done, looked back and counted what we were guided to include. This mix will serve us well for a year and then as change demands, it may expand again.

We have designed our products to provide spiritual benefits and life positive benefits that you can’t actually see (since they are within these tools), however, the resonance is working for you on many dimensional layers.

Aragonite Star Clusters ~ orange

  • Healing and balancing of emotional body.
  • Assist in centeredness in stressful situations and releasing tensions related to emotional wounds
  • Releasing pain and fear and bringing more love into the world
  • Connecting for soul advancement
  • Emotional strength and confidence

Bismuth ~ black, 99.5% pure

  • Focus, visualization and shamanic journeying
  • Helps to adapt to transformation and change
  • Encourages cohesiveness, rather than isolation
  • Helpful in group and relationship dynamics

Black Tourmaline

  • Purification – keeping auric field clear of imbalance, even around destructive energies
  • Eliminating toxic substances
  • Helps dispel worry, anger, judgment, fear and shame
  • Aids with grounding and cleansing

Blue Kyanite

  • High vibration –creates rapid transfers of energy
  • Stimulates third eye and opens psychic channels
  • Aids in dissolving dysfunctional emotional patterns
  • Telepathic communication
  • Universal bridge to transmit and receive healing energy

Celestite ~ light blue

  • Angelic communication, access to higher dimensions
  • Serenity, gentle uplifting energy
  • Stimulates third eye and crown chakra
  • Enhances inner vision and intuition

Chrysoprase ~ green

  • Heart centered for compassion and forgiveness
  • Connection with nature and earth spirits
  • Encourages love and trust
  • Gives strength and courage to the heart

Gallium Nitride ~ 99.99% pure

  • Letting go of preconceptions to discover truth
  • Increases intelligence, systemic thinking
  • Open to higher activations of light and sound

Garnet ~ deep wine red

  • Strength, security and balanced energy
  • Vibrationally increasing strength and endurance
  • Activates and strengthens base chakra
  • Provides grounding and earth connection
  • Helps release behavior patterns that no longer serve

Herkimer diamond ~ clear, double terminated

  • Purify energy field and attune to Divine essence
  • Connection to higher spiritual domains – attunement
  • Ideal for lucid dreaming
  • Supports third eye and crown chakras

Molybdenum ~ black, 99.9% pure

  • Balance, grounding, strength, stability
  • Unify and balance chakras
  • Harmony and optimal function
  • Repairs auric field
  • Maintaining hope and resolve

Peridot ~ green

  • Increase prosperity, warmth and well-being
  • Purifies physical and subtle bodies
  • Integrating love and will to overcome fear
  • Courage to take actions based on heart wisdom
  • Generosity and success in chosen endeavors

Quartz ~ clear

  • Amplification of intention
  • Enhances clarity and spiritual awareness
  • Communication and higher awareness
  • Clearing, purification and cleansing
  • Ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy