I.Connect and Heart Companion Activation / Attunements

Gain Higher Levels of Success 
With Your I.Connect and Heart Companion

These audios are specially encoded using an amazing high tech process to embed geometric frequencies that reach deeply to every level our your being.

These Activation / Attunements are focused on your transformation and higher connection through these tools. They will assist you in developing positive outcomes in your life, health and happiness as you interact with your intent and love. These are for activating your life for positive growth.

Each of the ten attunements are short meditation/ relaxations designed to use the I.Connect and Heart Companion to enhance your energy and awaken aspects of life you are working to improve.

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The attunements for the I.Connect can also be used with the Heart Companion and vice versa.

Activation One - Connect to your purpose and
creative spirit

Activation Two- Physical health – enliven
your cells and improve your well-being

Activation Three- Prosperity is your divine right

Activation Four- Expand your Heart Space and
live with greater compassion

Activation Five– Increase your intuition to be a regular part of your life

Activation Six– Take your next steps with ease
and grace

Activation Seven – Leading your life from the
Heart Center as a joyful flow

Activation Eight -Maintain your compassion
and connection with Source

Activation Nine – Recalibrate your cells, elevate
the DNA structure for renewed health and
access to higher potential

Activation Ten – Shift your experience of stress
by connecting through the heart center

Here's what people are saying:

“Since time is not linear, and past, present, and future are all happening NOW, on one level I already have the I.Connect which I’m waiting to receive. So I began working with the activations last night and this morning, imagining I had my I.Connect as I listened. Then afterwards, I went to the store to buy a few items, and I noticed that more people smiled at me, and talked to me, than usual. Was it because I was smiling more, after the activations, or because they were picking up the vibe emanating from me, or some combination of the two? I don’t know, but it was quite noticeable, and I enjoyed it”.


“I listened to the activations and am blown away. They are truly profound. Nothing I have used before has come close to this experience. It’s your own connection to Source, coming home to yourself. I have had my I.Connect for a few months now and I could feel that it was making a difference right from the beginning. The I.Connect re-established my connection to the Divine.”

Anna Marie
New Zealand