Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a variety of wonderful queries that may answer some of the questions you have been thinking about. Below are some responses you may find helpful in better understanding the value of our tools. We’ll continue to update this page.

What is the difference between the I.Connect and the Heart Companion?

How do our tools work with the healing process?

I do healing work, am an empath and need something to keep my energy field alive and clean. Is the Heart Companion a good choice? 

My I.Connect just went through the washing machine, however it still looks the same and appears to be waterproof. Could it have lost its energetic charge?

My I.Connect is making a sound, like something is rattling inside or got loose. What has happened and is it okay?

When asked about why our tools didn’t help with more successful day-trading, Gregory gave the following answer:

How does the I.Connect work with my body and energy?

Why doesn’t this seem to be working for me?

I’m still not sure what my pendant is connected to. Is it the sacred geometry on your property or is it also connected to other areas of the country?

I recently bought an IConnect 2. How do I know that the tool is working effectively and are there any tests that can be done to confirm its functionality?

I am traveling often and as you know there are powerful X- Ray and other devices at the border control. Is it then safe for the IConnect device to have it with me and pass the scanners with me or it is better to keep it in the suitcase? The web site mentions that the device has an electronic circuit in it. The scanners are so powerful that I noticed that they can destroy many things.

Why don’t I always test positive for the I.Connect?

What is the Star Tetrahedron and the 5D Star Tetrahedron?

Do you have suggestion for improving my sleep with the I.Connect?