Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 2

Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 2

We're aware that for many years there’s a transformation on the horizon. What that also means is that in order for a transformation to take place, the structures that have been present that have been enforcing the system will need to crumble. They will need to disintegrate in whatever way they do. We’ll see the way that the dust settles in order for the Phoenix to rise.

We're in a very interesting time right now, where we're in the midst of where we can see so many structures that seemed work in the past. The kinds of businesses that 10 years ago were prosperous are defunct now. There's no more reason for them to be there if they haven't kept up with the evolutionary spiral.

There's so many things that people are realizing with education. Education hasn't kept up with getting people prepared for what the future is. Because it's all happening so quickly that is hard to predict.

But what is important is supporting people in becoming empowered and creative again, helping them retrieve the creative self. Being able to collaborate, co-create and work together. Because the synergy that creates is extraordinary.

So many of the different ways that our society, economy and political system works are just not working. It becomes so evident when we look out and we see the distinctions. There are many differences between what seems to be what's on the left and what's on the right.

It really is confusion. At the bottom of it, that kind of control is not appropriate anymore. There's something rising up. I believe that our generation had a piece of it but didn't have the wisdom and experience yet to understand and to be able to welcome what was possible.

The Millennials are the generation that has seen it. That has a deeper understanding of it. Also has a very visceral experience of knowing they don't want to be a part of what this system is right now.They don't fit in. It doesn't feel right. My life is more valuable than just being a piece of the economy.

They don't want to be told what to do, the way we didn't either, but then we did go ahead and accept it. I know that Greg and I found that we didn't really fit into the employment picture. At the core of that, we found that we were entrepreneurs. That we were going to pursue our purpose.

We were going to go back into that connection. That spiritual connection with soul to determine what is our service? What is it that we can contribute to the good of all? So that's very different from the way that the majority of people have conducted their lives.

Millennials are getting a bad rap in a lot of ways, because people look at them and say Oh! Well they're entitled, spoiled and their parents told them they could be anything. Well guess what?

I believe that they can. What I want to do is offer them a hand and say, "You are a very wise shining star. We need you. We want you to bring forth your wisdom. We know the pitfalls. We know it's not easy.,

It is going to look very different. You know unfortunately sometimes it's the hard knocks that get us to really drive for what's important.

There's a lot of issues right now that are associated with seeing how women have been so poorly treated for so many centuries. The good old boys network and the way that women were treated, how they were sexually put down, not honored for who they are. That is truly coming to a head. A lot of people don't want to believe it. They want to be in denial of it. In some ways I think the benefit is that we don't go Oh! Okay well we won that little battle.

It's bigger than that. It's getting down to being valued, respected and able to allow women to come forward as dynamic, empowered and loving beings. Without being snickered at. Without having to deal with the negatives that we've had to deal with. Without the glass ceiling that has kept women from what is rightfully theirs.

We need to stay on track. I think the fact that the Millennials have a difficult time fitting in, that the job market isn't something that they feel really treats them as whole beings that they are. It doesn't really honor their sensitivity.

The fact that the housing market in this country, and I imagine it maybe like this in other countries as well, has gotten to a point where it's so expensive to even rent a property or purchase a home, it's almost off the charts.

Sometimes in those cases what happens is rather than say 'If I just fight or try a little bit harder then I'll be able to meet that.' Instead. there is that quality of looking at it going, 'let's get to the core of this.'

The systems that are in place are being controlled in the manners that are not appropriate any longer. Together we can work to allow these new creative structures that are soul, purpose and service-based and that support the good of all.

Control is really the understanding of what's going on in the world today. All the systems are set up to control human beings. To take them into a level of consciousness that is less than human.

We're being fed so much in the news media in regards with the entertainment industry. All of this is catering to an aspect of ourselves that is less than the potential large loving beings that we are. So it keeps us in a lower level of gratification.

So what's happening today. Forbes writes articles about poor Millennials. You're not going to be able to, as Gail said, afford homes, this and that. Therefore this is a reason that their self-esteem is going down. Of course there are others they are talking about: the entitlements that supposedly are being felt by the Millennials.

But it's not entitlement. There's another twist on that. Maybe for some, but for many there's something where there's a sense that there's more that I can be part of. There's something greater. That sense of purpose.

I've had people in their twenties send me an email saying I don't know what my purpose is. I want to know my purpose. My first reaction is "Oh my God you're only in your mid-twenties. You know. Give it some time to discover and work on different things." But still it's that driving force within so many young people. They look at the world the way it is now and realize it's broken.

We realized that in the 60s. We could take it so far and then we were absorbed by the culture. We were absorbed by getting jobs and falling into line with a lot of people. As Gail said, we never fit in. We ended up creating our own business and working with geometry. Working with consciousness. We started that almost 40 years ago and over 33 years as a business.

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