More About the Pet.Connect, FAQs and Testimonials

More About the Pet.Connect, FAQs and Testimonials

There is a very beautiful component of human beings. It is the divine part of us that cares for others and desires to be of service. This quality comes forward very strongly with pets because it appears they need our help and support in a world still strongly focused on separation, fear and domination.

As we are opening to higher levels of awareness, we understand that it is our opportunity to become a conduit, a bridge for the higher frequencies of love and consciousness. Human beings are the link to these realms and are the ones hard wired to channel the flow of transformation into our world. The plant, animal and mineral kingdoms can’t fully evolve without us. And in reflection, our evolution is meaningless and impossible without grounding these evolutionary changes in dynamic partnership with all sentient life. We create through co-creation with them. Evolution is about Unity. It’s about connection and relationship. It’s about all of the separate parts coalescing into ‘We’.

Your pet is the perfect partner to support you in fulfilling your destiny and you theirs. It’s not about working on one or the other, because you have synergized into something greater. This is one reason you will find a pet’s soul or energy field coming back into your life stream many times. You have become part of the unity of the parts to form a greater whole in a similar evolutionary step as single celled life that bonds together to form a larger more complex life form. Your pet is instinctually driven by this life impulse and has totally devoted itself to you.

When we look for animals to rescue there are those willing to play the part. However, keep in mind that it is our play, our belief and they agree to accommodate us. Animals deeply understand service. It is time for us to rise to an evolved role at the forefront of the evolutionary leap now taking place, as access to higher dimensional realms are expanding. They are expanding through us. The grand design is to expand unconditional love and higher soul vibration into the physical domain.

The Heart Companion can help you transform. It clears a path and forms a resonance with higher frequencies. It shifts your life as it allows you to hold the field of these higher frequencies for your pets and others around you. It supports you in offering the energies your pets can now absorb and utilize when they are wearing their Pet.Connect.

For health and well-being on all levels, we and our animal friends must be connected to the higher realms of creation so that energy has a path to follow into this dense physical dimension. Once established, a flow of energy ensues and by being in this flow it allows what doesn’t serve us to be grounded (literally flowed) into mother earth. Grounding this way is a healthy process of release through you and your pet that keeps everyone healthy. It grounds the stress and blockages for both of you and relieves your pet from the service of taking on any of your stress, negative energies and suffering in your stead. More importantly this flow of energy ushers in change, positive change on all levels. The only way to transform anything in the third dimension is for there to be an input of energy and drawing on the highest frequencies as these tools do creates the highest aspects of change.

The flow creates a stronger connection between the one wearing the Heart Companion and the one wearing the Pet.Connect. This expands the telepathic capabilities for both parties. We’ve witnessed deeper understanding between humans as judgments are dropped. Even animals like cats interact with birds in a less aggressive manner as a deeper connection is developed. Each one finds the other more attractive as they reflect the deeper love, peace and understanding we all crave. The flow allows your frequency to rise to higher levels creating the next evolutionary step you have come here to partake in.

The Pet.Connect does not depend upon the components of the Heart Companion to be activated as much as it depends upon the individual wearing the Heart Companion and their efforts to attain the higher level of consciousness now available. It is your commitment to your evolution, as well as the activation of the Heart Companion with your focus and intent that directs the energies into a relationship that serves you, your animal friends and the good of all.


“From my understanding the Heart Companion is working in harmony with a Pet.Connect for your pet. How does it work with mutiple pets in the house?”

Each Pet.Connect will support the individual animal in its relationship to the guardian, other pets, environment and their well-being. It’s best if each animal has their own Pet.Connect to enhance the connections. There is a bit of a field effect, so the power increases with more of these tools and a stronger eminence of love and consciousness will be projected.

“Will the pets communicate amongst themselves with the Pet.Connect?”

The pets also communicate better with each other, other humans and animals. It connects them to higher frequencies as well as a greater state of peace.

“What happens when there are more people in the house and 2 people are wearing a Heart Companion and several pets with a Pet.Connect?”

These are not walkie talkies that link only those wearing them. They work for overall health and well being. They reduce stress and separation from the larger field we all inhabit. The reason that a Heart Companion needs to be worn by the human is that it completes the circuitry of the Pet.Connect, which was made more simply because it depends on the HC for its completion.

“Can they then both easily connect and communicate with the different pets in the house? When one of the people is wearing a Heart Companion and the other one in the house is not, will that keep the person not wearing a Heart Companion from building a deeper connection with the pet eventhough the is pet wearing a Pet.Connect?”

Those wearing the tools will experience a stronger affect, however, these tools create a field that has a strong affect on other animals and people in their presence.

“When a Pet receives it’s own Pet.connect does it set on there own energy?”

It does and it can be transferred between pets as it resets itself.

“Does the Pet.Connect take on energies of the pet? If we want to see how the Pet.Connect responds first by using 1 Pet.Connect to the older dog and then test it for a while on the younger dog, is that okay or would energies from the older dog be transferred with the pet connect onto the younger dog wearing that Pet.Connect ?”

The energies won’t transfer from one to the other. It is not like a crystal, instead it sets up a resonance of support.

“Can the Pet.Connect help with physical issues my pet is having?”

This is not a medical device, so please use proper vet care. The Pet.Connect can offer great synergy with good healthcare. We are learning of some significant health shifts and it is worth testing. We were told of a dog with cancer that was able to sleep for the first time when he wore a Pet.Connect and other elderly and sick animals whose conditions shifted while wearing the Pet.Connect. (These animals were receiving vet care as well.)

“Because everything that is energy has a enormous influence on our pet, when a pet is not in the best conditions through old age imbalances is it still is safe for her to wear a Pet.Connect?”

Yes! It is not like a drug that overtaxes the system. It is about connection to the higher flows of energy that we all need for health and well being. What has created all of our health conditions, life problems and stress for humans and pets is our disconnection from higher energy flows. These tools open up the flow and change happens in ways that everyone starts moving toward a natural order.

I already have an I.Connect, but from my understanding the I.Connect doesn’t work like the Heart Companion and may not align with the Pet.Connect. Do I still need a Heart Companion to use a Pet.Connect?

The Pet.Connect operates at about 50% power with the IC and 100% with the Heart Companion because of the way the antenna systems reinforce each other.

“Why aren’t there any gemstones in the Pet.Connect?”

The Pet Connect has many internal antenna systems to download higher vibrational frequencies so no gems were called for. Even in our Heart Companions the gems play only a small role in transferring the higher dimensional energies into the physical 3rd dimensional body. There are dozens of internal circuit boards and antenna systems as well as a very involved energizing process for both the HC and PC.

There are also components internal to the HC that the Pet Connect draws upon to complete its higher connection through their guardian’s interaction with their Divine connection. The more you work on yourself via your HC the more your pet benefits. Very important is the fact that your stress is reduced and the stress that your pet takes on from you is totally removed.


Barb Shor, DVM Author, Soul of the Wild

“I love the heart companion! I wear it everyday and I find it so beautiful and with wonderful energy. I often get comments from others as well, sensing the beauty and power in it. My connection with my dog, Ari, has always been very strong. I do think he is more affectionate and calmer in the last couple months. He is more likely to lean on me and others than he used to be. The greeting he gives his human friends is quite something. My life has been pretty chaotic emotionally lately. All I know is that I love wearing the pendant and it feels really good. I wonder too if some of these major changes and insights are directly related to the energy of the Heart Companion. I had felt stuck in my life for some time and feel like I am getting unstuck in some big ways.”

Janet Hicks
“My relationship with my dog is now more fun – more open, with more ease, flow and trust. We were both feeling a certain edginess to our connection. I felt guilty that my stress had impacted her and she was trying to keep her center. Now since the Pet.Connect, we are enjoying a renewal in our love for each other that was always there but somehow was off-track.”
Lori SpagnaAnimal Communicator

“My dog never liked having a collar on, but now she asks for it, liking how the Pet.Connect feels. I fly a lot with Keiko and both of us were stressed by airport security. Now it’s become a breeze, since wearing the Pet.Connect and the Heart Companion for me. I’ve witnessed a dramatic difference where she is much more calm and relaxed. I feel that these tools ground the stress and negative energy surrounding us, improving our health and well-being.”


We got Kobe from the S.P.C.A. and he was always high strung, shied away from all people and spooked at the drop of a pin. After spending a month away this summer, I came home to a completely different dog! He was quiet, patient, and started sitting on the laps of my friends! My Mom (Sheila) told me she had gotten the Pet.Connect, and THAT was the difference!”

Janet HicksAnimal Communicator

“Mae & I are now enjoying an effortless flow of nonverbal telepathic communication as we always had before a lot of stress had impacted our lives. The Heart Companion and Pet Connect opened the channels of our hearts and helped heal stress that had impacted both of our bodies and psyches.”

Gail Hoag

“Since receiving the Pet.Connect, my dog Simba seems happier and we are experiencing a deeper relationship. She is even talking more.” ~Judy Anderson, Telesummit host“Buttercup was extremely receptive to wearing the Pet.Connect and immediately put it to the test, running through the bushes and jumping in the river. She is now even more energized and enjoyable to be with. The connection and understanding is stronger. We are feeling amazing love and appreciation with her. She stays by our sides and we are more mindful of respecting her as a contributing member of our family.”