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Rainbow Heart Companion                                 Chakra Heart Companion

An energetic shift is now taking place and it requires conscious work to make these adjustments effective.

The Heart Companion cuts through the chaotic stress of everyday life. It establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream. It assists in expanding heart-centered awareness.

It is the perfect choice to activate your heart center – the gateway to the higher dimensions. Each Heart Companion contains 2 sides (shown in the photo to the left). By choosing which side you want towards your body, you will feel more energy from the celestial and mental realms with the Star Face or have a more grounding experience with the Earth Face. Play with what feels best to you as you are wearing the pendant.

The gems added to the Heart Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensional frequencies into the physical world. This increases the energy flow into your body with the chakras being the receivers of these energies. Below you will see numerous styles that all contain the same technology. The difference is the configuration of gems on the pendant.

The Heart Companion  introduces new vibrational energies that will remain connected to Source codes as you become further aligned. As the recalibration continues, your body, mind and spirit will evolve to a new level of capability  aligned with higher level codes. Over a period of time, your body is being cleansed, renewed and prepared for accessing your higher potential and greater health. As with many healing processes, you may notice parts of your physical body and emotional past coming to the surface to release trauma and limited consciousness. As you embrace these old wounds with acceptance and love, your soul can more freely express its light raising the vibration of your present body to 
new levels of health and awareness.

The Heart Companion combines modern technologies with ancient wisdom to live life from the wisdom of the heart.  


  • Increased vitality, creativity, joy and peace
  • Knowing that all is well and feel like a multi-dimensional being
  • Improving the body’s bio-field and energy (shown in research)
  • Synchronistic occurrences happening more frequently
  • Release of Procrastination
  • Clear Access to Your Intuition and creativity
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • A New Sense of Connection with Your Family, Community and the World
  • Access to Information and spiritual guidance
  • Expanded Capacity to Meditate
  • Reduced stress and confusion
  • Improved ability to manifest

“I bought the greatest gift of Love for myself I have ever purchased - A  BEAUTIFUL and PROFOUND Heart Companion.  This is such an incredible tool and life-changer! Everywhere I go, those that can ‘sense’ stop me and want to know about this piece I wear. It’s such a blessing you’re bringing forth~ especially during these highly dramatic times with frequency elevations beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before!” ~ Sara Jo

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Basic Heart Companion

How Metaforms Developed Biotechnology Works…

All of the aspects of the biofield increased, ranging from 13.2% to 28.9 and the average was 21.7%. The significant increase in the subtle energy field after holding the Advanced I.Connect demonstrates that it dramatically improves one’s energetic field related to health and well-being.

Advanced I.Connect Research
The Advanced I.Connect has over 25 years of research and development, using the wisdom of sacred geometry encoded on circuit boards with strategically placed forms around the planet. Inside are electronic components, copper and fiber optic antenna systems, vapor depositions of molecular geometries and alchemical mixtures of unique crystals, minerals and rare earth transition metals. A toroidal flow is created by the stainless steel shell and the unit is activated by light and sound frequencies, within a special unit having counter spinning geometries and a connection to the earth grid via 20 foot copper structures.

Results of this pilot study indicate that the I.Connect significantly increases the human biofield, as measured by the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Technique, sophisticated technology developed in Russia by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

The GDV Technique is based on the well known “kirlian effect” and it allows the study of the biological energy fields of subjects. The “Kirlian Effect”, well known for more than two centuries, refers to the resulting image of a gas discharge “fluorescence” that appears around the edge of a subject after it is placed in a high-intensity electrical field.

“The results of this pilot study show a significant improvement in the human biofield, organ system function and balancing of the chakras after holding the I.Connect, as demonstrated by GDV testing. The significant increases in all of these tests show a dramatic effect of the I.Connect to increase an individual’s health and vitality. These results support the I.Connect claim, that when held on the body, energy flows and health improves.”

Life-changing testimonials from our clients...

I recently purchased an Advanced I Connect intending to improve my sleep experience. I should mention that I have always been a very light sleeper and typically woke up several times during the night. The first night I put it under my pillowcase and when I put my head on the pillow I felt an immediate calming effect. I found it was much easier to turn off my thoughts and drift into the sleep state. I experienced deeper sleep and felt much more rested when I awoke. My sleep has continued to improve as I consistently use this tool. Thank you for creating these valuable tools! This technology has truly improved my life!



As soon as the Advanced I.Connect entered my life, I became even more organized and efficient in my work, accessing information more easily. My relationships became smoother, people revealed their truth more clearly and I felt more focused on what is truly important.

“I have wanted to tell you of a wonderful effect that I think is due to my use of the Advanced I.Connect. I am a retired Prof. from USC—retired for the last three years. I miss my students so much, and i taught for 40 years, thirty of which were at USC. After using the Advanced I.Connect, I received at least three letters from students of thirty years ago ,when I taught at Douglass College of Rutgers Univ. One has become a Professor herself, and her letter was filled with praise for my teaching, telling me how it inspired her to pursue the profession, and how fulfilled she is, and how she remembers me. Then she told a friend she had “connected” with me, and the friend also wrote back. Others from other parts of my career sent letters as well. It was so astounding that just now, after i started using the Advanced I.Connect, these former students began to “connect” with me. I KNEW IT WAS DUE TO THE I.CONNECT. I knew that I was “connecting” with the larger universe, and those who received the frequency responded.”



From the moment I put the Advanced I.Connect in my hand, I could feel the energy coursing through my body. It was like I was coming “online” again. Like something was being switched on. I was so deeply grateful for this reconnection that I felt I had been waiting lifetimes for. I felt the urge to go outside in nature so I took a short walk around the grounds and came upon what I would normally have called an “ordinary” looking plant.  I was immediately drawn to its extraordinary beauty and exquisite design and could not take my eyes off of it. It was like the world was completely different and new again. Such beauty and perfection in the things we normally take for granted and never pay attention to.  It was a feeling of bliss and peace like I had never felt before. A connection to all things. Love and a spacious neutrality. I can truly see how this can literally change the world – one person at a time and I am eternally grateful.

The Advanced I.Connect, has given me such an increased sense of well-being and positivity! I can feel the expansiveness it carries, and truly, the connection to other dimensions and helping Guides. Abundance is flowing my way lately, and the I.Connect is really boosting it even more. One of the first things I noticed was how deeply this little tool brought me in my daily meditation. Wow! I felt as if I was immersed in the field of potentiality and I was connecting to life very deeply. I have also noticed that it has clarified my dream time, and my husband awoke a few days ago asking me about dream meanings since his dreams have been quite powerful lately too! I am feeling that this tool is also relieving my physical body of some joint pain I have had recently. One day I forgot to put it in my pocket and wow–what a difference from the previous few days when I had carried it!


Advanced I.Connect Special Offer

Regularly. $198
You Awakening Special offer: $178

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Special offer $224
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These audios are specially encoded using an amazing high tech process to embed geometric frequencies that reach deeply to every level of your being. 

These activations lead you through short meditation/ relaxation experiences designed to use with the Advanced I.Connect to support your evolutionary path, health and well-being. They are most effective when used on a regular basis, so download them to your phone or MP3 player, for easy access to them. Just relax and enjoy as you  connect with higher dimensional levels.


Activation One -Upgrade your connection to higher
frequencies to support your health, vitality and well-being

Activation Two- Connect through the heart and
overcome the effects of stress


Advanced I.Connect Special Offer

Regularly. $198
You Awakening Special offer: $178

Add an Emerald - reg. $249

Special offer $224
Just select Add Emerald in shopping cart

Choose 2 Payments (Interest free)
Each payment $89 for Advanced IConnect or

$112 for Advanced I.Connect with Emerald

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