Choose From Three Powerful Ways To Take Sacred Geometry's
Life Changing Frequencies With You Throughout Your Day 

The Heart Companion - Advanced Technology in a Pendant

Choose the Heart Companion if you want to wear the power of sacred geometry around your neck as a pendant! 15 years of refinement and research have created a new Energy Jewelry Technology blending beauty and empowerment.

The Heart Companion cuts through the chaotic stress of everyday life. It establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream. It assists in expanding heart-centered awareness. Intuition expands to support every aspect of your life - relationships, abundance, mindfulness, focus and well-being.

The Heart Companion blends Sacred Geometric technology into a double-sided energy jewelry piece to wear near your heart. You will feel your connection to Source energy like never before. This elegant hand-crafted pendant offers several choices of high quality arrays of gemstones encased in a brushed stainless steel shell. Choose silver tone or titanium gold tone. These stunning, powerful and endearing pendants include the latest I.Connect technology, plus more.

Each pendant is double-sided with a Star and Earth Face. When the Star Face is towards your body, you will experience feeling more connected cosmically, while the Earth Face towards your body will help you be more grounded. Genuine high quality gemstones in either a smooth dome shape (cabochon) or diamond cut (faceted) enhance the energy and beauty of each pendant. (Size: 1 3/16″ diameter)

Heart Companions Come In Three Stunning Styles



Both sides of the same pendant shown in silver and gold...

The Basic Heart Companion contains 5 high quality cabochon gemstones.

Silver: $288, Gold: $308,

On the Star Face: Citrine (solar plexus), Amethyst (crown), Garnet (base), Blue Topaz (throat)

On the Earth Face: Chrome Diopside (heart) at the center of the pendant.

Only cabochon gems are used.

From: $96.00 / month for 2 months




Both sides of the same pendant shown in silver and gold...

The Chakra Heart Companion contains 7 high quality cabochon or faceted gemstones.

Silver: $378*, Gold: $398*

On the Star Face: Emerald (heart), Citrine (solar plexus), Orange Sapphire (sacral) Garnet (base)

On the Star Face: Amethyst (crown), Iolite (third eye), Blue Sapphire (throat)

*Faceted gems add an extra $30.

From: $126.00 / month for 2 months




Both sides of the same pendant shown in silver and gold...

The Rainbow Heart Companion contains 14 high quality cabochon or faceted gemstones.

Silver: $548*, Gold: $568*

On the Star Face: Ruby, Orange Sapphire, Pink Garnet, Blue Topaz, Chrome Diopside, Peridot

On the Earth Face: Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Iolite, White Sapphire

*Faceted gems add an extra $100.

From: $182.50 / month for 2 months



Marion RossPh.D, Author, Psychotherapist

With the Heart Companion, you can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.


I purchased many items from you and am so delighted. I have been following you and your wife on the various radio calls and today with Mas Sajady. You are doing so much for us now. The kindness of your message and the raising of global consciousness is astounding. I was so impressed by your comments about partnering and getting the messages out there.


I want to let you know that the heart companion has been helping me with pain relief, which has been an unexpected benefit. I tuck the pendant in the waistband of my pj’s, in the front for cramp relief and in the back for lower back pain relief, when I go to bed. I wake up pain free.


I am enjoying my heart companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams: they are more lucid, and I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.

Bill Farber

The I.Connect and Heart Companion have a very powerful effect of settling you down, grounding and connecting you internally. What really amazed me was the way these tools are structured to hold and transmit high vibrational energy, so I discovered that I can download my energy waves into these tools and these energies are constantly rebroadcast and projected to you. The effectiveness of these tools are way beyond anything my students and I have worked with before.


The I.Connect has very interesting pulsations. It aligns the lightbody and brings alignment, but to each unique journey. That is, it seems to resonate to your own unique lightbody formations and greatly shifts you, so it works in unison with your divine coding at the ascension point you are at, at that specific time when you initially connect with it. Very interesting. Then of course it pushes you further

Daniel GutierrezAuthor, International Speaker

I wear the Heart Companion because it serves as my master connection. It is by far the best tool I have found to accelerate the connection to the heart energy and expand abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life.

Virgil JacksonCEO

My favorite. The Star Dodecahedron starts with a heartful experience, softly and lovingly moving through me. Then it expands to the broadest range of frequencies I’ve felt, enveloping me in energy.

Dannion Brinkley

These devices help people align to sacred space and sacred geometrical configuration of matter to become more aware and alert to the sacredness of themselves.

Constance DembyMusician/composer

The Creative Energizer has a powerful presence and has become a very important element for attunement in my electronic recording studio.