Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 3

Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 3

It makes such a difference when you start working with that energy and love inside you. It reorganizes what I think of as wealth. Because what happens is when I'm satisfied inside, then I find that the things I have satisfy me. I don't need more things to be happier.

It's really curious how some of the things that do take care of me come into my life, like the home we're living in right now. When it was time to let go of our other home, which was about 18 years ago now, we put it on the market. It was on the market for a couple of years. Nobody was interested in buying it. We changed realtors a couple times. It just didn't seem like it was moving. No one was interested.

Then we decided to do a ritual, and what we did was working with Feng Shui . We changed some of the patterns of things in the home. We put up certain colors in certain places. But mostly what we did is we shifted our context. We were putting it together and letting it go. I was ready to let my home go that I'd lived in for 12 years. What happened was the very next day we had three buyers come, all giving us offers. They started bidding against each other. So we not only made the price of what we were asking but even a little bit more. One of the other things we wanted was to be able to live there and pay less than what we had been paying on the mortgage while we were building our present home. All of this happened! The buyer's father suddenly died which was a sad experience. So he said I can't move forward on this. Why don't you stay there until I get my affairs in order? Which was for the next year. So this is just the way universe takes care of all of us.

Then when we moved into our new home. The piece of land that we had been looking at with many other families was a couple hundred acres. We were going to build a co-housing community. But in the end it took so long for all of it to come together that most of those other people dropped out. We were left with finishing it off, which wasn't that hard.

What happened was we got an incredible piece of property, a couple 100 acres, with nature all around us. It is a special energetic place where spirit wanted us to build on vortexes and work with certain energetic pieces. We weren't even totally aware of this prior to coming here. So spirit has been unfolding our life. Putting us in a beautiful place that we wouldn't have been able to do without our plans of going in one direction and then the spirit saying no this is how you're going to go now. Then we allowed it to unfold.

That's the joy of working with spirit together with allowing and being present for the kinds of things that come into our lives. Every time we go for a hike, we're so fortunate to live here. It's so beautiful, it's quiet, it's just amazing. It is a gift.

Honestly we really didn't know how we were going to manifest it. We didn't know how the resources were going to show up. We learned to get out of the way. We learned to stay focused on what our intent was, what our goals were, what our picture is and what we really wanted to create. Then we allowed and we partnered with the universe and other people who came forward. As we created relationships that were honest and meaningful, we were able to put all the pieces together. That's what we want to share with you.

You can do it in the very same way along with working with our Sacred Geometric energy tools. Then you can be supported as we've been incredibly supported and be in this magnificent field, this creative energy flow that has taught us and enabled us to have so much that we can share with other people. It's interesting.

I'll tell you one more short story. There was a woman, who was a realtor, who was involved in something called a short sale. For about a year she tried to complete this sale for her client, but was unable to do it. She had the Heart Companion and was listening to an attunement. The very next day this million dollar deal came together. So something shifted in her field. Something enabled her to receive, to allow, and to put her perspective in place, so that things can happen.

That's the way that wealth and prosperity works. You are a creative piece of the play. Use your joy, your connectedness, your love, and come to the table with all of who you are. Ask for what you really and truly want. How that can be brought to not only yourself but to those you love and to those who may not even know. It's a beautiful play.

The more you focus on the good of all and being of service to all, the more you will be served. Because that's the nature of the universe. It takes care of those who are in service to love. Who are in service to all. Thank You for joining us today.  Blessings.

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