Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 2

Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 2

We were experiencing a space where sales were down. The first thing we do when we have that situation is we start meditating in the mornings and evenings. We love to meditate with the forms because they take us so deeply. For me they give me such a feeling of connection, love and presence. Then I don't care about anything other than this energy, love and presence.

Then the next day someone calls us up and says I am doing this festival. I'm doing this program. I'm having these people come in. I want to support you this way. I want to do this. I love what you're doing. We had several calls the next day. That's the way it works. It starts with us doing our work on the inside. Then the outside starts playing itself out naturally as you would expect.

We've talked about this before that energy is about flow. Energy flows. There's no stagnation or if there is stagnation, when you look at a stagnant pond of water, there's no life force there. You want to have flow. That's an important aspect of this conversation. Often times we think about our relationship to money and how to stockpile it? Or how do I get enough of something that I think I need so that I can be safe? Instead of recognizing that there is this wonderful flow that we are a part of, that we can take advantage of, that we can dip our feet into and swim in if we want to.

Money is a flow. When we enable money to flow into our lives and out to others, then we are respecting what money is about. Many of us have thoughts and beliefs about money that have put all kinds of labels on it.  Like money being dirty, not being spiritual, there's not enough money or there's only certain people that have the money. You know whatever it is, there's all of these very interesting concepts. All they are are just thoughts.

My question to you is what thoughts are you holding that don't truly serve you in this moment and in what you want to create for your life? Instead you have the opportunity right now to get back into that flow and to create that unity. Because what money really offers us is unity. It's the ability for us to share our gifts, our services and what we feel that our creative mode is. Then you share with us the benefits of what you're creativity, gifts, work and love is about. That is a miraculous thing. To be in a system that enables us to be able to share the value of what we all do, from all parts of the world.

So when we look at money as energy as a flow., then we can redefine it. We can create a new field and a new context that says I want to play. I want to participate full on. I want to enjoy the benefits. When we do that, then we are operating from principles of prosperity and abundance.  

When you work with money as a measure of how things are going in your life or how the business is working, that you're involved in, then it becomes something that makes more sense. It's just a measure. It's a feedback loop. It's not something that you have to go after in and of itself. It's just a reflection of how well things are going and when things aren't going well.

I talked a little earlier about how it's important to focus on what's real inside. Sometimes it's necessary to use the tools we have to take a look from a higher perspective. We look down and say well is there someplace where things are off? Is there someplace where we're blocking that flow? Blocking that flow with our emotions, attitude, fears or concepts? Or are we blocking it with the ways we're doing things? Perhaps some of the ways that we are not marketing correctly. I mean they're all kinds of perspectives that we can have from that higher, higher perspective that give us feedback.

Then we have the energy, with these tools with Sacred Geometry, to be able to direct our intent and focus into the areas that need enlightening, expanding, changing and transformation. That's what's so powerful about working with Sacred Geometry in creating a life of abundance and wealth. Because it flows almost naturally - that abundance and wealth because we are ourselves coming into alignment with universe. Which as we started out at the beginning of this conversation we said is infinite abundance. But you can't experience infinite from the 3D body. You have to move out of your body to start to touch upon infinite. It’s bigger than everything. Bigger than all of us.  

In order to be able to play with that infinite opportunity it's so important to use our senses in an enhanced way. For instance that's where intuition is so important, awareness, alertness to what's happening. Instead of looking at what do, what I have right now in the bank account or what is it that seems to appear in front of me. Your intuition takes you out of that range and starts to help you become alert to your creative self, to your soul, to the higher aspects of who you are and you're connected state. So your intuition will work hand and glove with your creativity, with your new intent and teach you what steps you can take.

Now something else that happens a lot when we're working with Sacred Geometry is serendipitous experiences. Because we're connected we are able to notice that there's things that are happening that perhaps we wouldn't have been aware of, if we weren't being alert, if we weren't using our intuitive capabilities, our sensitivities. In those situations we can read them differently. Again it's our new perspective. Seeing something and going Wow this is awesome! How can we play?

So when we have a new conversation about our wealth and prosperity, we're playing in a whole new field. We're also redefining what does wealth mean? That's a good question for you to ponder, in a centered place recognize what does wealth really mean? What do you want to create in your life? Do that from the perspective of opportunity, of abundance, of your creative spirit which is magnificent. Also from a place of allowing. Allow universe to gift you. Allow yourself to dip into this wonderful, earthly blessing that we have here.

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