Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 1

Using Sacred Geometry for Wealth Part 1

Hello I'm Gregory Hoag here today with my wife Gail. What we want to share with you today is an understanding of how Sacred Geometry can support you with wealth and prosperity.

Now there's a phrase that's often used in the New Age Community “infinite abundance.” This is a universe filled with infinite abundance. But it's challenging to make that real in our lives.

You think about what's my life like? What am I experiencing? Am I experiencing infinite abundance? Do I see the world and what's going on in other countries, where people are suffering? Where does that phrase fit in? Is it real?

That's where I think that Sacred Geometry has really helped move me in Consciousness to a level where I can literally start connecting in on those higher levels to that infinite abundance and bring it into this dimension. That's what we're going to talk more about today.

That phrase, infinite abundance: I remember the first time that I read it was in a book by R Buckminster Fuller. He was an amazing inventor. He invented the Geodesic Dome. He did so much with Geometry. His concept was when you really look out at the world, the world is always creating more. It is always bringing new life into this wonderful Earth. The seeds that offer so much new life.

We are here in a world with tremendous opportunity, value and resources for us. But one of the things that we've learned over time is something called scarce resources. We've been taught from the very beginning that we have to fight over different things. That there is not enough for everyone. So our thought processes, our upbringing has put us into a place of feeling like we have to compete for what's there, rather than recognizing that the gift of nature, the gift of this reality is that there is so much.

In addition to that we are creative beings. We can create more and more. So it's all about what are we’re really focused on. Are we focused on lack? Or are we focused on abundance? On the value for the good of All? That is a very important conversation in how we see abundance and prosperity reflected into our lives.

For instance if you're finding that you don't have what you really want, the resources that you're working with in your life, are not really supporting what you want. Then it's very important to take a look at what you've created. What your thoughts, what your intent has developed for you.

Buckminster Fuller would say "You come to this ocean of infinite abundance. You can come with a little teaspoon or you can come with a pickup truck. What do you decide to do? it's up to you.” So it's wonderful for us to look at nature, abundant and incredible energy and see what we can tap into together.

I was just watching this really wonderful interview with an astrophysicist who was looking at new pictures coming back from the Hubble telescope. What they were seeing was sextillion galaxies that are out there in the world, that they had no idea were there. There was another astrophysicist, another scientist who's won Nobel prizes, and he was saying there's more stars out there than there are grains of sand all over the entire Earth.

Imagine how much there is there. We are made up of some of those very Galactic resources. It's quite amazing Who We Are and what is at our disposal.

When we work with wealth and abundance, we often look out and see what it is in the world that we want. See what it is in the world that we don't have. So it's a focus that takes us out.

Yet to really be successful in creating what is going to support us, what is going to serve us, it has to start inside. So that orientation has to be totally switched if we're going to be successful in this world. We have to switch it so that it begins within us.

As we've been talking about we have to go to the highest levels. We have to be in that clear state. It's important that when we bring in the intent, that it's a coherent intent. Most importantly it's an intent that sees us already having the fruits of our labors displayed around us. Feeling that energy around us, feeling that joy and happiness.

Negative emotions are really blocking the flow of energy from the heart. Blocking the flow of energy from the higher self. It's when we feel the joy that comes naturally with that higher connection to higher self when we feel that joy in our lives. When we feel that love. Then we marry that to our intent in our visions, meditations, thoughts, daily feelings, and our daily actions. We start putting out a resonance. We start creating something that vibrates. That vibrates at a level with that love.

That love takes that vibration to a very high frequency. That starts attracting to us the kind of people and elements that we had no idea that we wanted. You can't figure it out in your head. You can't prewrite the whole thing and go this is how my life is going to unfold. You need to simply be in that space of love, joy and the intent that things are shifting for you.

They are shifting for the better because you feel it, you know it, you taste it you feel it in every single aspect of all your senses. Then you're in a joyful space where you just allow. You allow Universe to step in and take care of you.

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