Using Sacred Geometry for Love and Relationships Part 2

Using Sacred Geometry for Love and Relationships Part 2

I had this mother who had a We.Connect running and the switch broke, so she sent it back. She said "Please send it back to me as quickly as you can, because my husband treats me so much better. He's so much nicer and my kids are nice to each other. The three, four, five, six, seven year olds, the young kids, the boys that want to fight all the time. They don't when this is running."

Its when the environment is shifted, so we don't have that edge. There's something that's going on in our environments today, that's coming from the news, newspapers and in all these components of electricity such as lighting and computers. It's putting us all on edge and we take that edge out on each other. It's affecting our relationships.

Sometimes we're not aware just how much that affects us. Before we know it we're snippy, where you know we close down. We feel that pain, that sense of despair. When that happens, then we go back into those old reactive patterns. Essentially what we've done is we've shut down.

What we're really speaking about now are what are the ways that we can open ourselves more? That we can become more receptive and expansive? That we can be in the driver seat realizing that truly we are co-creators. We can take that creative experience of deciding what kind of relationships do we want? Do we just want the same old same old? Or do we want something that's more satisfying, that adds value to not only our lives but the lives of others?

When that is your choice, you are creating a new intent. That really is a vibrational field, an energetic field, that is then carrying out that directive. That's what makes a huge difference.

Nurturing and creating that directive is about you being able to connect. Working with, coming through, that Heart Center.  Being aware and mindful, really stating to yourself that your life is an opportunity for you to express Who You Are at the most wonderful sense.

It doesn't matter what's going on. Because honestly there's so many experiences out there. We're choosing not only to determine what experiences we see in our lifetime. Most importantly, we're choosing how we can respond to it. People will be vastly different in those responses.

So the question is what will you do? Will you come back into that balanced, centered and connected state and create a response that is of greater awareness. Like Doctor Ross said, taking that mindful moment, that breath, so that you can actually say "What can I bring? What can I bring to this relationship, that would be supportive right now?"

So let's say I'm talking to somebody who's in a lot of pain. It would be perhaps an old pattern of mine to be able to say, "I feel so badly for you." Then before you know it, I'm getting into that energy field. Instead, what I do now and what you can do is to sit back with compassion and appreciation for the person and for yourself.

Then the question becomes what is the opportunity now? What can we co-create and bring to this situation, so that we can both benefit from it? We can evolve. When we're looking at things from that perspective all kinds of magical things happen. We become aware. Serendipity starts to happen. Things just are known to us, so that we can step forward into a higher aspect of Who We Are.

That's what we mean when we say that the environment that we're creating is influencing us. The vibrational field that we are projecting, that's emanated is supporting us in being able to enter the relationship in a much more satisfying way.

It really becomes evident that relationship is not about the other person, not about the other things in our life. It's about us. We create the relationships. We create everything. We must take responsibility for everything that's working and not working. That's not an egoistic thing. The ego always gets in and mucks it up. If you're coming from that level.

That's why we keep talking about going through the heart to access the higher aspects of self. To access the Soul level of self. Because from that perspective you can work with intent which is very powerful.

You can't get to a clear understanding of what intent you're supposed to have, until you spend some time in that meditative energy of your higher self. You can be in that meditative state even without sitting in meditation. You can carry it with you.

That's the nature of these geometric tools. to carry a field with you that is meditative, that is able to help you understand what your intent should focus on. It gives you that power that comes from Soul. That's where everything is created from anyway.

It isn't created from this level of creation. This is the field of affects, the Third Dimension, where everything shows up. This is where we see what's been going on, on those higher levels with our emotions, with our mental capability, with our spiritual capability. This is where we see those effects manifest.

We have to start on those higher levels. Then we can see what's going on. Then we can have an intent that is really encapsulating our highest purpose and the highest purpose of those that we are interacting with.

When we bring that energy through that intent, as the right focus and the right energy, it takes us into a place that really changes and solidifies our loving relationship with others.

When you think about it, what is our life about? Our life is about love. That is the highest quality that we can learn about, that we can offer to the world and that we can evolve with. That's how we polish the diamond of our soul, to really be able to understand and express love in the deepest and most profound ways.

Enjoy that heart centered loving nature of Who You Are and what life and relationships can be as you're becoming. As you are mastering. Yes, you’re mastering love and joy. What an absolutely wonderful thing to do.

It's the only reason for really being on the planet. As Buckminster Fuller once said Gravity is love and it's what pulls everything together. It's what keeps things together. It's the essence of all relationships. It's beyond what we experience physically as love. It literally is that force of nature that is responsible for creation and life itself.

Thank You. We offer you blessings and enjoyment.

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