Using Sacred Geometry for Health and Well Being Part 2

Using Sacred Geometry for Health and Well Being Part 2

Flow is not something that we learn about in school. We think that this is the way things are out there in the world. We get to react to them. Instead when we tune in to that energetic flow and the understanding that it does change, there’s ebbs and flows. There's different cycles and rhythms. It's not all just one baseline.

So when we prepare ourselves for all of the different levels that go on, we can be flexible. We can be creative. We can understand that energy is really our friend.

When we want to make a shift, we actually want to have more energy flow. We see that in nature, to go from solid ice into water, we need more heat. We need an energy input so that we can create a transition.

Well the same thing with our health. We need some different kinds of energy inputs in order to have our health reflect a higher level of what we want. So for instance, a lot of people find that stress is very detrimental in their life.

Well in reality stress in and of itself isn't detrimental, It's the way that we access it. Because stress can just move us to the next level if we openly embrace it. If we recognize that it is a friendly opportunity to move ourselves to the next level of Who We Are.

So for us it's about connecting. Having that mindfulness, those moments of awareness, so that we can step back and look at what's happening and ask, “How can I have this benefit me? What is the opportunity? What can I create from this situation that will enable my life to have greater health and well being?

Looking at opportunities is what we really want to focus on. Interacting with Sacred Geometry, because it is opening up our intuition, supporting us with greater awareness and mindfulness, helping us actually open up to those energetic shifts. It is an enormous support for our well being in all different modes of life.

Stress as Gail was talking about is becoming more important in what doctors are finding is a major cause or contributor to many different diseases, because it creates inflammation in the body. So often we know that heart disease can involve the blockage of arteries, but cholesterol doesn't stick unless there's inflammation. Again inflammation related to stress and how do we reduce that stress.

We talked a little bit about how some of these tools, when you're playing them, or working with spinning forms in the background, or wearing something. The energy around you feels more like the energy you would have in a natural forest with water running and so forth.

Another thing to understand is that with stress, we’re often trying to control things. That's the reason for the stress. We're trying to get so much done. We're trying to accomplish a great deal. We're running here and there. Yet when you are in that place of connection within your center and that's what happens with meditation, what happens with working with Sacred Geometry, where you can maintain that meditative state. Then you work more in congruence with the larger part of yourself, with that part of yourself that is willing to allow for the right timing, that is willing to trust in the right thing happening. Willing to step out of the way and allow for the right moment to make itself known.

So working with the bigger part of yourself is such an important aspect to understand. I know. For me, working with these tools have helped move me to that place where I trust guidance, where I trust spirit, where I trust the larger picture of what's going on in the world. Rather than get caught up in the small things that are creating stress in my life, rather than trying to force the issue, rather than trying to fight the flow of the river.

All these metaphors that tell us there are ways to work with universe, work with your higher self and work with what is supposed to be unfolding, rather than going against it or trying to do more than what you're able to do.

So what Gregory is referring to is moving out of those patterns to control, to try to dominate something rather than allow for unity.

We're in a very unusual and wonderful place in the history of beings. That is, we are moving out of the paradigm of separation, control and power over. So that's a reference not only to what's outside of ourselves in the world, our governments, communities, our relationships, and all of those things. It also reflects on how we relate to ourselves.

How we have for instance a medical paradigm that is designed to create a control situation. If you have something wrong with you, then a medication is going to take care of the symptoms. It may not take care of the root of the problem. But it does numb the symptoms and the pain.

What this paradigm that were moving into is about: if we are going to create unity, if we are going to create from a place of allowing, then we honor what's there. We learn from it. We increase our awareness. We bring things into a whole different way of organizing and understanding. A new perspective. That is again a beautiful opportunity with Sacred Geometry, because it jostles the old ways of thinking. It really urges us to go to a higher level.

When I put my Heart Companion on in the morning, (and we hear this from so many people who are working with our tools). Something happens, something shifts. There is a sense of peace. There's a sense of that connection. Then we can ground that and we can move into a day of allowing. So that we hear what's going on. We notice, we're aware of the serendipities. We're aware of the things that may be out of balance more quickly so that we can respond. Not in a way of wanting to control the situation, but in a way of saying, “There's an opportunity. There’s a doorway. What can I do now that would change the outcome?”

That's really gratifying to have those opportunities to move into a different way and create new intents. A new vibrational pattern, a field of opportunity. so many different things will show up.  

Intent is such an important aspect within our lives. We talked earlier about how negative emotions, what they can do is get lodged in different parts of the body.

We often call some of the major energy centers in our body chakras. Like the energy center for the heart where we work with love and compassion. Around the throat there's an energy center where we work with speaking our truth and focus of will. Then around the solar plexus which is working with power.

When energy, especially around negative emotions gets blocked in these areas we need to open it up, Again, working with Sacred Geometry focused on those areas can get the energy to flow.

It's important to work with your intent. Because intent is that clear focused energy that allows you to direct the energy that's coming in. That's coming in through these tools. It follows your intent, it follows where you want it to go. That's the importance of you're interacting with these and why we call them tools. Because like any tool, it's necessary for you to learn the skills of how to work with it so you can direct it to dissolve the blockages, to work with directing what you want for health and well-being. To create a space in your field that can do that.

Often what happens along with these negative energies and negative emotions that go through us, is it also corrupts our intent. It puts that focus into negative thoughts that go out to want to hurt or break or get even or do something in the world that eventually if we put out a negative thought like that, what it's doing is hurting us. It's coming back at us even though we don't realize it. Because it's again, blocking off the flow of healing energy and it's corrupting our intent. Taking time away from where we could be focusing on the creation of our next step. On the creation of what we want to have happening in our life.

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