Use Sacred Geometry to Clear and Energize the Chakras

Use Sacred Geometry to Clear and Energize the Chakras

This is a form called the Woven Spiral Star. To use it, you move it in circles either clockwise or counterclockwise. If you're going clockwise over someone's body you're moving energy in. When you go counterclockwise you're pulling energy out. You can use points to draw along the body to create flows of energy.

What we've got here is a six-pointed star that's actually woven. The sides weave in and out of each other. That weaving causes an energy spin that creates more of a vortex when you have the ring on the surface. This ring is in a very particular length that is working with a sacred cubit, working with that wavelength of light. The different lengths give us a relationship, a resonance with light frequencies, putting this in a certain dimension. Then we have three wires that are twisted. There was a gentleman Slim Spurling who worked with two wires. The two wires work more with 4th dimensional energies, physical shifting on the physical level. When you're working with 3 rods you're able to bring in the higher dimensions and move into the physical to create more change on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well as working with the physical.

In the center we have a six-pointed star woven out of sterling silver. Silver is a very important metal for working with the feminine aspect of receptivity and shift. Then the outside is gold plated so you're working with the masculine energy. Gold is more assertive than the feminine energy of the silver.

Then we have small natural magnets made from Hematite that are six sided pyramids placed back-to-back. The shape of the magnet is important. The wire is strung through them. The ring itself is located over the center of the six-pointed star.

This is a phenomenal form for moving over someone's body. I'll often go over their back and kind of fluff it up. They feel the negative energy moving out of their aura.  Then you can go over the crown and bring energy down to move energy out, bring it in and spin it.

This is a wonderful tool for balancing all the chakras. A tool for opening up and clearing the energy stuck in different chakras, in different nadis points. The nadis are like the fine expressions of the chakras. You have the basic seven chakras, then you have it going out and breaking down into many hundreds of points on the body. These are what are often referred to as acupuncture points, where you can stick a needle to work with the energy flow that's coming in. This tool is a lot like an Acupuncture needle, but, it's working with higher dimensional energies.

In the process of moving those energies into the points of your body, you will need to pull that energy out. You can change the direction of energy. There is the ring on top. When you work with it one way you have one effect. When you flip it over you can have a more aggressive pulling out effect that moves the energy in more.

On the points there are magnets made of Samarium Cobalt. Which has a very important resonance for the physical energetic body. Samarium is a rare Earth Element that works with interfacing with the higher dimensions. Many of the things we use in our modern technology don't realize that we are interfacing inter-dimensionally with 4th, 5th dimensional realms.

Something like this can go into 6th - 7th dimensional realms, into the realm of Soul, into the realm of connection with spirit.

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