Truth vs. Lies

Truth vs. Lies

At a recent show the owner of a company making EMF protection pendants became jealous of Metaform’s success. She told people that unknown to us at Metaforms that negative entities were inhabiting our pendants and doing harm to people. Furthermore they were not to tell us this directly or more harm would come to them and to her for risking herself in telling this secret.

First of all for one being to force another into silence, especially via the mechanism of fear is to block free will expression in the darkest of ways and engenders karma that no one should have to endure.Now let us think about this situation and analyze it in the light of Truth:

Light – Truth – Love are One (Source/God).
darkness – lie – fear are their opposites and generate separation. These negative aspects are the absence of Source/God and thus have no real substance of their own, like your shadow, which can only be seen by the way when your back is to the light. This means they don’t really exist at all. They are illusion and their power exists only in what you are willing to give to them with your negative emotions and thoughts. They are an expression of your denial or blockage of the Light.
To find a lie look for its corollaries or bedfellows so to speak. Truth always attempts to come out into the open to manifest itself and make itself known – to enlighten. Only a lie or darkness hides from the Light in order to survive. Thus for a lie it is important not to share openly what is being said about another or the statement will be in the open for the Truth to shine upon it and for all to see.

Examine the information shared. Does it create fear? The Truth/Source never uses fear to motivate. Fear blocks the energy from Source and can’t exist in its presence. They are mutually exclusive. Also ask if separation is created by these words or actions? If so then it is obvious that the situation is not reflecting Unity/the One or movement in that direction. Love is inclusive of All.

It is also a sad fact that when human beings are given a choice between Love or fear they seem to think that it is more prudent and safer to choose the path of protection or fear. This is why in advertising or motivational marketing, fear will drive people to buy for protection faster than listing the positive benefits of a product. Actually protection creates the need for protection as the law of attraction states and as a fear reaction to the environment it is a lower level thought form that blocks connection to higher self and is not supportive of ones spiritual growth. True “protection” so to speak is to raise your vibration in the physical dimension so you are more in alignment with higher self/Source. Then fewer and fewer things of a lower vibrational nature will have a negative effect on you or be attracted into your reality.

When we are told things in this world, it is important to realize that authority figures in our “outer life” dis-empower us by short circuiting the right path toward the Truth, which is always from the inside (this is why in all spiritual texts we are told that God is within). As we move in this reality everything is drawing our attention outward, but the Flow of Source/Truth from the higher dimensions moves outward into our lives from the inside. To be here is our opportunity to expand God, to expand Love and it moves from within us outward into the world—into this level of density and it always feels wonderful when it flows because it is the manifestation of our true purpose.

Every person of power tells us what they believe is the best course for us to take. Parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians and healers all ask for us to give up our power and discernment to their wisdom, however everyone in our outside world must eventually be released so we may discover the truth that lies within us. Only you can discern your next step and the appropriate opening within you that affords that opportunity, because Truth with a Capital “T” does not exist in this dimension only guideposts exist for you to discern. We each have our unique path relative to our level of consciousness, which changes breath by breath as we grow. You know the true feeling of Love and Joy, it can’t be faked and always lets you know that you are on the right path. Every spiritual being realizes the importance of respecting free will and the path of discovery that each being must be allowed to experience as God expands through them in their uniqueness.

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