The Star Icosahedron

The Star Icosahedron

Hello. I'm Gregory Hoag here today with my wife Gail.

Today we want to talk to you about a form called The Star Icosahedron. It's built upon the Icosahedron, which is one of the Platonic Solids that has 20 sides.

Now interestingly enough, most of the Ancients looked at this form as being a form that relates to water. Unlike the other elements, earth, air and fire, water is a very unique substance. It's capable of bridging the Dimensional Realms. That's why in Emoto's work, when he's measuring water, that has love put into it, and finds beautiful snowflakes, this is where we are seeing that bridging go on.

It also is a symbol for Soul, so like the Dodecahedron which works with ether, the Icosahedron works with the Higher Dimensional Realms and the Soul as well.

When you take the faces of the Icosahedron and put little three sided pyramids that are in the Phi Ratio, - that is the Ratio that relates to the way our fingers are created, our whole body is created along this Ratio. So that means this is a portal, a doorway to those Higher Dimensional Realms and working still with the Physical Dimension, bringing it into relationship. Now the Icosahedron, when it's stellated, what happens is you start moving to the light body around us. The Star Dodecahedron works through the Heart Center and this form works through the higher parts of the Crown and the Third Eye, which is for seeing - Intuition.

This is a form that is a portal and opens up Dimensional Realms for working with Higher Guidance and working with Divine intuition and mental clarity. Helping you in your process of spiritual evolution.  

This form just like many other forms is particularly good for spinning. Because it's going to be able to take that energy and those connections and bring it into the environment, so that you're feeling the support energetically.

That's really something that is so important right now. There is a very hard density that we’re working with on an energetic level. There's a huge shift that's going on. Because of that those of us that are sensitive to the energy fields are feeling somewhat compressed in some cases, a little disconcerted, a little separated from those Higher Levels.

A form such as this is really a great support system. So that you have the access. You have the ability to not only receive but to be able to imprint those Consciousness Realms that you are here to work with.

This is an interesting and very potent time to bridge all of these gaps and take the higher levels of consciousness - bring them into the physical Dimension. With constructs such as this it supports you in being able to do your Divine Higher Level work. It'll make you feel good as well.

So thank you so much for joining us today.

Wish You Blessings.

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