The Secrets and Power of Metatron’s Cube

The Secrets and Power of Metatron’s Cube

The form that we want to share with you is a progression from the Star Tetrahedron which leads to Metatron's Cube. To do this we're going to connect all the points. What happens is when you connect the points you get a cube. When you connect the center points you get an octahedron. We have the cube which again on point gives us a hexagon. But, all of the platonic solids fit into a hexagon, the six sided form for balance and basically defining all space and time.

An octahedron is an eight sided form and our friend the tetrahedron where we have two of those create the star tetrahedron. All of these first three geometries are created and are found in Metatron's Cube. 

Tthis combines the six pointed star with the points that form the cube and the octahedron at the center. What this does in an environment is it helps with grounding so it's wonderful to be held on point under your bed for relaxation for a grounding connection. This is a tool that really is about connection and it connects all the way into the Angelican & Archangelic Realms, because it's working with the very principles of creation in the physical dimension. This geometry specifically works with physical dimensional issues around manifestation, creation, grounding, interacting with this dimension in relationship to the higher dimensions and especially into the Angelic realms.

You may also know this as the cube of space. Where we put specific Angelic beings around ourselves in this format. Using the center points of each side and then in the very center is you and the Archangel Christos. When we work with having this spin it's very powerful for helping you to connect, work with your higher consciousness and with your guidance systems. It's very helpful with focus, on projects you're doing and  to finalize things. It's not the inspiration to get the project started, it's the focus to get it completed, the manifestation phase.

It's important to spin it on point because then on each face, edge, and point they all have different energetic flows. They have different portals to access. So when you are on point what happens is you can see the double six pointed star.

Many people have seen this two-dimensional projection as the form that they refer to as Metatron's Cube. Metatron's Cube is a three-dimensional form. And this is only one perspective if you look at the face you have another perspective, and if you look at the edge you have still another perspective, and all three of those perspectives need to be there. All 3 projections of the three-dimensional form offer  the benefits of the energy from a full three-dimensional Metatron's Cube.

Basically the truth about 2D is it's an illusion. It doesn't exist. In two-dimensions, the length and the width you can see when you are face on, but if you turn it sideways it doesn't exist. So it is not possible to work with a two-dimensional form for energy. It really is working more with you than anything else. It's what you are bringing to the table. It's what you are focusing on. If you're shown a picture of a loved one it can evoke a lot of love and emotion in you. And that has a positive effect as it goes out, because we're very powerful beings. But in reality two-dimensional forms on their own without a human being, brings something to the table with their interpretation.

It's an illusion. 2D doesn't exist in the three-dimensional world. And thus it doesn't have the power to move us into the higher dimensions the way our three dimensional forms do.

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