The Importance of Rotation With Sacred Geometry Forms

The Importance of Rotation With Sacred Geometry Forms

To make sacred geometry work in this plane, it is best to have it rotating. This particular shape when it rotates, generates a field of divine love which is so wonderful to work in. It's really great! If you do get a form, make sure that you get something with a motor of some sort because you want it spinning so you can work in that field. When you move one field through another field it creates the flow of energy just like any generator does.

When you are working with spinning, there are two different directions/angles. Determine the direction of the spin you wish to use. If you spin it while looking from above, you always look at the shape from outside in. When it is spinning clockwise it is moving energy into this dimension from the higher dimensions and helping us move energy in that way. Moving it clockwise is moving energy into the system. When you look at it from inside out, you reverse things. As human beings we do this with astrology. When you spin it counterclockwise from above, it is bringing energy up from the earth and that has many positive benefits as well. When you move energy up from the earth into the higher dimensions it is sometimes used for cleansing, moving energy up and out of the system. This is working with energy, classic physics 101.

Right-hand rule, you have your hand and your fingers pointing in the direction of the energy flow from above this and will be counterclockwise. Your thumb points in the direction of where the energy is going. The energy is coming up right-hand rule and clockwise from above, the energy is coming down. It is absolutely classic and every engineering student knows the right-hand rule. That is what happens with electricity and the way electrons start flowing into the field that they generate. We can measure as a magnetic field when electrons create energy flows.

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