The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg

Hi I'm Gail Hoag. I'm here with Gregory.

Gregory is going to explain about a very complex form. It incorporates all of the different Platonic Solids. This is what we call the Cosmic Egg. Gregory is going to share with you what this construction is about, the different Platonic Solids that are nested within it. What it’s significance is.

This is quite an amazing form. There are five Platonic Solids, beginning with the tetrahedron as the first one. Then the tetrahedron, because it is directional in order to balance itself, creates a form called the Star Tetrahedron, where you have one pointing up and pointing down. What I've done is connected the centers of the Star Tetrahedron so you can see that there's an Octahedron that is formed inside that Tetrahedron, the Star Tetrahedron.

The Octahedron has eight sides. Now, when we connect the points of the Star Tetrahedron we create something called Metatron's Cube. So we have the Cube. We have two Tetrahedrons, one pointing up, one pointing down in the center, and an Octahedron at the very core.

Here's what we're doing for this new form. We take the Cube portion on the outer part of Metatron's Cube, we raise little roofs on each face of the Cube which forms the Dodecahedron. We take the components of the Dodecahedron and fit them on the outside of a Cube. Then what happens is the Icosahedron interpenetrates the Cube in a Phi Ratio relationship. So we bring those two together. That ends up putting all five Platonic Solids in one form.

We started making this years ago. It went to the side for a little bit. Recently we were working with our Advanced We.Connect System,where we have four motors going at the same time. Guidance said to put this in the center at one point during the process. That's when I realized, yes, there's something going on with this form. It's time to bring it back into people's consciousness. Because it is a tremendously involved energy.

It's very complex. It obviously involves all the different elements of the Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometries. It takes us to a level that is beyond so many of the simpler forms that we've been working with. So this one is something that I see creating a complex relationship with all aspects of future and past.

Its weaving us through the Dimensional Shift that we're working on right now on the planet, with the raising consciousness of the planet. With the raising consciousness of human beings attempting to keep up with the planet.

We are moving into a new place in the Galaxy, which is affecting our sun. This affects our planet, our weather which you have been experiencing. As all of us have been experiencing shifts energetically with the weather on the planet. It has been coming from the field of energy that we’re moving into at this time. It's an Ascension form of energy.

Human beings are transforming. The planet is transforming. This is a tool that is designed to support us in this transformative phase to help us with the complex seating of the Higher Divine Self into the physical.

The miracle of the potential, of who we are, being expressed outwardly at this time in creation. So what we’re dealing with here is literally one of the most transformative aspects of being that we've ever been offered as human beings on this planet. The time is right now. It's actually beyond right. The time is a no choice time. It's either you move with this consciousness and you open to more love. You release the aspects of your being that no longer serve you, or you get caught up by them, dragged down by the pain of what's going on in this planet.

There is pain. But there is joy. There is love. There is opportunity. It's up to you to choose which pathway you're going to take. This is a tool that helps with choice of that pathway. I kind of liken this to a time of rebirth. I know that there are a number of teachers that talk about a rebirth or an Ascension. I like the word rebirth because it shares with us that we can move into another evolutionary cycle of who we’re meant to be.

The vibrational energies of who we are and what works for us in our lives now is very different. Gregory and I were talking about that just this morning. About being in another place where it's important to choose vibrationally what really serves us with our consciousness, with our nutrition, with our communications and with our relationships.

It's an important portal that we are in now, that encourages us to let go of whatever   has gotten us to this level now. We've done it! We're here! Now we can open our eyes, take a fresh look. It's like the child that is emerging from the womb who opens their eyes. They are just enamoured with the possibilities of what's here.

This is a time for us to get back to that place of enthusiasm and energy of spirit. Truly just moving us, be cognisant of the qualities and the choices that we can make now, to take the next step, then the next step. The Cosmic Egg represents where we are in this cycle right now, giving us all the tools that we need. Those building blocks that Gregory talked about are the Platonic Solids.

They take us to a leaping off point. To go to the next evolutionary level of what we're here for on this planet, what a human being can be. Also what energies that we can broadcast will also positively affect the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the Mineral Kingdom. We are transducers. We are able to interact through consciousness. We're building that field that is truly claiming a whole new outlook of what life is meant to be.

Very exciting. There is one particular perspective where you can see all the geometries fitting together. Once you leave that perspective it looks like a jumble of lines. But one perspective gives you the connection in the portal to Higher Self.

Thank You for joining us today. 

I hope the rest of your day is a blessed day.

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