The Causal Generator

The Causal Generator

Hi I'm Gail Hoag and I'm here with my husband Gregory.

We're really excited to share something that we have been working on for quite a few years. It is a big project that resulted in something called the Causal Generator. Let me tell you a little bit about where we started several years ago. We got guidance that we were to build a new chamber. We've now since called that Chamber Technology: Source Bridge Technology. We spent a couple of years both designing and building it. With the help of not only our guidance but quite a few other people, who played different roles to put together all the different components.

To make this happen, it's filled with amazing geometries and double Torus. It generates energy that is absolutely exquisite. Once we had the chamber going, we found that we were going to use it first for Earth Energy Healing. So we did that for several months before we then were given the go-ahead that we could use it for human use, for ourselves and others. At that time we realized that we had as one of the pieces that we were working with, this special new motor. It was of course far more than a motor.

We started making even more tweaks, more perfections to the Causal Generator so we could have something for the new Advanced We.Connect. You can see it right behind us. We wanted something that could revolve at a specific speed and generate a particular frequency and could work with different geometries as well as the We.Connect. That is essentially what we've put together. We have tweaked it to the point where it feels so extraordinary now. It wasn't as good before this point. It creates such a sense of absolute peace and superb connection, being able to work with the higher dimensions and be physically grounded and integrate those energies here. Working with all the different kinds of geometries that we have, enables us to manifest not only the kinds of things that we may want to manifest in our lives, our relationships, also physical healing. So we want to explore with you what are the different component parts. And how they can work for you.

Gregory's going to talk to you more about that technology.

Thank you. So what we're working with right now as Gail said, is this hemisphere that contains the motor spinning at a very particular speed. We generate a very high frequency in the megahertz range. We have a number of antenna systems within this hemisphere that have that frequency go through them. We have on the top, our original We.Connect. But now it was amazing when we added this motor to it. All of a sudden the Causal Generator starts driving this We.Connect at a speed and frequency where amazing things happen. It's a totally new tool from what we had before just because of this addition. Now the Causal Ring fits over the top of that hemisphere, the center part of it which has a sterling silver six-pointed star going through magnets in the corners which picks up that frequency going through the cover of the piece. It generates it and creates a very large field to shift your entire home and beyond. What we found that works best with this new tool is the Advanced I.Connect.

Here is the original one with a Black Tourmaline center. What Gail and I prefer is the one with an emerald in the center because it has such a strong heart connection. We found that when we are working with this piece on a daily basis and we take our personal Advanced I.Connect with the emerald (the one we like to carry), we put that on this Advanced We.Connect. It takes us into a realm that is so incredibly peaceful. It transcends everything.

I feel totally relaxed and yet energized at the same time. Because as Gail was sharing it spans that spectrum taking us into the higher realms, yet keeping us grounded at the very same time.

Now also, what we found is that we can put different geometries on top of the Causal Generator. So that's what you're seeing here. We have a very particular set up that we're working with four of them. We work with a particular speed and sequences. This is a whole program that we've taken into groups of 60, a hundred people. We're able to shift the whole environment and work with the geometries in the center.

As you can see here what we've done with the Causal Generator is we've been able to put any of the geometries on top. What happens because it's moving at the very precise speed that it is moving with a frequency being generated at the same time. It takes the geometries to a higher level of vibration than we've ever experienced before. It's really exciting because there are quite a few people who have been receiving our geometries over a vast amount of years. Now this is the perfect way to be able to radiate the energy of those geometries. The connections that we can reach right now are quite wonderful.

As the veils are lifting, as energy is shifting, there's so much that's going on. We need the support. What this tool does that exceeds everything else that we've got is it really enables us to be able to go into that depth and be able to reach the capability of what we're here for. To be able to integrate it into our lives, into this physical platform, into this realm and do it in such a manner that it's Ascension. But the Ascension isn't about leaving, it's about being here. It's about our goodness being able to work together to be able to take that next step in living through the heart. Giving the gifts. Really being able to be here for the good of all.

The peace that is felt with this, the qualities that we experience, are truly amazing. So life positive. We've been excited about bringing this out to you. We've been working diligently to be able to get this into production. So we're at that place now we're just starting to be able to do that.

So we're really thrilled to have this now and to get this out to you so you can use it for your manifestation, for benefiting your life, your relationships, your health. Working to really center through the loving being that you are.

So thank you very much for joining us today.

We're excited to hear from you, your experiences and transformation that you will be going through in your life with this new tool.  

Thank you. Blessings.

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