The Causal Generator: Creating New Realities

The Causal Generator: Creating New Realities

Hello! I'm Gregory Hoag.

I’m here today with my wife Gail. Today we want to talk to you about the Causal Generator. Now this form has been used to turn the We.Connect. Also what's really exciting about it is that it's moving at a very particular speed and it generates a frequency inside that goes through a number of antenna systems. So that frequency also goes out through the cover of this piece.

We provide it with a Causal Ring which is meant to go over the top of the spinning, revolving, platten and rest on the surface. The frequencies that are being generated are coming through the cover and actually radiate out through this geometry. Then it's designed to have a small plastic cup go on top so any of our geometries can be placed in the center, like the Metatron's Cube, which can have a small Advanced I Connect in the center of it.

The reason for the Advanced I Connect in the center is that it has a crystal inside that's been cut to vibrate at the very same frequency as what's being generated by The Causal Generator. The Causal Generator is generating a frequency that the Advanced IConnect is picking up.

Any of the forms that you want to work with can be placed on top of the tube. The geometry is then turned at the very precise speed with the forms moving at a level that allows it to penetrate the Higher Dimensional Realms much easier than, when it's moving at any other speed. This coupled with the frequency, it takes every single form to a level beyond anything it's ever been able to do before.

So you might ask, why do you want to generate a frequency?

If you realize that there are so many different energies and frequencies that are being generated in your environment, then you realize that what we're here to do is to create a balance. Kind of an opportunity to ascend beyond some of the controlled vibrational energies that we're feeling and that we're operating under every single day. That's not only the wiring in the walls, EMF's, and all kinds of things. It' also all of the consciousness.

When you look out in the world and you see there's a lot of despair, there's a lot of conflict and disease and all kinds of difficulties. We are here to bring greater Consciousness to each and everyone of these situations. Whether it’s fear or lack of abundance - all these kinds of challenges that human beings are struggling with right now.

All of what is going on creates a particular field. Working with these kinds of geometries and frequency generators like the Causal Generator, is a medium to help you get in touch with a Higher Consciousness that you're capable of expressing. That is who you are at the evolved level of yourself.

Our opportunity is to work with the Consciousness that we're here to bring into this Physical Realm, this Earth, this life and the lives of so many people on the planet. With these kinds of tools you will be able to feel a centeredness, a balance and a connection that supports you in fully accessing your gifts, your capabilities and making the impact on the Divine evolutionary shift that we're here to participate in.

It's been amazing what people have been reporting with some of the forms turning on the Causal Generator. We're seeing reports. One woman returned it for a fix because the switch had a malfunction. She said “Please get it back to me as soon as possible. My whole life has gone to ___ and she used some pretty strong expletives.” Because she said when she turns it on her husband is much nicer, the kids aren't as loud and abusive to each other. They don't argue as much. Everything seems to go more smoothly in her life when this form is running.

We have people that have worked with different geometries on here. They put pictures of their friends inside to radionically broadcast energy to them. They said their friends can feel when that love is coming out to them through the form. Someone puts their intent through that form and a picture. Or they're working with the Earth itself.

As Gail was saying, each one of us has an opportunity at this time to be able to recognize that what's going on with the planet is not always what we choose to engage in. We want to be involved in a higher form of loving, a higher form of Consciousness. These tools allow us to bring that higher resonance into our daily lives. 

So it makes a difference in the way people react to each other. Not only in the immediate environment, but it radiates out with your intent, just like the person who sent healing, loving, relaxing energy to her friends. They were on the other side of the United States. Or they could have been on the other side of the world. You can make a difference in the world and in your life right now by working with these tools in a conscious loving manner.

Thank you so much for sharing with us today. We look forward to talking with you again.


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