The Basics of 3D Geometry

The Basics of 3D Geometry

Hello today I'm here with my friend Scott Smith.

I'm Gregory Hoag. We're going to be talking to you about different sacred geometry forms. One of the first things I want to share with you is how geometry in this third dimension is created. We start with a point. Two points give us a line. Three points give us a plane. And when you add the fourth point, that's when it starts to become three dimensional.

That's when you move into the geometry in this dimension and  what this creates is a tetrahedron. So the tetrahedron is the first form that's created. However because it's bringing energy in from the higher dimensions, it's the very first form. It has a lot of energy and it's a very ragged energy, so I never recommend building a tetrahedron and sleeping in it, living in it and working with it by itself.

But when you take a tetrahedron and you balance it with itself what happens is a Star Tetrahedron with one tetrahedron pointing up and one pointing down. So this is the basic form that is created. When you work with two tetrahedrons in a balanced form, the masculine points up and the feminine is pointing down so it's an integration of masculine and feminine higher and lower. And it creates more harmony so this is often known as the Merkabah. That is the very first light vehicle around the body.

There are many more higher dimensional forms. The first one is the star tetrahedron. And so we work with this as the beginning form as something that's simple and can work with helping to integrate a human being with their subtle bodies and the higher self. It's one of the first ones to really help you bring balance into your body. Yes, it's also used as a form of As Above So Below. It’s the balance between being here on this plane and beyond.

So now what we've done with this form, I'm going to take you into showing you an advancement on the Star Tetrahedron - The 5D Star Tetrahedron and you see what we've done is taken the beginning shape of the tetrahedron and we work with an extra triangle on the top forming a six-pointed star. Something we didn't share with the Star Tetrahedron is that when you look at it from the right perspective, you get a six-pointed star, which is all about the heart chakra. The balance of the higher chakras with the lower.

Scott was saying the higher dimensions balance with the lower dimensions that's what the six-pointed star does. It brings Harmony to a situation and so what we've done in this particular form is giving the 5D Star Tet an extra triangle on the top and one on the bottom. What that does is it brings that balancing energy in. Basically we have the form itself forming a six-pointed star: the triangle top and bottom forming six-pointed stars. So we have three and when you have three six-pointed stars, what starts happening is you can advance into higher dimensional levels more easily.

So consequently this form is more adept at bringing you into relationship with your higher guidance and with Angelic Guidance working with higher dimensional energies for healing and health.

To make sacred geometry work in this plane, it's best to have it rotating. This particular shape when it rotates generates a field of divine love which is just so wonderful to work and so pure. It's really great, so if you do get this form, make sure that you get something to spin it. Some sort of motor because you want it spinning, so that you can work in that field. When you move one field through another field that creates the flow of energy just like any generator does.

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