The 3D Star

The 3D Star

Hi I'm Gail Hoag I'm here with Gregory.

We are going to share with you some of the information about some very key geometries that we've been working with for some time. The one that were talking about now is one that I was introduced to 33 to 34 years ago, when I first met Gregory. He was carrying around this little magical box. Inside of the box was one of the forms that we call the 3D Star or Three-Dimensional Star.

It is an amazing piece for assisting us in moving into the higher levels of meditation, balancing left and right hemispheres of the brain and be able to access the deeper vibrations of brain frequencies. So Gregory is going to show it to you. Explain more about these geometries. What they do for you.

This is one of our first forms. It's such an amazing tool. When you look at it you see the little cup we have in the center. You see four six-pointed stars are going around in these different directions. This is working with the nature of four and one. It's something that is so dynamic because the six-pointed star is working with integrating heaven and earth, higher and lower.

It was referred to as, you know, certainly more recently as the Jewish star, but long before that it was the Seal of Solomon. What Solomon was really referring to is SOL S-O-L, the Sun and MAN being the son of the Sun. So it's really working with that aspect of bringing that Higher Dimensional energy into this Dimension.

What is wonderful about this particular tool is this the bottom point, when you put different things in this cup and have it above your head, meditate underneath it. Just putting it up there now, I feel all my energy moving to my crown chakra. When you put different elements in here, it takes that energy into your body.

As Gail was saying, we've done brainwave measurements with this particular tool and found that it synchronizes left and right brain hemispheres, which is really important for working with whole brain genius activity. It also takes people into very deep brain wave states.

So we actually had people in Theta and Delta which normally is thought of as deep sleep. They were in a space underneath this where they were talking to us, carrying on conversations, doing things, still working from a Theta level of consciousness, which is a level where you're able to access so much more of your Divine self. You’re able to access who you truly are on the soul level. That's what this tool does. 

Having it rotating slowly in your home, or having it in your bedroom at night, can affect the dream state, your ability to access higher dimensions and have more clarity when you are interacting with the different aspects of your dreams. I actually found years ago that I could meditate during my dream state. That was facilitated by this particular tool. It helped me get into a more deep, coherent state of consciousness. It's that coherence that allows me to be consistent during night time, during day time, during stress time, during relax time.

Any time the more we can take those deep curves, the heights and the lows off of our life and stay in that space of balance, calm and center is what we want. That's what this particular tool helps with doing.  

It's really quite amazing. Because a lot of people do have difficulty meditating, particularly when they start the process. There's a lot of mind chatter. With that balance of the brain waves in the left and right hemispheres they are able to actually stimulate those deeper vibrational levels.

People who have had difficulty getting into meditation can go into it so much more easily, rapidly and deeply. That's really valuable especially for people who don't have a lot of time. If you want to take a 10 or 20 minute meditation and go deeply, this does it. This helps significantly.

It also helps with things like contacting your higher guidance, channeling, things of that nature. Because again, it's opening up the Crown Chakra, your capability to reach into those higher levels of who you are and what you have access to. So all of that is going to support your journey of elevating your consciousness and being able to reach into those Higher Realms and allow that to positively affect your life.

It's one of my favorite forms. One that we've had in our bedroom now, for 33 years. So very, very special. We were actually married underneath this form. It is a lovely energy.

You can take something like your personal I.Connect and put it in this little cup in the center. Then meditate under it or have this spinning. It will send the energy of your I.Connect out to you wherever you are. If you're having some difficulty with health, you want to work with homeopathics in here or put certain oils in here. You want to put certain vitamins and minerals in here, crystals that you love or would like to experience.

I remember taking people's jewelry off their body, putting it in here so they could feel what their diamond was doing, feel what their emerald was really doing. In some cases it was something they didn't care for. In some cases it was so deep and profound. That's the nature of this tool.

It is an interdimensional device that I remember sharing with an instructor over 30 years ago. He tuned in and saw it being used a great deal in Atlantis. Especially during the earlier parts of human evolution and consciousness.

Thank you for sharing with us today. Have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your day.


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