The Divine Paradigm Syposium Ended in 2021.

But we know you probably want to learn or review the powerful tools, tips, and techniques in this symposium. So we created…

The Divine Paradigm Symposium Complete Collection

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Gain Lifetime Access to All the Interviews with 19 of Today’s Greatest Thought Leaders to Navigate This Time of Transformation

Learn to navigate this time of co-creation to create a life of joy and greater purpose

As we emerge from the pattern interrupt of COVID and challenges of the past year, deep-seated inner knowing will bring us forward into something new and perhaps unpredictable. A shift to a new energy is affecting us.

In order for a new paradigm to emerge during a time of crisis or breakdown, we will look at the breakdown neither as a problem nor an impediment. Instead, we embrace the breakdown as a blank canvas that teaches us that we hold all the possibilities, and that the Divine and our community are with us offering full support.

This is why we feel called to step to the next level through a collaborative series of poignant dialogues with visionary leaders to support you on your path forward into a life of fulfillment.

The result is the Divine Paradigm Symposium, a series of penetrating interviews that shed light on the opportunities that are available to each of us individually and collectively.

Here's an Overview of What You'll Learn:

Join us as we explore the insights and knowledge of some of today’s visionary leaders in 60-minute conversations to bring inspiration and clarity for navigating this amazing time.

The time has come for us to work together in co-creative ways with the outcome being greater than any of us could have achieved alone.

You make a difference in this important time.

for only $97

Here’s everything you’ll receive in the Divine Paradigm Symposium Complete Collection:

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Here are some of the gifts you'll receive ...

Divine Integration Meditation - An Energy Enhanced Experience For Embracing Your Divine Nature

We are in a time of enormous shift. It takes a great deal of our energy to integrate these life changes. This meditation will lead you through an experiential process to release old ways and allow the integrity of your divine codes to be energized and internalized. You will be guided with beautiful sacred geometric structures gently turning to open your energetic body and connect with higher knowing.
This video begins with revelations of the deep universal connections found in Sacred Geometry that affect every aspect of your life. You will be amazed at the extraordinary order all life is built upon.

The Sacred Geometry Class 1 & 2

Recorded Saturday, September 25th

Recorded Saturday, October 2nd

Learn the deep secrets behind Sacred Geometry and how it forms every aspect of our reality. These classes will share the universal relationships found in all creation and how we can align with those archetypes for a vibrational shift to enhance health, relationships, prosperity and well-being.

These classes will offer both basic information about sacred geometry, as well as more advanced understanding of creative principles. We will ground this knowledge with an energized meditation.

Q&A will end each class.

The Sacred Geometry Master Class Part 1 & 2

Recorded Saturday, October 9th

This class will review and go deeper into the universal aspects of Sacred Geometry that we have shared in the previous classes.

Modern technology is providing for our physical needs, yet at the same time is disconnecting us from expanded consciousness. This creates a distortion in our emotional and physical bodies that opens us to disease and disfunction.

You will learn how Sacred Geometry works to counter these negative aspects with universal principles that create a higher vibrational flow for deeper connection and shift into a healthier resonance. We will share secrets of how our Metaforms Sacred Geometry Tools are constructed and how they are aligned with earth energy flows to benefit our lives. We will ground this knowledge with an energized meditation. We will lead a Q&A at the end of the class.

You make a difference in this important time.

for only $97

Meet the 19 Thought Leaders Who Will Be Sharing Their Personal Techniques, Tips, and Tools in the Divine Paradigm Symposium

These leaders will share with you how they are handling this potent transition time to help you go deep and recognize the opportunities that are being presented to you during this time of transformation.

Janet Bray Attwood

How to Live Our Passions and Cultivate Self-Love in This Time of Change

Debra Poneman

When Success is Divinely Inspired

Daniel Gutierrez

You've Gotta Burn the Bridge

Prageet Harris & Julieanne Conard

Superconsciousness & The Stargate Experience

Gregory & Gail Hoag

Divine Paradigm Symposium
Sacred Geometry Tools

Dr. Joe Vitale

The Divine Conspiracy: How to Live Magic and Miracles with a Simple Twist of Thinking

Natalie Ledwell

Why 2020 Could Have Been Your Best Year Yet

Lisa Barnett

Your Soul Has A Plan - It's Written in Your Akashic Record

Debra Giusti & Scott Catamas

Supporting the Creation of the New Earth during these Transitionary Times

Lisa Witter

Karma Clearing Process

Dr. Margaret Paul

Healing Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, and Shame through Inner Bonding

Christine Day

The Pleiadian Perspective: Guidance and Tools to Take a Next Step into Your Enlightenment Process

Jan Stringer

The Magic of Sacred Synchronicity

Jonathan & Andi Goldman

How to Use Sound for Personal & Planetary Healing

Alan Steinfeld

Making Contact with Multidimensional Beings

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You make a difference in this important time.

for only $97

Disclaimer: Gregory and Gail Hoag and Metaforms present the entire content of the program for educational purposes only. The information provided by the hosts and/or their guests is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions. The information contained in the program is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.

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