Suicide and Despair Part 2

Suicide and Despair Part 2

Here's a quick story about someone who I've always had great respect for and that's R. Buckminster Fuller. There was a point in his life as a young man where he was done. He had felt like he had just blown it. He had messed up in his life to the point where he did not feel like he could forgive himself and that he would not be forgiven by others. He had just been too selfish. His behavior was awful. So he had chosen to leave this life, to commit suicide.

He was actually on a bridge preparing to end it all. Then, there was a point where he really got a hold of what was going on. He asked himself the question, "If there's something positive that I can do, if I can bring something of benefit to others, then is my life worth living?" He stopped and he said “It is.” In that moment he recommitted to life and went on to contribute so very much. He also took the next year or two and lived his life in silence. He did not want to speak until he felt like he really had clarity. Like he had a grip on things.

So in those moments of darkness and despair it really is taking us to that place where we can ask those deepest questions. What is the higher purpose? What can you bring that's of value to your soul? To the soul of all? To the good of all? To the unity and evolving quality of what life is?  I invite you to do that in those moments. That is going outside of yourself and going beyond that moment of despair.

What we mean by evolution is not the Darwinian understanding of evolution. But soul evolution. Advancing the purpose of your being to incorporate the highest aspects of Consciousness. The highest aspects of love. I know in speaking to my guidance. I've often spoken about where I'm going next after this lifetime. Having looked at where I've been before and it's important to understand that you are working on future lives right now. You are cleaning up past lives right now.

You are, in fact with your Consciousness capable of affecting others in ways that you don't even understand. So maybe there's this person who is in despair sitting in their home. You're walking past their home. There's a rose bush in front of their home and your admiration of that rose, the beauty, the way that strikes you so deeply. When you take something in and you connect with it on a very deep level, you do it in a way that's very pure, just from that place within your heart. The energy that may go out to that rose goes far past that rose into that house. That person sitting in despair picks up that energy and doesn't have any idea where it comes from. What happens is they are lifted a little bit, so they can take the next step in their day a little easier.

Each of us needs to fulfill things in our life in a coherent manner. By that I mean, we're connected from the Third Dimensional level of our being all the way into the soul level of our being, which is what we're doing with our tools. We try to help people in that way and we work on these things for ourselves. We have found that when we are connected, when we have that coherence going through our body, that whatever we do has greater effect than if we do it from a place of confusion, ignorance, anger or despair.

That's why great souls like Krishna, Christ and Buddha, when they did things they had such coherence within their body, if you put them on one side of a balance beam  and you put millions of souls on the other side they would outweigh them. That is the nature of coherence. That's the opportunity that's being offered to each of us today. To become more coherent, more focused. So that each of our actions affects much more than what we see in front of us. It goes out in the world and starts being transformative.

That's the whole concept behind the hundredth monkey. The whole concept behind a few individuals in conscious meditation that can affect the consciousness of the world. That's been proven and demonstrated with different levels of meditative groups, where they measure what's going on in cities and countries and things shift. So let's bring that into each of our lives personally, so we can make a difference that we've been offered to make.

It's an amazing time. This is something that our souls show us. We made that choice at a very high-level to be here at this very challenging and very rare time. To be part of this evolution, part of bringing in greater love, compassion and unity. It takes all of us to support each other, love each other and grow together, so that we can accomplish what we're here for.

Thank you for joining us and sharing with us. Let us know how you feel. We are here for each other. We're sharing this for you and us. So we can hear what it is we have to say. Such a wonderful life when we have each other to work with.

Thank You and Blessings.

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