Suicide and Despair Part 1

Suicide and Despair Part 1

Hi I'm Gregory Hoag. Here today with my wife Gail.

What I wanted to speak about today is this notion of despair. I was talking to someone the other day and she goes through periods of really deep despair and was talking about taking her life. It's a difficult one for so many of us because it can get to be so deep. When we let ourselves spiral into that darkness more and more, it gets to be almost impossible to hear anyone else's comments or to see anything else that the world has to offer. We get so self-absorbed in our own field that gets darker and deeper and more deadened.

I want to speak to an aspect that may be a way we can keep ourselves out of that deep well by remembering a few key things in our lives. One of those is that I'm part of something much bigger. Even this little body is only about 10% of who I am. The other 90% exists on multi-dimensional higher levels. Which ultimately means that I have an immortal soul. This isn't something that I've come to because of reading or because of what I've been told.

Gail and I have had the good fortune of having a lot of Kundalini experiences of moving energy through our body, where we're opening up to Higher Dimensional Realms. Consequently, I have had support from beings of Higher Dimensional levels that exist on those Realms, so they share with us the perspective that they have. That expands me. I start to realize that if I were to try to take my life to get away from the problems here to give me some quiet, final respite from all the things that seem to be plaguing my life, I'm not going to get away with anything. I don't go anywhere that's more positive or that is more quiet.

What happens is, if we put ourselves in that position of removing the third dimensional life, then on the 4th, 5th, 6th Dimension we’d have a lot more work during the next incarnation. It's like we are not alleviated of the work that's in front of us. We have more. We have more piled on, more difficulty. So any time we’re in a place of seeing that we have an opportunity to raise the vibration where we are and keep raising it, that is the thing to focus on in the present.  We need to stay out of that despair. We're not going to find that we move into a place that is more conscious somewhere else. 

A lot of what you say triggers some thoughts in me about how we are in a process of evolution. Everything. If you look at the way the earth works. The way our physical bodies grow from the time that we are first conceived, until we go through different facets of life, aging and all of those stages of life.

Everything is about evolution, growth and change. The planet, solar system and sun is always evolving. We see these reports about different sunspots, flares and things that are happening. Everything is always evolving.

When we consider our lives based on evolution and also knowing, that as Souls there is purpose and value in this beautiful experience that we have in the physical domain. Then we can look at this from this perspective that we're in right now, asking what is it that we are learning and growing about? What is it that we can understand so that the facets of the Soul become more polished, clear and crystallized?

It's often not easy. That is also a judgement. If we look at things from the place of acceptance and gratitude, that we’re given experiences that we're capable of working with. You know there's a saying that we're not given anything that we can't handle. Sometimes the frames, those references within the mind, say "No! I can't handle this anymore."

Truthfully if instead we say "How can I handle it? What do I require in order to make greater sense out of this, in order to take this into a place of polishing the facets of being?" Then new things start to evolve. We're looking at it from a whole different perspective. Purpose is very important. When we get back to saying that we are here to bring love, we are here to bring greater light, we are here for the goodness of all in that evolutionary process. Then we have a mission.

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