Effortlessly Step Into Your Power Using These Simple Hacks That Create Happiness, Loving Relationships, and a Healthy Lifestyle

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Is this how your day goes?

  • You get up and go to work
  • You deal with stress at work
  • You get home
  • You have friends come over and have a good time
  • Yet, you are not able to enjoy things because work still haunts your thoughts.
  • You're half asleep with thoughts that most your time is taken in travel and work

Then comes the thought...

“Am I really happy with where I am?" The answer is NO.
"Am I lost in a routine that sucks the life out of me? I am stuck.”

IF this is YOU, then allow our Master Teachers, The Shift Doctors,
Dr. Marion Ross & Dr. Tracy Latz, in co​​​​llaboration with The Sacred Geometry Experts, Gail & Gregory Hoag, show YOU how to change your life with their combined
100 years of experience in helping people CHANGE for the better using techniques of MEDITATION and SACRED GEOMETRY. Together, they have created a program to help YOU change your LIFE called...

Stepping Into Your Power From The Inside Out
A 4 Part Video Series On Stepping Up Your Life

Retail Value: $297
Yours TODAY for ONLY $77

Video Part 1 will:

  • Help you Know Why it is Important to Awaken
  • Teach you how your life & relationships will change when you Awaken
  • Help you understand what is preventing you from Awakening or Remaining Awake
  • Explain the difference in living from the subconscious mind which is reactive and living from the heart mindfully

Video Part 2 will:

  • Teach you how your perceptions and learned responses dictate our lives
  • Teach you how to actually calm the chatter in the mind that runs your life so you can start to Awaken
  • Teach the importance of mindfulness, presence, of being grounded & meditation
  • Teach you the Over-energy correction meditation

Video Part 3 will:

  • Teach you the Compassionate Benefactor Meditation
  • Help you identify what is distracting you or the mind chatter that prevents you from achieving your goals
  • Teach you how stress and anxiety affects your brain and body
  • Help you identify the fears that limit you in all aspects of your life

Video Part 4 will:

  • Teach you meditations to release anger and emotion and give you tools for de-stressing
  • Reinforce who we are as spiritual beings that are animating our physical bodies
  • Teach you how to stay connected and not feel isolated
  • Teach you the importance of daily practice so that you don’t go back to sleep

Retail Value: $297
Yours TODAY for ONLY $77

Why YOU Should Listen to US?

Gregory Hoag is a scientist and leading expert on Sacred Geometry, along with Gail Hoag who is an artist, business and health consultant, founded Metaforms over 32 years ago.  

When people meet Gregory and Gail Hoag, they sense a rare relationship, full of consciousness and love. They create energetic tools that support people to evolve into higher awareness with Source and Heart consciousness. They are recognized as leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting purpose and clearing electromagnetic interference. The Hoags demonstrate a congruency of vision and mission in the world. Metaforms’ mission is to shift the consciousness and health of humanity, to thrive and play in the new earth energy.


We pioneer and produce the finest subtle energy products and services available to empower, transform and evolve the lives of millions.Through the wisdom of sacred geometric technologies, our expanding Metaforms community of inspired leaders activates the spiritual evolution of humanity, allowing the joyful expression of unconditional love and service to flourish.

Tracy Latz is an Integrative Psychiatrist, Multidimensional Healer and has served as an Associate Clinical Faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She holds a Masters degree in Immuno-Biology; doctorates in Medicine, Metaphysics & Holistic Healing; certifications in Mind-Body Medicine and is currently in her own solo private practice in a suburb of Charlotte, NC with over 20 years of clinical experience in shifting lives.

Marion Ross holds doctorates in Holistic Healing, Metaphysics, and Transpersonal Psychology as well as certification in Mind Body Medicine. She has successful psychotherapy and entrepreneurial practices in Paris, France and New York City.

Tracy and Marion have written four Shift Your Life® books titled “Bye-Bye Self Sabotage: Drop Your Baggage- Love Your Life”, “Entrepreneurial Alignment: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Business”, “Shift: A Woman’s Guide to Transformation”, and “Shift: 12 Keys to Shift Your Life”.


Dr.’s Latz and Ross have taught classes and seminars in both personal and professional transformation since 2002. They have come together to assist people with transforming anger/resentment, guilt/shame, stress, fear/anxiety, disappointment/heartache,  lack of self-love, & grief/loss, and then reacquaint people with their True Essence (who they really are)- which is essential to understanding what holds each of us back and causes us to feel stuck in our lives, circumstances, relationships and career paths. They also teach courses in Reiki, Color and Sound Healing, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Meditation and other Metaphysical Topics.

The BENEFITS of this program are:

  • It will Help you know why it is important to Awaken
  • It will improve the quality of your life & relationships with those you love
  • It will help you continue to improve the relationships you have with those you love
  • It will deepen the relationships you have with others
  • It will help you live in the moment and enjoy every day of your life instead of a few days here and there
  • It will make each day feel like a new adventure instead of a drag
  • It will make each day feel better than the last
  • It will bring peace & relaxation to your life
  • You will have practical & useful meditations to help deal with real problems
  • You will have a meditation that can calm you anywhere at any time you need it. Without being conspicuous
  • It will remind you of the love of others in your life & make that memory accessible anytime
  • It will help you achieve your goals quicker
  • It will improve your health because you will have a defense against stress and anxiety
  • You will be able to dispel fear when it comes to visit
  • Limits to your abilities will be removed
  • With meditations to release anger and emotion you can remove bad energy from your life to feel at peace with self and others
  • You will be able to remove bad energy from your life to feel at peace with self and others
  • You will understand the importance of helping your spiritual being to achieve lasting happiness
  • You will not feel alone / isolated anymore when you join a tribe
  • You will have daily practices to help you stay on the path to happiness
  • You will not want to return to past bad habits

Retail Value: $297
Yours TODAY for ONLY $77


I have been working with Metaforms technology for seven years. I am amazed with the way this technology has helped me improve my life experiences. When I first placed the Heart Companion in my hand, I immediately felt the strong energy emanating from the pendant. After wearing it for a couple of days, I felt more peaceful and more in balance. I also noticed that I was less inclined to react to situations and had the control to think before I responded. I had experienced this mindful state while in meditation, but it was harder to maintain mindfulness in my daily life. The Heart Companion seemed to help me make this possible.

- KAT  

“Where do I begin to write about the spiritually uplifting and vast knowledge Tracy and Marion have taught me? For eight years I’ve attended groups and seminars covering numerous topics that fuel the soul. I’ve read and the followed the steps in all of their books that have pulled me out of being stuck in my life and vanquished the negativity I kept reliving. They led me to the now. A place where I know I have much to give to others once I love myself. I’ve experienced first hand the inherent love they put into everything they do. The beautiful energy they naturally exude is palpable.”


I love the Heart Companion! I wear it everyday and I find it so beautiful and with wonderful energy. I often get comments from others as well, sensing the beauty and power in it.  My connection with my dog, Ari, has always been very strong. I do think he is more affectionate and calmer in the last couple months. He is more likely to lean on me and others than he used to be. The greeting he gives his human friends is quite something.  My life has been pretty chaotic emotionally lately. All I know is that I love wearing the pendant and it feels really good. I wonder too if some of these major changes and insights are directly related to the energy of the Heart Companion. I had felt stuck in my life for some time and feel like I am getting unstuck in some big ways. ”

Barb Shor

DVM, Author, Soul of the Wild

“Dr. Latz has the gift of teaching in ways that really speak to her pupils. One becomes immersed in the multiple levels of her knowledge and ‘Knowings”. Her presentation of the information flows in a way that captivates the class. I have been a student of hers for years. I have learned so much and look to Tracy not only as my teacher, but also as my mentor.”

Linda Murphy

100% No Questions Asked Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this course after 30 Days you may receive your purchase price back for the course.


  • Don’t let your Life continue to be unbearable.
  • Act now to alleviate the Anxiety and Stress in your Life.
  • We only have so much life to Live.
  • Do not let a life changing experience be wasted with Inaction.
  • Do Not Waste your or your loved ones lifetime.
  • Simple steps Now will yield greater Relationships today and tomorrow will be even better than today.
  • Time is something you can not get Back.
  • Acting now will forge unforgettable relationships to be enjoyed Today, Tomorrow and Years into the future. 
  • Why Gamble on tomorrow when you have the chance to do something today?

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Start Stepping into Your Power from the Inside Out

And Receive These Free Bonuses:

  • The Loving Benefactor Meditation
  • The 7 Quick Tools to Overcome Anxiety and Stress
  • The Alleviating Addiction
  • Let Soul be Your Auto Pilot

Retail Value: $297
Yours TODAY for ONLY $77

The real question Remains...

Do you really want to improve your life? Or
 Do you want to stay in an ocean of Anxiety and stress you are in without a Guide to get you through to calmer waters? 
Why hang on to the worst in your life when you can learn to live and enjoy life?
This is the time to get your life together.
Do not let this opportunity pass you bye to improve your whole life.
Strengthen your relationships.now before they are gone.
Do not let this valuable course & Bonuses get away.
Live With Less Stress and Anxiety Now.

Stepping Into Your Power From The Inside Out

Receive These Four Special Bonuses with your order:

The Loving Benefactor Meditation

In this meditation The Shift Doctors take you through the Loving Benefactor Meditation to help you practice getting into your heart or practicing Loving compassion for yourself or someone in your life to feel more connected and loved


7 Quick Tools to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

This is a guide of seven different techniques that you can do to Overcome Anxiety and Stress. The first only takes two minutes or less to do and rapidly calms fear and Anxiety when feeling stressed, confused, or overwhelmed. Most of them you can do without others noticing that you are doing them.

Learn about two pressure Points that help with Headaches, Relaxation and Constipation. Be able to turn on and off the Fight or Flight Stress Response when you are feeling stressed or threatened.

Learn the Value of Breath for Stress Reduction, Muscle Relaxation and prepare for meditation or a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Learn How Inner Vibration can help relax or balance various areas.

Learn how to tap into your body’s natural joyful energy flow to experience peace and joyfulness.

And More…


Alleviating Addictions

This FREE guided meditation will lead you through a process to dissolve energy patterns that are
involved with addictions of any kind. Consciously alleviate the effects of an addiction you are grappling with now.


Let Soul Be Your Auto Pilot

All of us are working on raising awareness and consciousness. Yet much of our waking experience is run by our auto pilot settings and some of those habitual responses are not always sending the highest directions to our mind, emotions and body.

Wouldn’t you like to raise your internal settings to incorporate greater direction from the higher aspects of who you are and be able to send messages of love and health both internally and externally?

These audios have been specially recorded with our Source Bridge technology and Advanced We.Connect Healing System, you will be bathed in sacred geometric frequencies that open you to a deeper energetic experience and alignment.

Retail Value: $297
Yours TODAY for ONLY $77

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