Stay on Course with Christ Level Consciousness

Stay on Course with Christ Level Consciousness

Another one of the platonic solids is the Dodecahedron. It was revered by the ancients as being the form that dealt with the cosmos, the higher Dimensional Realms. They talked about each of the other platonic solids dealing with fire, air, earth, and water. This form dealt with ether. So when we put points on this form that stellates it in a way that works with something called the Phi Ratio. This is the way the body is created. Everything in creation that is organic and even some inorganic substances follow Phi Ratio relationships.

With the Star Dodecahedron, when we put those points on it, this form starts working with an Advanced Merkabah that allows us to move into a Realm that starts to resonate with the same energies as the Christ in the Christ level of Consciousness. So what we’re talking about is when Jesus walked the earth he brought down into this Dimension a level of Consciousness called the Christ level of Consciousness. That allowed for more love & compassion to be imbued into this Dimension. So the Star Dodecahedron helps us open up our heart space, start to work with more love, more Consciousness in that Realm of understanding.

Let me start with the other one first. The Dodecahedron. Each one of our bodies and the body systems, speaking from a spiritual sense is also based in Sacred Geometry. The triangle is like the water molecule in the physical body for instance, but we have all this geometry making us up. When we go out to the level of the Christ body this is the shape the Christ body or Buddha body exists in 12 dimensions. This is the shape of our crystalline structure at that level.

When we stellate it, this is inside each one of us. This spins on three different axis at three different rates of speed. This is the Merkabah we work with and we've worked with in other talks and other classes. This is the Merkabah that when you get this moving inside of you, we can imbue it. We can put various concepts on it, like divine peace or divine love or whatever you would like. This becomes like a gyroscope to help keep you on course because it's continually spinning inside, just like a gyroscope that we have in physical reality. And it's just an amazing shape and a really wonderful shape to work with.

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