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Transforming Habits Simply Through Sacred Geometry Introduction

Transforming Habits Simply Through Sacred Geometry Meditation

About Gail and Gregory Hoag and Metaforms

When people meet Gregory and Gail Hoag, they sense a rare relationship, full of consciousness and love. Gregory, scientist and leading expert on Sacred Geometry, along with Gail, artist, business and health consultant, founded Metaforms 30 years ago. They create energetic tools that support people to evolve into higher awareness with Source and Heart consciousness. They are recognized as leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting purpose and clearing electromagnetic interference.

The Hoags demonstrate a congruency of vision and mission in the world. This is demonstrated by their Metaforms Mission Statement below:

Metaform’s Mission Statement

Metaforms’ mission is to shift the consciousness and health of humanity, to thrive and play in the new earth energy. We pioneer and produce the finest subtle energy products and services available to empower, transform and evolve the lives of millions. Through the wisdom of sacred geometric technologies, our expanding Metaforms community of inspired leaders activates the spiritual evolution of humanity, allowing the joyful expression of unconditional love and service to flourish.