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Sacred Geometry

The Universal Language of Divine Alignment

Chapter 1: What Is Consciousness?

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 2: What Inhibits Consciousness?
  • Chapter 3: 1 and 2 The Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Chapter 4: The Third Element Creates Everything in Universe
  • Chapter 5: The Patterns That Ground Reality
  • Chapter 6: 5 at the Center of Life
  • Chapter 7: 6 Brings Structure, Function, and Order to Space/Time
  • Chapter 8: Universal Harmonics and Archetypes
  • Chapter 9: Using Sacred Geometry to Transform Your Life 
  • Epilogue 
  • About the Authors 

I’ve been witnessing the progress of an eggplant seed I planted last week, experiencing the joy of watching this vulnerable, tiny sprout courageously poke through the soil in the little peat pot and begin its journey into becoming a productive vegetable plant. What a miracle that this offspring from a plant I will never know has gifted me with the possibility of life that can provide me nourishment! And yet this miracle is something more. This seed embodies codes that have been evolving for tens of thousands of years, part of a plant kingdom, a lifeforce energy that contains the plan, needs, spirit, and consciousness of life itself.


All these seeds, the DNA of humans and animals, the way rocks and minerals are formed, and even the way the wind blows have explicit structure, purpose, and consciousness. Our relationship with these things is energy. Everything begins as pure energy that finds its way into the physical world, holding within it a spirit of divine potential—or consciousness. Without consciousness, there is no lifeforce, no direction, no purpose to the essential breath we are often not even aware of. Consciousness is the container and structure of all that is. The unified field. The oneness we seek. It is planted in the structure of our being.


Consciousness is everywhere and can’t be seen. We only become aware of the effects that consciousness offers in our lives. We live in a world where we pay more attention to physical objects, yet our feelings, inspirations, and journey to manifest meaning and purpose create a drive within to grasp the spiritual nature of life and understand our place within this physical realm, which is an offshoot of consciousness.


Sometimes people use the word awareness interchangeably with the word consciousness. However, these words are distinctly different. Awareness draws on the capability to use our brains, our senses, and the sentient body we have in order to experience our perceptions of what appears to be happening within and without us. Through that information, we build our own unique reality and view what we call awareness. The more that we exercise and utilize awareness, it expands and is fine-tuned to be more capable of navigating our inner and outer selves. We become convinced of its “truth,” yet there is no absolute truth to awareness since each one of us have our own unique experiences and filters that determine how we perceive what lies within and without.


Awareness is a subset of consciousness, with consciousness enveloping everything. That is because it is God’s self-talking to God’s self—the unfolding of God’s play.


What’s distinctly different about consciousness is that it incorporates our awareness and unifies it with the spirit of all that is—or God consciousness. We cannot fully perceive consciousness because we are within it and the brain alone is incapable of fully grasping expanded multidimensional awareness. This is why so many people ponder their relationship with the divine. It’s too huge for our linear intellect and requires that we become emersed in a deep state that journeys into the evolving enormity of life itself. Consciousness invites us into the realm of our spiritual journey, aligned with everlasting love. To understand consciousness, we wrestle with divine aspects of knowledge at the root of all creation.


Consciousness is basically synonymous with what we refer to as God, Creator, Source, and Unity, and it is expressed in every aspect of creation. To expand our sphere of consciousness, to allow it to be more inclusive of potentially all that is, we must step out of a limited awareness and utilize higher senses.


Native elders honor the consciousness within a stone, animals, plants, nature, and indeed all existence. They listen through the heart and spirit to commune deeply and communicate with all life forms. They were taught to expand their awareness to recognize the dignity of their world and experience how their personal lives are directly linked to all life around them.


Evolving our consciousness is one of the highest paths possible; we can choose to communicate and play with Unity for the higher good of all. We can be part of an evolutionary change that is overtaking humanity at this time, as transformational energies flood our planet, solar system, and Universe.


Most importantly, this is a time when each one of us has the opportunity to understand how we can participate with this energy that we’re calling consciousness and engage from our soul, heart, and from the essence of all living substance. When we experience consciousness as pure energy, then we can grow expansively since everything is energy, and consciousness is an energetic expression of all life.



The God Spark


We will show you in this book how consciousness goes from the pure realm of energy to form matter, and the more it is aligned with its source of creation, the more it is in the perfection of the intent of what created it—the God spark.


Consciousness is the creative force, the spark of all truth within all aspects of creation as everything is being drawn back into unity from which it is birthed.


Ultimately, consciousness can be understood as the source of everything in our reality. This may be the most important time to be alive to expand your consciousness and allow the God spark to be expressed through your life. We are more than just this physical body and personality that we see looking back at us in the mirror. That personality may seem to be caught up in trying to survive in this world with the most comfort and least pain. What is that aspect of us that’s drawing us to something greater? It’s consciousness awakening within us, pushing the boundaries of what we experience as our reality. We often use the metaphor that we are like an iceberg because, like an iceberg, only a small percentage of us is seen. The majority of the iceberg is hidden underneath the water and is totally invisible to anybody in a boat floating past.


Likewise, with human beings, much more exists beyond the realm of the physical senses. One of the first levels out from the physical is our emotional body. Some people have expanded their visual acuity into this realm and have the ability to see colors around a person that reflect their emotional state. This energy field is referred to as the aura and is recognized by many ancient healing traditions. The electrical potential of this field can be measured with scientific equipment and is found around plants, animals, and all living organisms. Although this is another dimension that is invisible to most of us, we still feel it in our bodies and we describe it as “feeling our emotions.” Even though we feel them, we may not recognize and manage how they’re interacting with our body and the world around us. By evolving consciousness, it is possible to work with this invisible part of ourselves. By incorporating a higher, more complete view of the emotional body, we can become masters of our emotions, rather than sometimes feeling victimized by them.


Like the hidden part of our iceberg metaphor, if we expand further into the invisible field surrounding each of us, we come across the mental body where thought forms are held and travel. Those people who can see into the dimensions of a person recognize that thought forms have an energetic quality that can remain with us for a long period of time. These thought forms cloud our ability to see the world clearly because they filter current happenings through old thought patterns from past experiences and perspectives that are triggered and activated inside the brain from the mental body. The mental body is an aspect of ourselves through which we can learn to master how our conscious and unconscious thoughts are working. Viewing our thoughts before they become actions, or before they come out of our mouths, allows us to choose our words more carefully and gain perspective of the hidden elements that are also in play.


This higher perspective of the mental body is an essential teaching of East Indian and Buddhist philosophies, where they speak of the mental impressions as samskaras, which are a basis for the development of karma theory. They believe if we are unable to expand into greater recognition within the mental realm and release the limiting views that mold our view of reality, we will be cursed to repeat our mistakes and misunderstandings to live a painful and unsatisfactory life.


When we are caught in the past, we have a limited sense of present experience and can easily miss the fresh, new gift being offered in the moment. By expanding into the various dimensions represented by the iceberg, we can gain access all the way up to the level of soul, a level that cultivates the expression of truth. At the physical level, where we spend much of our focus, understanding is based on the transitory. Everything our senses interact with will change or die. This issue of impermanence is compounded by the fact that all information is filtered through our beliefs and judgements, which makes each person’s understanding of reality totally unique. No great truths could ever be found here; they only exist at the highest levels of permanence. At the level of soul, we can move into a more permanent and fulfilling aspect of our being.


All these different aspects are dimensions that are unseen from the physical; however, by incorporating the fullness of our consciousness into awareness, we become capable of becoming masters, able to work with a greater playing field.




Icebergs, Acupuncture, Magnets, and Deep-Sea Divers


Here is an image of the iceberg we’ve been discussing where only the tiny bit at the surface is what most of us relate to as the whole iceberg. The analogy shows the reliance we place on the physical level, which limits our awareness and thus our ability to fully live life and evolve consciously.


Fig. 1-1

To strengthen the metaphor, we’ve turned it upside down to offer a better perspective in understanding the hidden aspects that exist between the soul, which came first, and the physical dimension. Everything is created on the primary level of Source before it flows from the top initiating point through all levels of our being, finally coalescing in the density of the physical. We’ve layered it like a cake because that’s easier for our linear minds to accept; however, the fact is, it’s not linear. Nothing outside of our limited physical view of reality is linear in space or time. We show all those different aspects on the iceberg to describe the fullness of who we are.

It’s a metaphor, though. Everything we’re going to discuss in this book must be metaphorical because truth can’t be captured by words. Truth is an experience. It’s a feeling, a deep understanding that goes beyond all words. The words that we fall back on are the metaphors to say, “Life is like this.” The iceberg metaphor shares an understanding of how dependent we are on our higher consciousness and soul for our existence. When we speak about multiple dimensions, the dimension that is closest to our body is often referred to as the etheric. It exists within a few inches of the physical body and is the energetic interphase between the solid matter and subtle fields of energy that surround us. It’s the energetic link to the fourth dimension where the colorful emotional body is displayed.

An acupuncturist follows detailed maps of energy points on the body. By activating specific points with inserted needles they can increase energy flow where there had been blockage or inadequate flow before. Have you ever noticed how long some of their needles are? There is a reason for that. Needles act as small antenna towers collecting energy. By being longer than an inch, they are able to pierce the etheric field of the body and create a siphon effect with the fourth dimension, using the energy of the etheric body as a driver to open the flow of energy from the higher realms. When that energy flows, the physical body can receive healing and become balanced with the help of the energy input by moving fourth-dimensional energy into the physical body.

Another way that acupuncturists stimulate energy points is by placing magnets on them. Simply put, magnets are made by combining particular metals, then heating and running a strong electrical current through them. This creates an internal molecular geometry that allows “magnetic” energy to flow. Science has no consensus in understanding what this energy flow is. They simply refer to it as “magnetic” energy. From a higher perspective it is etheric energy, a cross-over energy flow between the physical and subtle bodies. Magnets work in a similar way as needles, stimulating a flow of etheric energy, which then directs fourth-dimensional energy into acupuncture points needing activation. The south pole of a magnet, where the energy is flowing out, is the end that is usually directed toward the body.

When properly used, the etheric energy directed through the magnet can stimulate healing activity within the body. It’s important to work carefully because if left on too long, it may create an imbalance in the direction of overload, too much energy. If the body is out of balance, think of it like a seesaw, where one side is raised, and one side is lowered. You could bring energy in to press the raised side down until the other side starts coming up. The proper timing is critical to remove the magnet when balance is achieved, rather than allowing it to stay and force the other side of the seesaw up too high, causing imbalance. Whenever working with energy, balance is important to achieve.

Let’s consider another metaphor, that of the deep-sea diver. The boat on the surface of the water is pumping him life supporting oxygen and is similar to what is represented in the iceberg metaphor as the Source or soul at the top. Source is moving energy through all the different dimensions and through the different levels of the ocean until it reaches the deep-sea diver at the bottom in his pressurized suit. He wears heavy leaded boots to keep from floating up to the surface; likewise, each of us is surrounded by heavy negative emotions that act as a weight keeping us stuck at the lowest level of our potential, the third dimension. We are dependent for our survival on our soul link, just as the deep-sea diver always needs to have a connection to his ship on the surface. Our soul is literally pumping our life force constantly to us. If the soul were to be taken out of the picture, we would immediately die, just like a deep-sea diver whose air has been cut off. The way in which the energy flows from Source all the way into our lives is an important aspect to discuss because that’s where we get into creating resonance with soul and exploring ways to increase that flow of energy. It’s most important to realize that energy is flowing and needs to flow into our lives all the time.

Fig. 1-2



Awakening to the Natural Order of Creation


As we move into a relationship with the bigger part of our being, we discover how wonderful life can be. From the higher perspective that is offered, 3D distractions become much smaller and less intimidating. We feel more in control as we watch our life journey with less emotional involvement: such as a parent watching their child play, we can observe without taking everything so personally. From the higher valley’s edge, we can more easily recognize the path down the center of the valley, and the serendipities that start unfolding more rapidly become an expectation of how life is to be led when full connection is allowed to flow through the heart center into our daily life.


We begin to realize that all difficulty and disease are a result of blocking or denying this higher flow of energy from Source. As more doctors acknowledge that negative emotions and stress can influence a person’s health, they are slowly recognizing the interactions we have with aspects of the fourth dimension (emotional realm) and fifth dimension (mental realm). Impediments that show up in these higher unseen dimensions influence the quality of life in our physical reality. In fact, this leads us farther down the rabbit hole of third-dimensional illusion toward the understanding that there are no causes at all in our third-dimensional reality. We exist in a dimension of effects only. All causes are initiated on higher dimensional levels of existence before they manifest in our everyday reality. Thus, if we wish to create true change in our lives, it is necessary to understand and claim these higher dimensional aspects where the source of our power and intelligence is generated.


This is where we go for our inspiration, for love, and to feel the wholeness of who we are. It’s also where we go to expand our consciousness and realize who we truly are. Rather than on the physical level, the third-dimensional level is where we discover things by doing. However, doing can only take us to the limits of what the physical body is capable of. It’s when we expand into the higher levels that we discover the fullness of our consciousness. This is why it’s important to practice mindfulness, meditation, creative time, and disciplines that help us find the peaceful and quiet place within. This is sometimes referred to as the zero point, coming back to the core of who each one of us is to experience our beingness to balance with the doingnes and physical stimulation we are so familiar with every moment of each day.


It’s a significant part of our life to develop and master access to higher inspiration, listen to our intuition, advance our ability to recognize the wisdom available to us, build higher awareness outside ourselves as well as within, and integrate this into everyday life.


The balance is very important, and the lifeline that is presented to the deep-sea diver not only gives the diver the nourishment of the air that she needs, it gives the diver the ability to stay connected with her essence and soul. Without that, we’re not a full-dimensional human.


The potential of where we’re going by raising our consciousness can be expressed very simply by this story of a small bird known as the veery thrush, which nests in northern New England and southern Canada.


During the summer breeding season, these tawny-colored songbirds are dedicated to raising a brood of chicks. A scientist studying the veery thrush found that sometimes the timing of their cycle of nesting, raising young, bringing them into full adulthood, and then migrating changed from season to season. He tried to discover the elements that fed into this change. Why would they cut their important breeding season short? Was it a function of the availability of food that summer? Was it the density of the thrushes that lived in that particular area? He discovered that this bird wintered in Brazil in South America, which is a migration of over 4,000 miles to get to their winter habitat. Their migration route took them over the Gulf of Mexico, the large body of water between North and South America. The success of their migration was dependent on the quality of the weather over the Gulf. If a hurricane were to happen during their migration cycle, it would reduce their survival rate more than anything else. He learned that they abandoned their summer breeding grounds at a particular time to avoid hurricanes and severe weather in the Gulf. The veery thrush has been recorded at successfully noting the intensity of a hurricane season months in advance. Their accuracy in determining whether there would be hurricanes during their migration time or not was more accurate than the computerized models used by our modern weather service. It boggles the mind that the power of computers, collected data, and various information services that come through human mental capabilities could not match what this small bird can do with its tiny, measurable brain.


All the brilliant minds that had focused on the importance of weather prediction were outdone by a tiny “bird brain.” We use the phrase “bird brain” to slander someone, so what is really going on here? When we think about where our intelligence lies, most people point to their heads. Many of us think our big brains are the center of our success—the character at the tip of our iceberg metaphor with the really big brain is creating and controlling everything else. It all flows forth from us, the one interacting with this physical world.





This really begs the question of consciousness. It’s not something that is dependent on mental capabilities but rather the source of all information and all being. When we are tapped into that larger part of ourselves, the part inclusive of higher consciousness, we have access to all the information that is of value to us in our life at the moment. If we wish to expand our life’s needs to be of service to others, that information from consciousness is there for us, just as easily, as clearly, and definitely, as it is for the necessary life cycle of the veery thrush.


The reality of and dependence on this connection is demonstrated by many animals and plants that must be tuned into this level of awareness for their survival and to have their lives fully operational in relationship with the patterns and cycles of life on this planet. This is true throughout the entirety of this planet, the solar system, and Universe. Every part is interlinked and dependent upon every other. Science is now showing us that every aspect of Universe is tied to every other aspect of Universe. We are a part of this unity and become more aware of our connections when we raise our level of consciousness to the brilliance of existence provided for by the God source. We can be totally fulfilled and taken care of as easily as any flower or animal.


When we work with the order revealed by nature, we are fueled by the wisdom that’s within those natural patterns. It’s the heart, soul, and methodology of creation. When we align with these universal patterns, we overcome the pain and drama of separation that is so prevalent in our lives and our societies today. This is why we are writing this book: to offer you tools and understanding to navigate your life in a more conscious way, a more fulfilling and joyful way, by feeling the connection to all that is. You can evolve the ability to clearly reference the soul vibration and remember all parts of who you are so that you’re able to overcome distractions. You will be enabled to move through the density in a way that you recognize that even though all these things are happening, they’re not the defining factor. The true defining factor is your exquisite beingness. As with exercising a muscle, the more you work with that muscle, the more powerful and adept it becomes in supporting you to take on more and evolve to a higher order.


It’s that higher order that every aspect of creation reflects. Birds know what it is to be the kind of bird they are. A plant embraces its limitations and its opportunities. We’ve discovered that plants do much more than we ever thought they were capable of. They give each other growing space and recognize proper timing and succession. They share minerals with other plants through their root systems. Trees and plants communicate through their root systems and can even warn each other of impending problems.


In essence, what we’re sharing is that this is the natural order of creation. Animals, plants, and minerals know how to be what they are. It is the human being that has forgotten its humanness and misplaced its proclivity to be the fullness of who it is, unlike the small bird who can tap into the overall consciousness of what is and what will be.


It’s the human being’s time to awaken to that same potential


and engage with the fulfillment of the natural rhythms that animals, plants, and everything in creation follow to achieve resonance and harmony.


We search everywhere within the “tip” of our iceberg experience for happiness, love, understanding, and a life of fulfillment. The physical life we are so accustomed to knowing as “reality” can never deliver on the higher aspects of creation because they don’t fully exist here. We are only playing with 10 percent of possibility. The Source of all possibility, the Source of all love and all understanding radiates out from the highest aspects of our being. For this reason, spiritual masters have often referred to this reality as an illusion, impermanent and unable to satisfy our deeper needs. It is only by embracing the eternal core of our being that true happiness can be embodied in our lifetime.


All snowflakes are unique, yet when each one melts, it dissolves into the same ocean of water that is the essence of every other snowflake. Every human being has a unique physical world expression at the tip of their iceberg reality. However, all of us share the same underlying and expansive multidimensional nature. We all share the same restless desire to expand into the fullness of our being, a soul expressed through the human body, mind, and emotions. With higher insight and presence, the challenges and lessons at each dimensional level can be resolved. Energy blockages that had impeded the flow of Divine Source can be transformed, allowing love to flow into this 3D reality.



Take a moment to reflect . . .


We invite you on this journey to explore these natural rhythms and frequencies so that you might expand into the fullness of all that is by being resonant with all that you are.


We look at the world

and see many problems.

It is all illusion.


There is only one problem,


and only one solution—Consciousness.


The Truth is:

Consciousness doesn’t come from the head.

It isn’t found by thinking and doing.


It arises from being, flowing

Into creation through the heart.


—Gregory Hoag


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