Secrets of Sacred Geometry Part 2: How Spirit Gets Our Attention

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Part 2: How Spirit Gets Our Attention

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Welcome and thank you for joining us today. 

Last time, we were speaking about how Spirit uses beauty to get our attention to lead us. Almost like the donkey and the carrot, we're following things that we're attracted to, and that's what Spirit wants to do in our lives. And also what we were starting to get into is we were talking about the fact that by noticing what you are attracting in your life and are attracted to, that higher self is really showing you your current position to become aware of what to understand and learn from your environment. 

So this is a very powerful way to see more clearly. And you may find yourself moving in a new direction where everything seems to align--where the beauty, where the joy, where the happiness, where the vibrations that are really resonating within your heart space are aligning. And it may become so poignant, so powerful that other avenues crumble and fall away, except for that path that spirit is highlighting for you. 

And this opening indicates that you're being carefully guided. And you can see the breakdown around you as an opportunity to shift your life. And what I mean by that is, when other things fall away, you can recognize, oh, it's time for them to fall away. It's time for that to not work, because spirit has something in front of me that is working. And we can recognize the strength of where spirit is in our lives and move toward that strength, that beauty, that vibration that is feeling right to us. 

And sometimes universe actually designs this breakdown as a way to empty us out, to make room for what we're about to receive. 

And so our biggest part in the whole play is sometimes just allowing. It's almost like we're watching, you know, we're sitting back, sitting back. But we're really moving, going through all the actions in our life. But there's a part of us that is moving to this higher place of spirit, attracted by the vibration and watching us in our life move through the paces of certain things not working, falling apart. So that we can be open and allowing for something new to come into our lives. And then Spirit moves into that space and starts to fill our life up with opportunities. 

So when we are in that space, it's important to really recognize that shift as an opportunity because spirit is always, always on your side. 

It's you. It's the bigger part of you that's working with you. So it has your best interest in mind. So pay attention to what life is presenting you. 

Paying attention--that's a great segue, because unfortunately, a lot of times we're not really paying attention. We think we are, but we're on a very limited track. 

And so what this is all about, when we talk about living multi-dimensionally, we're urging you to break out of some of the limiting patterns, break out of some of the old habits that keep you in the rut, that keep you not seeing the magnificence of who you are and what you're capable of. To be an empowered being means that you're expanding beyond the breadth of who you might have been yesterday, perhaps even who you think you are. You are an incredible being. 

And so, as you are more able to connect with that spirit side of yourself, you will be able to do more and more in that realm. 

Well, sometimes, you know, it's very interesting that spirit--and again, spirit is us--will lead us in different directions that don't always seem very comfortable. It could be that there's a disguise going on, that something that appears to be a very difficult situation, something where the momentum just doesn't seem to be in your favor, is actually a teaching moment. It's a learning moment. There's something there that somehow we've become oblivious to. And our being wants us to know that. 

There was a very interesting situation that came up in our lives just recently. We had had some damage done to our wood floors from a refrigerator. And for quite a long period of time, we kept having the floor refinished or come out to our house to check the floors and see whether there was enough dryness, whether the moisture from that water spill, that flood had dissolved enough so that we could have the floor refinished. 

Well, this was going on over a period of months where the wood--and we live in a very dry climate. So we figured, hey, you know, a month or two and we'll be able to get this done. It wasn't happening. And I was getting to the point where I was really feeling a little discouraged, a little irritated about it all. 

It's like, "Hey, guys, what's going on? Why aren't we able to move forward?" Have you ever had that feeling in your life where you're asking, what's going on? What's blocking? Why can't I move forward? Well, here's what we found out. 

The floor refinisher, as we were talking with him that that day said, "Have you talked to your insurance company? You know, it seems that in cases that we've had similar to this, insurance companies will cover this kind of damage." 

And Gregory and I looked at each other and went, "Well, no, we hadn't done that." I had sort of mentioned it as an aside to Gregory, and he didn't pick up on it. So we ended up calling the insurance company and finding out, lo and behold, that, yes, they're happy to cover that damage. 

And then it turned out that the damage was even more than what we had thought. So now they're covering even more than what we originally were going to do. 

And it was Spirit speaking out and saying, "Wait. Learn to receive. Learn to embrace all of what is possible for you. Don't limit yourself. Don't stop short of who you are." 

So those little disguises sometimes are really a carrot trying to lead us to something more than what we were expecting. 

And talking about disguise. It's like a few moments ago, I was speaking about difficulties that come up in our lives. And sometimes it's really challenging some of the dark spaces that seem to come into our life. 

And yet it's always important to look for the God spark within every single happening. You know, when you can get to the depth, to the deepest part of every event in your life and find God within that event, find spirit within that event, find that love that is always supporting you within that event, then you'll be able to resolve the situation. Then you'll be able to move on. Then you'll be able to grow. Then you'll be able to have your life move on that evolutionary path of love that we are all on. 

That's what we're supporting each other with right now, is how to recognize love in our life and share it more in our life, that love, so that we can help each other grow. Because we're in this together and we need that support of each other. And so finding the God's spark is important. 

And another thing I know that was bothering me earlier today when we were talking about this was that some people, when they're working with Spirit and it becomes difficult and challenging, they immediately go to the place where I guess spirit, I guess source guidance, God doesn't want me to do this. So I'm not going to do it. And sometimes that's true and sometimes it's not. 

You know, it's a tricky thing. You really have to within yourself in that meditative space. And you need to in choosing your path all the time, like we're talking about being guided on our path through good vibrations toward where we're supposed to be going. 

But sometimes when things become difficult, we have to really come back to that heart space inside and be clear on, is this part of our path? Is this part of our evolution? Am I to be detoured by this difficulty? Or do I continue to forge on? Because that's often the case. 

It doesn't happen easily some of the things that we work on in life. It takes effort and it's almost like spirit really supports us when we do make effort and wants to make sure that we are building that spiritual muscle by coming back again and again and till we can finally break through and reach that higher level. 

So there's a tricky balance there that's very important for you to move into your heart space and move into that meditative space and be really clear about the importance of your path. And you're going to learn and grow whichever way you decide, because that's the nature of this reality. But sometimes it's really important to clarify that vibrational path we're supposed to be on and clarify within ourselves, so we stay strong on our mission. 

And that is essentially why identifying with and mastering these different modes of connection with higher self, with spirit, with multi-dimensional self, with your greater wisdom and intelligence, with your heart center. That's why it is so important to take the time and little by little gain greater insights and become more masterful in using these perceptions. Because now, more than ever, these higher sensory perceptions are essential. We are living in such a fast-paced world and so much is coming into our information centers and it's only going to increase. 

Well, how do you navigate that? You can't navigate that from the old world view, from the old limited perceptions. 

It's time to be able to look at the pathways that are really there for us. And the more that you gain mastery over this, the more you are familiar with this, it will become second nature. They'll just these new perceptions will become honed up more and more clear to you. 

And one of my favorites, one of the ones I've lost. I love this one. And honestly, this is the one that I have been getting, you know, as my guidance keeps coming in and saying, "Watch the signs. Look for what is happening in your life. Check out the information. Check out what we call synchronicities."

Because the synchronicities you know what shows up in your life, what that is expressing to you in all aspects of your, not only your spiritual life, but your mundane life. These are of the greatest ways for you to feel how the universe is really guiding you, how the universe is speaking through experiences to you to gain greater understanding, to be able to make those decisions, to be able to gain the wisdom. 

And so, you know, they're really aren't any accidents. We are in a real a real-time feedback loop that acknowledges being on the right path. 

Well, what is the right path? You know, that is that's a very interesting question. And that's where we go back into what feels right. What is congruent with the values that we have each and every day? 

Those values guide us. They teach us. They explain how to move on. There are anchor points. It's a compass, an inner compass. 

And so I watch for synchronicities, and they actually delight me. And I find, isn't it interesting what is showing up? Because you are an energetic being. You are directing things. There is a broadcast coming out from you. And what comes out from you is interacting with something that shows up in the material world. 

So synchronicities are also a guide post that are telling you what's working and what's not working. Synchronicities aren't always, "Oh, isn't that wonderful that this person showed up in my life?" Well, that's a great thing. And that will happen sometimes where just at the right time, the teacher appears. Or the job comes forward to you. Or something happens that is absolutely on target. And that is one manner of looking at synchronicities. 

Another way of looking at it is, teaching you a feedback of what you're putting out. Is that on precision with what your life path really is about? Or is it just something that's showing you what else is available that you can come back into your center and adjust your perceptions, your energy, your knowingness so that you can create the experiences that you want for your life? 

Like a really good example of that is that we have a lot of land around us and we have trails on that land. And so I'm often walking on that land and thinking about things that are important this way or that. 

And I've found, you know, like synchronicities you can set up your conditions for spirit to communicate with you. And like, one of my conditions is that when I am thinking of something that is positive or right on or that I should be following, I will see a hard rock. You know, I'll just be walking in the trail and I'll notice a rock that is the shape of a heart. And that gives me the feedback of, OK, I should pursue that thought that I was thinking when I saw the hard rock. 

And opposite of that, I sometimes will get caught up in thinking of something that is negative or I start worrying about something. I'll often find that a branch will catch me or a little sticker will poke me or something will go on. 

And that's part of my little system with spirit that I have positive feedback and I have negative feedback from Spirit through these synchronicities. And obviously, you know, it's such a fun game to play because you're watching real things happen in your life. 

The other day I went skiing, and I was as I was riding up the chair, I looked and I'd been going through a little bit of confusion about something. And as I looked at the chair in front of me, I saw a number just preceding this number that's very important to me. And of course, I looked up and my seat was that number. I was the chair after that number. 

So I was going, "Aha, spirit's getting my attention." It's saying, "OK, you're important. What you're doing is important." And obviously, everything that you do is important to spirit. It's you loving you. And this is you finding a way to communicate with the bigger part of yourself. 

And soon after that, I had a little bit of a ski catch on an edge. And I flipped backwards between a couple of trees. And this guy came running over and say, "My God, you're lucky. You just landed right between the trees." And that usually happens to me in my life that I'm very lucky around physical things. Some of the amazing things that have happened. 

But I right away went, "OK, I've got work to do. I need to be more careful. I need to be more attentive." 

And I just take all the little things that come into my life, those synchronicities--whether it's you notice the clock when it's at certain times and that's spirit giving you that feedback that you're part of this whole, you're part of the play. 

And that's the beauty of synchronicity. You know you're part of something much bigger and you're a very important part. You know, that's the nature of spirit. Nothing is more important than you because you are that whole you are that opportunity to bring love into this part of the universe, into this third dimension. 

And the third dimension is so starved for love and consciousness right now that every time one of us goes to one of these little experiences, what sparks in us is that love, that connection. I'm part of something bigger. Oh, it feels so good. Oh, it feels so wonderful to be connected. 

And that connection, that feeling that you have is a coherent, energetic field that goes out and it starts affecting more of your life and more of the lives of those around you. 

And that's what's especially beautiful, because as we culture these things we've been talking about, recognizing the beauty, recognizing the connection, recognizing the synchronicities in our life, the more we are generating those feelings within us of wholeness, of love, of unity. And that goes out into the world and starts transforming the world. 

And that's our opportunity right now more than anything else as human beings to be able to transform this world and bring more of that God spark, that love that is source, that is unity into the world so that we can grow toward our destiny, our spiritual evolution. 

It's what this is about. When we talk about becoming present in the moment, what I feel about that is it's coming back to that place of divine connection, of unity. 

We start our lives when we first our soul coming into the body. The soul is a unity. It's whole. It's full, comes into an individual body. 

And we start learning through our perceptions and through our mind all these different separate situations. And then as we evolve and we grow, we're bringing all this back again to be able to grasp how it all works together, how the unity is really at the core of all of it. 

And being aware of the synchronous universe, how the universe expresses itself to us through our experiences and how we respond to that back into that place of divine love, that is the joy, the magnificence of bringing ourselves into presence, into fullness, into expansion. And the more that we recognize how the universe is speaking to us, is showing us where we are on the path and how we really are one. 

When something delights us and we go, "Wow. Isn't that perfect that that came into my life now?" Then our hearts open. We are expressing that divine unity. We are coming back into that realm of these beautiful, energetic beings that are able to embrace a whole universe in joy, in love, in a way of expansion. That is who we are. 

And we are going to continue this dialog with more of the connections of how Spirit connects to us. And then we'll move on to how we connect with spirit. We're going to keep playing with this with you. So please stay tuned for the next chapter of this. And we look forward to being with you again. 

Thank you very much for joining us today. And blessings. 


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