Secrets of Sacred Geometry Part 1: Understanding Pathways Spirit Uses to Connect with Us

Secrets of Sacred Geometry Part 1: Understanding Pathways Spirit Uses to Connect with Us

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Welcome and thank you for joining us today as we go on a little journey. And we're going to talk about
the pathways used by spirit and understanding those modes of connection. Gregory and I have
actually identified twelve different ways that Spirit connects with us, and we want to flesh this out to
you so that you can better use those in your daily life.

Now, in actuality, when we talk about spirit, spirit is not separate from us. We are all one. We live in a
unity. However, our consciousness oftentimes subdivides things so that we can have an understanding
of all of the different aspects that we're working with consciously. So when we're talking about spirit,
always remember that spirit is you. You are spirit. You are not separated from that higher intelligence,
that higher access to all you are.

And what we truly want to do in our everyday life is utilize all of that consciousness, be more capable
of bringing the full range of spirit, of our deepest essence into our lives each and every day, bringing
more love, more connection, more well-being, and more prosperity. So let's begin.

You know, another way of looking at it is just we are multi-dimensional beings, and only a small part of
us shows up here in this reality. Kind of like an iceberg where only 10 percent is seen above the water,
but the vast majority of it is hidden. And that's really true for us. The majority of who we are on an
emotional level, a mental level, a spiritual, psychic, intuitive level--all these higher dimensional levels of
us are really hidden from the world in many ways and even from us.

And so the point is that what we're going to share with you now are little ways that that bigger part of
our self starts connecting with this same part, this part that we've grown up to and developed over the
years and gotten used to. So as we are opening to that bigger part of ourself, what we're opening to is
our intuition and our connection with guidance.

It's really important to recognize the signs, the pathways that spirit, our higher self uses to connect
with us. So we see them when they're actually there in front of us or we can even go look for them. So
everything in existence is an expression of spirit. And this is our opportunity to regain that connection
and enjoy discovering the messages that come from source through our spiritual self.

And these techniques that we're going to share with you will increase our ability to communicate on a
daily basis with higher self. And as we familiarize ourselves with these modalities, we will gain greater
accuracy and clarity on the right path of spiritual evolution that we are on right now.

Sometimes I like to bring up the image of the eagle, and as the eagle is soaring above us, it's way, way
up in the atmosphere. And yet it has the ability to see very specific things--whether it's looking for food,
whether it's looking for a mate, whether it's looking for whatever is necessary for its life at that
moment. As it's moving, it has a great distance that it's covering. And the perspective of the eagle
enables it to see so much more than when it's lowered down or when it's on the ground.

Well, we as human beings don't have the capability, as the eagle does, to fly way up on high and to see
both the great general picture as well as the intricacies, those specifics that guide the eagle to what it
can get--whether it's that little rodent it's going to pick up or whether it's something, you know, that is,
you know, just enjoying the breeze.

So we want to help you understand how to look for what's available, how to gain a broader perspective
so that you can move with the grace and ease and clarity of an eagle to see, to feel, to use all of your
senses, all of the senses, not only just the senses that we generally work with, but the higher senses,
the higher senses that incorporate our creativity, our intuition, the inner knowing, the qualities that we
are often taught not to bring into our everyday life. So that's what we're really putting in front of you

And one of the important ways that we do receive that inner guidance, that knowing and that greater
higher sensory perception is by accessing things that we're not normally aware of. For instance, when
you feel love, when you feel joy, when you feel that sense of connection, higher guidance is presenting
itself. It's coming to you, it's knocking on your door and it's saying, "Hey, maybe you're on the right
track. There's something that you're experiencing now that you can gain more clarity and wisdom

And I thought about this particular perception. And many years ago, I was a visual artist, I would paint,
and something that I became very familiar with was going beyond my normal everyday habits. And so I
attempted as I was just walking around, whether I was on a city block and just looking around, I would
play a little game with my perceptions to look at things in a fresh way, in a way like I had never seen
them before. Like I was just born, like I just landed on this planet, looking at things from that place of
awe and joy.

And I remember walking around one day and I was just looking down at the beauty of the way that the
colors of the flowers on the ground were presenting themselves to my awareness. That beautiful,
vibrant green leaf compared to the violet flower was so powerful. It was so awesome. And it filled me
with so much joy.

It took me to my knees to go deeper into it, to look at it, to breathe with it, to get the
actual essence of that plant. And it was really an amazing experience. And I'd play these games with
myself to acclimate, to feeling the essence, to honing up my higher sensory perceptions, to gain what
was there, to look deeply and ask what is the nature of that plant offering to me?

Sometimes, you know, we are moving so quickly. We don't always take enough time to
smell the roses, to see the magnificence of what's being presented to us. And so that is part of what
we're sharing with you now is to slow down and to gain that memory and that allowance of recognizing
the magnificence of what's here. Spirit talks to us that way.

And the more we hone up those sensory perceptions, we can be guided with those in a greater and
greater way. And it starts to get us to have a more full life, to get us on track, to listen more deeply, to
become aware of the presence of something greater than what might be on our little track of going
back and forth during our routine day.

So in contrast to talking about that love, that higher self brings in to our life in order to get our
attention. And it really is from the higher self that love, joy, happiness comes from. So whenever we
feel that, we know we're on the right track. But inside our physical 3D body, we have developed a
mechanism for keeping us safe, for warning us of danger. And this is the flight or fight syndrome.

And what that really is speaking to is that whenever we have something happen in our life that sparks
fear within us, what happens with that fear is it creates a flight of chemicals from the adrenals. Cortisols and different adrenaline start pumping through our body--things to really pump up the reaction of
our body and get us out of harm's way.

So, you know, this is developed over tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years within this
physical body. We have been able to generate what gets us out of harm's way. But the problem is that
today the smallest thing can happen, like, you know, the dog gets sick, or the car gets scratched, or
your significant other looks at you in a funny way and you are trying to figure it out in your head. And
what goes on is this same type of reaction, and it all comes from the same place. It's a form of fear.
And fear is generating the anger. Fear is generating the sadness, the guilt.

All the separation that goes on in our lives happens because of this sense of fear. And whenever we're
feeling that sadness, that guilt, that fear, it totally blocks the flow of energy from higher self, which
comes through the heart. So that heart space gets blocked up by the fear. And there's no reason to
rationalize any good fear other than just to get you out of harm's way, and then, now let's get back into
a state where you're centered again.

But the problem is that we work with these emotions and it blocks higher self. And
then we start holding them in our body because the body is a 3D vehicle that's moving spirit around in
this dimension. But it also is holding on to these different negative feelings in different parts of the

And science has really started understanding that now where they see when we go through a lot of
anger, it's going to have a direct effect on the heart. If we go through other certain types of sadness
and so forth, it's going to affect other body parts. So the body is taking it in. And there are ways we've
talked about that, Gail and I, about reducing some of what the body is taking on and holding.

Yeah, it's really interesting. We sometimes think that all of the information is stored in our brain. In
reality, the brain is storing a lot of information; however, there's a tremendous amount of information
that's stored in different parts of our bodies--whether it's the adrenal glands, whether it's the heart,
whether it's, you know, the digestive system. We are storing experiences and memories and judgments
and all kinds of information in aspects of the body.

And those different parts of the body have a communication system with the brain ,and the brain
starts to lock in to a particular pathway. It gets to be like a rut. And that rut keeps us into a habitual
pattern. It's like something gets triggered.

I know many of you have the experience that something happens in your present-day life and it trips
you back into a memory of something that happened in a childhood relationship.

So maybe there is a friend that is yelling at you and you end up reacting in an overexaggerated way,
because somewhere in your brain, what's getting triggered is the time that you had a parent that just
really came down hard on you and made you doubt yourself. And so there are so many of these kinds
of things that start to happen where you become habituated rather than being able to be present in
the moment.

And that's what we're really working with when we talk about connecting in to these modes of being
related to our higher consciousness, to spirit. It's for the purpose of becoming empowered beings that
are present, that are here now. Not being twisted and tossed around by the experiences that we had
from the past. A wounded child who couldn't quite understand what to do with some of those situations, or trauma that you've had that somehow is still speaking through your life.

Those things turn into fear. They limit us. They keep us from being the empowered beings that we are.
And so as we work with the knowledge of the higher perspective, the higher dimensions of who we are,
we can heal those parts of us. We can bring the love back to those places that have locked in those
experiences in our body that are relating to the brain that go back and forth to keep us into that
low-level way. And we can bring that love and compassion back now.

And that's what this is all about--through a higher perspective, being conscious, being aware, working
with ourselves as energetic beings. The energy is always moving and shifting and changing. We aren't
locked into any of it. And so the more we understand it, the better off we are.

So it's really important to realize that when you're working in different meditations, working in different ways to help clear and work with opening yourself up, that one spirit wants to connect with you in
love, enjoy. And that your body has ways sometimes of blocking it when it chooses to go into a negative emotion. It stops that flow, and that's something to catch. That sometimes there are certain parts
of your body that are holding negative fields that you need to direct the love and joy that you purposely bring in in your meditation and purposely enlighten certain parts of your body.

You may wish to go through all the chakras and find places that feel tight and bring that love in and
visualize the light coming in. So that you can open up to the possibility of hearing within your inner ear,
of seeing within your higher form of sight, and that higher knowing, those higher aspects of all the
senses that spirit uses to just inform you of the love that you are, the joy that you are.

And realize that when you have a negative feeling, this is something that may be an old habit that your
body is replaying. Because our body has a way of filtering the truth, filtering the world. And it wants to
go into the lowest pathway, many times, rather than choosing the highest pathway. And so, know that
spirit wants to connect to you. And he can only connect to you through the higher parts of your being.

So that's why if you find yourself in that lowest pathway, if you find yourself being sad or hanging out
with a friend where you're both commiserating with how negative the world is, know that you need to
get out of that space. It's not going to serve you. It's not going to allow spirit into your life. It's not going
to allow you to change. It's time to let go of those aspects. And this is where your focus and consciousness and will comes in to allowing, to being open to spirit stepping into your life.

And that is going to take us into the second mode that we've identified, which is that spirit uses attractive elements in our environment to move us toward a new path of understanding. It's all encoded.
Beauty is encoded. And so it's really interesting, you know, when I think of, well, what is beautiful to
me? And what is the experience in my body when I see something or feel something that is absolutely

And for instance, if I am standing in front of a painting and that painting radiates something to me, it
takes me into it, into the core of it, I feel love. I feel ecstasy. I see the intrinsic beauty that the artist was
looking to bring to the viewer. That is a journey, that's an amazing situation.

And so we are encoded with being able to respond to beauty. And we all have a different perspective
of what beauty is. When we see someone who we think is beautiful, who we're attracted to, there's
something there where we want to open our hearts and have an experience of that person, learn more
about that person, and through that person, learn more about ourselves.

There's something intrinsic that is drawing us in at a soul level to understand the value of what is being
presented. And so notice for yourself when you have that experience of something, someone, a presence that just feels like a great expansion of love is taking place in your being, that spirit is calling out
to you. Take it in, receive it, enjoy it, bring it into the core of your body. Take it in for healing. These are
beautiful ways of working.

You know, that's why there's this old saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And it really is
because your higher self is using beauty and attraction to work with you uniquely from anyone else.
And so you are going to read what you are attracted to, that spirit, nudging you forward, saying, "Pay
attention. This is where you should be. This is what you're supposed to be paying attention to." And
likewise what happens when there are things that you aren't attracted to.

I mean, this is where Spirit is giving you feedback of what's going on in your life. So you know where
you are attracted towards something or repulsed from something, spirit is showing you your position,
is giving you your feedback guideposts. This is what you're here to learn from. This is what is here to
help you grow.

You know, going toward the things that we're attracted to. Likewise, you can't run away from the things
you aren't attracted to. It's important not to bring them into your life, but it's most important to pay
attention to what there is to learn from those aspects of yourself. Because they really are aspects of
me that I see reflected in the world that are repulsive or I don't like, I go, OK, there's some aspect of me
there that I am here to learn from.

And that's another time and place to maybe go into some reflection, some meditation, to go deeply
into a space to understand what is it I have to learn and overcome here so I don't keep drawing these
kinds of experiences into my life.

And that's the nice thing, is that as you become more and more solidified on your path to higher self,
on your path to exploring spirit, on your path to literally displaying that love that you are, you're going
to have less and less of the difficulties come up in your life because those types of learning experiences aren't necessary as much as they were before.

When you can find ways that spirit is being very powerful to help you see more clearly what's going on
in your life. And we may need to carry this on further because there's, I think, a little bit more we want
to say about this, and so what we're going to want to do is, share with you in our next episode where
we'll share a few more elements on how Spirit connects to us.

Thank you.

And blessings.

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Magda De Beckker
3 years ago

Thank you so much, very clear , it is real truth and very usefull !

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3 years ago

My partner and I stumbled over here different web page and thought
I might check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you.
Look forward to going over your web page repeatedly.

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