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Try Gregory and Gail's membership for just $1 for your first month!

Over the last six months Gregory and Gail Hoag have been developing a new membership site that will give you access to a wealth of information that will help you to transform your life, your relationships, and your wealth into new and wonderful ways. 

Connect to the heart energy and expand abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. Gregory and Gail are always watching current events and will use this platform to help you transform into a new and better you.

This program has been designed from the ground up with you in mind. It is here to help you through troubling times. To help make you ready for the 21st century. This membership will help you reach your heart center which is the doorway to a connection that will reduce stress and give you greater mindfulness in your life.

Using this program and the tools that come with it, you will be able to be more mindful, to be more successful, have better relationships and receive information that will lead to a happy healthy life.

A forum where we answer your questions:

In this forum Gregory and Gail will let you ask them questions. Once a week they will answer them personally. That way you will have the ability to interact directly with Gregory and Gail Hoag, as well as get answers and benefit from their wisdom

Community Forum:

In this community forum you will be able to talk with other members of the Metaforms Community. Share your experiences and listen to theirs so that you can benefit from their wisdom and they can benefit from yours. You will be able to connect with others in the community in a likeminded safe space.

A community choice webinar:

In this community choice webinar Gregory and Gail will allow you to submit your ideals and then vote on them. They will then pick the topic with the most votes to do the next webinar on that subject. This way you as an individual and then as a community will be able to voice your ideals to what you would like to see and what you would like to know in the next webinar. This will allow Gregory and Gail to know the most wanted or needed topic of the community.

Gregory and Gail’s choice webinar:

Gregory and Gail will watch how the world is changing and transforming in our time. They will receive inspiration from source to choose a subject that they feel is most important for a webinar. On this webinar they will help clear you of anything that you need clearing from. They will also invite special guests from time to time to preform healings, strategy sessions and interviews that will benefit you greatly.

Access to an Ideal Board:

This ideal board will allow you to choose topics and ideals you want to see Gregory and Gail do for webinars or trainings each month. You will be able to voice your ideal then others in the community can add to that ideal and comment on it. You will also be able to comment on others ideals. As the ideals develop you will then be able to vote on each ideal. You will receive a set amount of votes per month that you can use to vote on whatever topic you want to see next either for training or webinars. You will be able to change your vote any time during the month. The ideals with the most votes will be the winners that Gregory and Gail choose for content for the next month. This gives you complete community choice as to what things are most relevant to 

Video Training each month:

In these live video trainings you will receive a five to seven-part video training each month, on the topic Gregory and Gail choose and on the topic that the community has chosen. Gregory and Gail will explain how to overcome the topic that has been chosen. These topics will be released in three to ten minute short videos every few days throughout the month. They will also be released as MP3s and PDFs so that you can watch, read or listen to them. These videos may also contain special guests covering certain topics and experts in those fields depending on what topic it is.


You will also receive 20% off select digital products and 10% off all pendants and Metaforms jewelry while your membership is active. This 10% and 20% off applies to any purchases that you make and virtually assures that the membership will pay for itself simply having these coupons. As you know Gregory and Gail do not often put their pendants on sale and therefore you will receive a very special gift.

Access to our archives:

Each month you are a member you will have access to the archives of previous months. You will also have access to the archives of any forum posts and answers Gregory and Gail have written.This insures that you will have access to a wide variety of information to help you transform through these wonderful times that we are living in. You will have access to the archives as they are created throughout the months.This archive is a gift to those first members who sign up now!If you join later, you may have to pay extra for this wonderful gift.

Benefits of this membership:


This membership will help you reduce stress and fear by being directed to your purpose.


It will help you create focus and improved memory with a calm, clear mind increasing productivity, creativity and intuition to overcome procrastination.


This membership will help you be strong and centered internally which is reflected externally by your ability to cope with situations as they come up through logical thinking and problem solving.


It will help you be mindful and observe yourself from a higher perspective so that you can effect great change.


It will help you unhook from the driving source of fears and negative emotions and defuse the fight or flight syndrome so that you can make clear choices.


It will help you become heart centered, improve communications and a feeling of connection and interaction in your relationships.


It will enhance your bio field for improvements in your organ system function and help you achieve better health over all.


It will help you maintain your center and strengthen in the mist of conflict and stress and it will help you to remove the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies and toxins in your environment.

and much more!


Marion RossPh.D

With the Heart Companion, you can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.


I purchased many items from you and am so delighted. I have been following you and your wife on the various radio calls and today with Mas Sajady. You are doing so much for us now. The kindness of your message and the raising of global consciousness is astounding. I was so impressed by your comments about partnering and getting the messages out there.

Bill Farber

The I.Connect and Heart Companion have a very powerful effect of settling you down, grounding and connecting you internally. What really amazed me was the way these tools are structured to hold and transmit high vibrational energy, so I discovered that I can download my energy waves into these tools and these energies are constantly rebroadcast and projected to you. The effectiveness of these tools are way beyond anything my students and I have worked with before.


I am enjoying my heart companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams: they are more lucid, and I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.


I want to let you know that the heart companion has been helping me with pain relief, which has been an unexpected benefit. I tuck the pendant in the waistband of my pj’s, in the front for cramp relief and in the back for lower back pain relief, when I go to bed. I wake up pain free.


The iConnect has very interesting pulsations. It aligns the lightbody and brings alignment, but to each unique journey. That is, it seems to resonate to your own unique lightbody formations and greatly shifts you, so it works in unison with your divine coding at the ascension point you are at, at that specific time when you initially connect with it. Very interesting. Then of course it pushes you further

Richard GerberM.D., author, Vibrational Medicines

Metaforms has developed many subtle energetic technologies useful for healing and achieving higher states of consciousness… If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy.

Virgil Jacksonformer CEO

My favorite. The Star Dodecahedron starts with a heartful experience, softly and lovingly moving through me. Then it expands to the broadest range of frequencies I’ve felt, enveloping me in energy.

Linda DuttonCA

Meditating under the Earth Grid, I feel all my chakras opening and blending into a space of oneness. I’ve had some immediate cleansings. It feels like light happening. I love it!

Constance Dembymusician/composer

The Creative Energizer has a powerful presence and has become a very important element for attunement in my electronic recording studio.