Sacred Geometry is Everywhere

Sacred geometry in nature

Sacred Geometry is Everywhere

Look closely at the patterns. Geometry is everywhere.
It is the way the Universe speaks. It is the way energy expresses itself.
From the microscopic to the galactic, everything follows the patterns of energy.
As above so below… This is an ancient saying, however, what does it mean? If we were to meet an alien, how would we communicate? Or as far as that goes what if we were to time travel 1,000 years or even 5,000 years into our past or into our future. What would be the universal language we could draw upon? To reword it another way, what would be the language of Universe or the language of God common to both of us regardless of our belief system.

There is a language that translates universally and is the true nature of “above”, which reflects in the substance of this physical reality “below””. That language is number, used by science to describe interactions in all realms of the physical and energetic universe. When number moves from the mental and theoretical into the physical it becomes pattern, rhythm, cycle and geometry. Thus, we see the language of God expressed everywhere in our universe. The Above is the archetype, the blueprint, so to speak. In the physical dimension all of nature from plants to animals and minerals follow the energetic blueprint like gelatin flowing into a mold. The highly excited molecules of hot gelatin? conform to nothing in particular. As the energy level drops (cools) the gelatin will conform to the shape of its container.

A well-known photograph of a Maple Leaf done with the Kirlian technique of energy photography demonstrates where the tip of the leaf has been torn off and an energetic outline of it still can be seen. What I am postulating is that the energy pattern existed first as the template for the leaf. Dr. Bob Becker measured the energetic field around a tadpole and discovered that it was the size and shape of an adult frog. Again a demonstration of the physical universe “below” following the energetic blueprint from “above” that preceded it, as physical matter takes its cue from the Divine.

When I lecture I often ask participants if they enjoyed math while in school. Very few hands and frequently no hands go up. I believe that what could be the study of creation and how to work with it has degenerated into rote memorization of theorems complex proofs and unrelated abstractions. To rephrase the statement at the end of the last paragraph: When math takes its cue from the Divine then something very different and very relevant is born. We discover relationship with the Divine and all of creation. Consequently we are placed in the middle of a very dynamic reality.

As number becomes physical it is demonstrated by geometry. Thus many of the mental abstractions, irrational numbers and complex theorems of math have physical, experiential counterparts in our three?dimensional reality as geometry. As the geometry we use to create our buildings, furnishings, art, utensils, machines, clothing and urban plans approach the original language of God as seen in the natural environment the more sacred it becomes. We then refer to it as Sacred Geometry, which deals with real objects and our relationship to them.
Einstein demonstrated years ago that everything is energy, energy everlasting. Energy moves in frequency, rhythm and cycle. We often envision energy as an aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is portrayed as being a linear progression of frequencies. We must release this thought of linearity in dealing with the bigger picture. A holographic plate (film) is one of the closest analogies we have that demonstrates the overlapping rings of multiple light frequencies which slowdown and coalesce into matter, much as the excited molecules of hot gelatin slow to the shape of the container. Here the holographic energy matrix is the container. Thus the natural shape of a solid object gives us clues to the nature of the energy that formed it.

We may also apply the law of sympathetic resonance, as seen in a “C” tuning fork being set into vibration by a “C” tone, to say that as like attracts like we may find that particular energies are attracted to particular shapes. They are further reinforced into a coherent presence by that shape. Thus the energy is made palpable and available to the individual by using Sacred Geometry as an antenna to both attract resonant energies and to coalesce and re?configure ambient energies.

We often think of energy without delving into its unlimited qualities and variations. How do the infinite varieties of energy maintain their integrity? In part it is through geometry and angular relationship as witnessed on the atomic and molecular level, which demonstrate intricate, precise geometry, to the macro level where we see the consistent ratios and patterns of all minerals, plants and animals. Another perspective to consider is that in the equation (E= mc2) that the process is non?directional. Energy creates matter (mass?m) as well as mass creating energy. We can also use matter (m) as a wave?guide for light (c) or an aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum to generate a particular facet of energy, which can be directed by intent to accomplish a task. The facet of energy we create is dependent on the micro (atomic) configuration of matter used as well as the macro or gross geometric pattern. A pyramid constructed of cedar wood resonates quite differently than one built of limestone or copper metal. Combining and layering of materials further adds to the complexity.

The understanding that human beings can benefit from energy generated by a shape antenna is not widely accepted today. Historically, however, Sacred Geometry has been used by hundreds of cultures back into antiquity. We haven’t understood the reasoning or purpose behind their use, focusing mostly on the surface and the cataloging of the parts. With today’s rapidly shifting fads of design and decoration as a yardstick it is difficult to believe that the longevity and consistency of the Sacred Geometric elements used by Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks other Europeans and Asians over thousands of years and separated by tens of thousands of. miles were done only for decoration. For example, out of an enormous number of variables the Mayans chose the same angles for their pyramids, as did the Egyptians. Why? I don’t think it was just coincidence, there was purpose and intent at work and it would serve us well to discover the why behind the facade. I believe that human beings are internally driven to evolve toward Unity and the use of the same unbending, geometric rules of creation through the ages energetically empowers the process of evolution and growth.

In my lectures I frequently have three people come up to the front and sit under one of three different Metaforms, which are Sacred Geometric forms I create from gold plated bronze rod. After five minutes or so I have them switch to a second and then a third form. People always have an experience in their body that they relate to as ” feeling the energy.” For many people it is the first time they have ever had that particular sensation and certainly one of the first times in relation to a geometric form. Another interesting aspect is that the energy experience of each form differs from each of the others in a very distinct way. The experiences of each form also create unique categories for themselves over time. Thus, each geometry forms a particular stratum of physical stimulation with specific emotional and mental support that correlates with that form.
Sometimes I explain the scientific tests conducted to demonstrate that this isn’t another placebo effect. For example, we’ve directed double blind tests with EEG equipment, which has demonstrated remarkable and deep energetic shifts in the brains of participants. In working with the 3?D Star, which is one of our more popular Metaforms, there was a rapid shift from Beta (the active, unfocused mind state) into the Theta and Delta ranges, which are usually associated with deep sleep. In these cases the individuals were awake and often talking or engaged in activity. What the form was creating was a sense of deep focus and quiet in the midst of activity. We also recorded a depth of mind access that enhanced creativity and an ability to draw on information that was frequently blocked by the shallower Alpha and Beta mind states. In addition, a bilateral symmetry was stimulated. What this means is that communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain was greatly enhanced. This occurs naturally in the brains of those individuals that are considered to be geniuses and great mediators.

The next question always posed to the participants is: So what? It is certainly interesting to experience energy in relationship to a form for the first time, but there is a greater purpose in reintroducing these sacred geometric truths to humanity: So we can do something meaningful with it i.e. grow, learn, heal, love and manifest. Feeling the energy is the first part, because then you know it is real. The second part is to use it, to do and become what you wish. Ultimately it is to become resonant with the greater aspects of ourselves and evolve toward Unity (God).
Subtle energy dances the way you want it to dance. This means that your intent and focus becomes a waveguide directing the flow of subtle energy into manifestation on the physical. Our present environment makes little attempt at mitigating the sea of energetic chaos that surrounds us. Now we have an opportunity to change that and be empowered by a clear, archetypically resonant source of energy. As energy comes into this reality it is not only distorted by the electromagnetic and physical pollutants that we create, but also by the emotional body of the planet, which is becoming more impenetrable and consistent by virtue of the worldwide electronic (TV) nervous system we have created. So a catastrophe in Africa simultaneously evokes an emotional response in the other continents forming a consistent barrier to subtle energies. To have a precise geometry that the preceding archetype of ?source energy allows for that energy to be grounded in this physical reality undistorted by the emotional chaos and the dimensional shift: clean juice; pure information; a direct pathway toward Truth.

We can use Sacred Geometry in producing powerful tools to source as much as any electric appliance can be plugged into an outlet to provide a flow of energy. This increases our energy level in particular areas consistent with the geometry and allows us to accomplish more. The electricity we generate on this planet, however, is finite in nature and often produces toxic waste by?products. When Sacred Geometry is used to draw upon energy we are becoming trained in a new form of energy use, which is infinite in supply and radiates expanding spheres of life positive energy by products. At the moment the effects are subtle, but this is a safe beginning to get our physical, emotional and mental bodies in order before the introduction of stronger energetic technologies, which require more responsibility and integrity of being.

Coherence and congruence are important aspects of Sacred Geometry not only visually and psychologically but also physically. By coherence I am referring to the ability of a form to create a consistent, cohesive field, which excludes the energetic chaos and stress now present in most man made environments. Congruence reflects an aspect of harmony and an exact order of duplication i.e. as above, so below. When Sacred Geometric tools are in our environment it helps create coherence in our field and thus relationship to our Universe. One of the most insidious things today is the breakdown of our environment, through toxins, which disrupt organization and communication in the body. A plethora of electronic frequencies, which have been proven to upset the endocrine system and mental process, also add to this toxic soup. In addition, we have generally increased physical stimuli in a chaotic fashion, which further erodes coherence and focus in the environment. All of the above creates stress in the entire system and breakdown of the emotional body which not only effects us physically catalyzing disease, but it also reduces mental capabilities and focus. Most importantly, however, all of this creates separation from Unity and an inability to communicate with God. It is important to realize that communication with God is a two way street and when communication comes into us it is in part about manifestation and empowerment to act.

So, just as an orderly work environment allows for more efficiency so too does an environment that reflects the natural and precise order of the Universe. This natural order creates the most powerful and healthy expression of who we are or who we have the potential to become.
A major tenet in New Age (which isn’t really new at all) philosophy is the understanding that one has the ability to create one’s reality. There are many stumbling blocks on the path of this belief system. However, in the previous paragraphs I’ve stated major aspects created by Sacred Geometry that can help to accomplish this goal. A coherent environment supports focus and the ability to maintain intent in order to manifest. Congruence to allow resonance with a greater power, so synchronicity and being in the right place at the right time can occur. The feeling of connection is enhanced by a sense of relationship, which can create relevance and respect in all actions. Furthermore, the forms we work with are archetypes that have the ability to enhance communication with a higher aspect of ourselves; thus we don’t take ourselves so personally. The bigger picture always allows more freedom of action without fear and thus releases the sense of lack and limitation carried by conventional thought, which comes back to bite us in our reality, which opens the heart. Your acceptance with gratitude creates the reality you choose.
@ 2010 Gregory Hoag / Metaforms

Gregory Hoag, an artist, scientist and entrepreneur began working with pyramids and form energy in 1973. Years of experimentation and meditation unveiled some of the mysteries of form and matter, leading him to become the inventor, designer and creator of Metaforms. For the past 15 years, Gregory has taught about Sacred Geometry on radio, TV and at conferences. His vision is to bring the archetypes of form to life for all to experience and benefit.

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