Sacred Geometry for our times

Sacred Geometry for our times

Sacred Geometry is based on ancient knowledge, displaying the organizational structure of all of nature as well as the rhythms of life. As we strive to achieve greater understanding of ourselves and accomplish our calling, sacred geometry offers tools that can further open the door to bringing our consciousness into alignment with what we truly want to experience in our lives.

Sacred geometry embodies pure wisdom and instructs us about the patterns that follow the transformation of energy into physical matter. When I studied geometry in school many years ago, I remember feeling overjoyed to learn a mathematical program that went beyond abstract numbers into real concrete forms – shapes that I could understand and appreciate their relationships to real life. When we ask, “where do these basic shapes come from and what is their significance?” we can detect the energy patterns that birthed the life and structures we are familiar with.

Imagine what we can create when we operate from the context that before there is physical form, there is pure energy or light? What if we could relate to that energy as pure potential that our consciousness can interact with and mold into outcomes? What if we played within the realm of possibilities from the perspective that we are designed to interact with pure energy and create amazing things? It is quite accessible for us to engage in creating our lives by connecting with this energy field and understanding its inherent structure. Sacred geometry provides tools for manifestation, just as the energy follows form in nature, our minds can use this form for co-creation.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so creative, alive and joyful in pristine places in nature? During those times, we are connecting with the perfection of nature and the undistracted flow of energy so we can hear that inner voice inside and relate to ourselves as a part of all that exists, particularly our spiritual self. The soul loves these places where we experience the sacredness of all and remember who we are.
Is it possible to bring these qualities into everyday life? Wouldn’t we love that?

First, let’s acknowledge that incorporating sacred space into our lives is appropriate and natural. We recognize the effect of our mind and emotions on health, relationships and the ability to accomplish goals. Perhaps our consciousness has been aligned with distraction, rather than clarity of purpose; fear rather than love, lack rather than abundance; separation instead of unity. By using the model of sacred geometry, we can see the energetic structure that can be transformed through our intent to allow a whole (and holy) different outcome.

The principles of sacred geometry and tools created from these properties are very powerful and can be extremely useful in remembering who we are, getting reconnected to our spiritual essence and unifying ourselves on all dimensions. Through contemplation, meditation and placing sacred geometric tools in our environment, much like Feng Shui, the energy begins to flow in ways that support the greater good for all. Energy is creative and we can apply our greater awareness to allow for wonderful opportunities.
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