Refresh Your Life

Refresh Your Life

Hi I'm Gail Hoag and I'm here with Gregory.

This is a very catalytic and amazing time that we're in. Years ago I remember talking about how we would go through a time where we would see our infrastructures kind of disintegrate. This really opens up the place for the Phoenix to rise and the new to come about.  Well I think the indications are very clear that is indeed where we're at.

We can look out in the world and can see so many things, that just don't function the way that they were meant to. Operations, governments, bridges and all kinds of infrastructure that just doesn't suit us any longer.  

I've been reflecting about taking a look at what we've been relying on and seemed as if it was working. Whether it's a diet that we were feeling very comfortable with the kind of food we eat, the kind of books that we read, communications, relationships or our patterns. It's a good time now to refresh, press that refresh button and look consciously at what you're doing.

With the help of information from guidance and people that you respect, take a look and see if there are some real important alterations that will be beneficial to your life. I know for Gregory and I, we thought we were on a good healthy diet and I think it was a good healthy diet for quite a while. Yet, it was time for us to make a major shift and change the way our metabolism has been working, the kinds of foods and qualities of the choices, making sure that we choose energies that really suit us now.

What is the frequency, the vibration of what we put into our bodies and our lives? Is it really of the highest level that can support us? Asking these questions can lead to big changes and alterations that seem topsy turvy at the start.

This is a time where we want to learn to let go and open up the space for so much more that we're capable of. I believe that's where some of these major leaps are going to happen, as we release some of those old ways. Just be opened to what now appears to be the right way for you, your family, your community and lots of new information that is coming in.

It is so important that we each surround ourselves with that which we really feel supports us both. As Gail was saying we shifted our diets recently. Because we found that even though we were on what we thought was a really good track, the World is shifting so much, the universe, everything is raising in vibrational frequency. We really needed to up our game as well, to be able to stay in tune with that frequency. As our bodies get older, I mean, now I'm in my seventies. I still want to be active. Monday I'm going skiing through the trees down hill, because it's important to keep playing. It's important to keep the body active.

So much of the play, so much of the activity comes from inside. That's where we find the balance. That's where we find the information that comes in that supports us in making the shifts. You know if we continually are looking for what's coming from the outside, without coordinating with our heart inside, without seeing how it really meshes with our truth and what we know is right for us, then it's going to be a chaotic situation. It's going to be difficult trying to keep up, if we aren't able to anchor it with the Heart Center, if we aren't able to sit down quietly and ask “Is this what serves me best at this time?”

There are so many things going on in the world that seem off right now. But you know, I see them off when I am especially feeling off within myself. But when I am seeing the connection inside, when I'm feeling that love and now with this new diet that we're both sharing in what we're doing, it feels so good. To be tighter in my body, to have lost some weight, to feel very present, to enjoy moving, exercise and more. All of that enjoyment is so important.

It's happening because of that real connection inside that has allowed me to see from this perspective. I look at the world that I started to say seemed off. When I'm feeling right inside then the world makes sense.

It’s an opportunity to be of service, an opportunity to feel connected to what's real. It's almost like the things going on that aren't united at the moment in the world are what are helping me see my next steps. How I can be of service to help people see and understand what their next steps can be - one that brings unity into the world  and brings love into the world.

It's through the Heart Center that we’re able to do all of that.

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