The New Causal Generator

Causal Generator shown with Metatron's Cube and Advanced I.Connect

Many of you are aware that Metaforms has been in business since 1985.  The geometric forms have been fundamental to our evolution as a business and the addition of spinning them at a precise rotational speed with added high vibrational frequencies is a quantum step forward in creating powerful torsion fields and thus strong interdimensional  transformations. It had been the most challenging and expensive project within Metaforms that we have ever tackled.  Gregory has been researching and experimenting with “the motor” since 2013 with different experts.

The outside of the Causal Generator may look the same as the ones before September 2019, but the inside is entirely new; a new modified stepper motor and 3D printed stand, complicated circuit board, gears, switches, etc. We had to modify motors, cut traces, build bridges on circuit boards, go outside of specs to make things run and find the correct harmonics of the motor to choose a gearing path that would hold. Gregory spent countless hours personally constructing and setting the frequencies of the new motors. ​

  • Touch the cover, you may feel a vibration that is an important part of the energy output as it is a harmonic of the rotational speed.  Thus, it is a positive frequency that can be felt and possibly heard when close enough, although the overall sound output is very low.
  • The vibration is created by a special motor called a stepper motor that is divided into many micro increments to match a specific energetic frequency that drives the motor at a very precise speed (rpm).  It is a frequency in hertz, which is a measure of wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • This frequency is translated into rotational speed, forming what some scientists might refer to as a torsion field capable of higher dimensional interaction.  
  • The new motor and internal electronics have solved all of the past issues.  It is strong enough to turn our heaviest forms, smoother in its revolution and very accurate in its rotational speed over time.  It maintains a constant speed, which sometimes might exhibit a slight stutter to catch up.
  • We also create a frequency inside the motor housing in the megahertz range that is moved through several internal antenna systems, plus being directed into the stainless steel cover.  
  • When the Causal Ring is placed over the hemisphere cover the sterling silver six pointed star in the center is isolated by six natural hematite magnets. This means that the frequency vibrates only from the woven star, which has been demonstrated to be the most life positive distribution of the energy.  
  • This field envelopes the form spinning on top to create a very powerful unity dynamic.  It also creates worldwide harmonic resonate points of connection interdimensionally.  

This dynamic will increase as more units are brought into operation. Your intent for restoring world harmony is magnified tremendously by this tool.  This is because the high vibrational energies you feel coming into your environment via this device are matched by the high vibrational energies going out into the world.  Your thoughts and intents are raised in vibration and magnified as they go out into the Universe.  This leverages our energy into the equivalent of thousands of individuals coming together to meditate on the Light to transform our environment. 

Important components of the Causal Generator are the Causal Ring placed over the stainless steel hemisphere with the 6 small coils facing up.  A plastic tube is provided to hold some forms on point for the best broadcasting. The plastic is inert and allows for the broadcast of the energy better than a metal tube.  Likewise a non-conductive loop of cotton is on the points of forms hung from metal hooks or wires to prevent the geometric antenna form from being distorted.  An Advanced I.Connect is the important finishing touch to be placed inside the form that is spinning or placed under it on the turning platform.  It helps broadcast the energies and may be removed to be carried in your pocket.  A personal Heart Companion may also be used, however always be sure that the earth face with the “eye” is facing downward.

Your feedback on the efficacy and your experiences with the Causal Generator are welcomed and an important part of the energy needed to continue moving forward.

An important step in the chambers on our land was the addition of these motors to turn the forms at the correct rpm as given to us by our sixth density support group, the Loved Ones.  The finishing touch in our chambers has been the addition of a top form spinning counter clockwise to strengthen the vortex dynamic.  We have perfected a stand, which allows one form to rotate on the Causal Generator while having a different sacred geometry spin in the opposite direction above it via our ceiling spinner.  It is important that the two speeds do differ, but only within a few rpms. from each other to create an appropriate, powerful experience.  Pairing different geometries alters the energy dynamic completely.  The counter rotation of spinning geometries creates a very powerful nexus point that allows for a strong, higher dimensional flow to be created. 

Spin your favorite Metaform geometries and enjoy broadcasting their frequencies. 

Causal Generator with Causal Ring : $448
The perfect way to spin your Metaforms

Broadcast the energy of the Advanced I.Connect for yourself, family, team and environment

The Advanced I.Connect has found its true relationship in the We.Connect to be the center of this lovely lotus-like structure for your home or office to broadcast health, well-being and connection to all that is. As the We.Connect turns on the Causal Generator, it radiates universal frequencies that are aligned with the Advanced I.Connect for pure, elevated connections (relationships) that source your life. It creates an ambiance of ease, relaxation, clarity, expansion and creativity. It oscillates within the bands of a deeply relaxed sense of ‘rightness’ to a sense of energized focus. Whether in a home or professional environment, better communication, connection and flow is apparent, so that people can co-create in more harmonious ways. Just as a flock of birds all know how and when to move in unison, the vibrational cohesion facilitated by the We.Connect offers a similar field to operate in a spirit of right relationship.

Advanced We.Connect with Causal Generator

The Causal Generator with Causal Ring beneath We.Connect comes with the Advanced I.Connect

The Advanced We.Connect is our most revolutionary product with the inclusion of the new Causal Generator base. Inside the stainless steel hemisphere, we generate an essential frequency in the megahertz range for interpenetrating the higher dimensional realms.  This special frequency passes through a number of internal antenna systems and an alchemical mix of 14 essential minerals and crystals before it is directed through the  cover. It radiates outward through the woven sterling silver spokes at the center of the Causal Ring. This special frequency is perfectly matched to a precise rotational speed that we carefully adjust by hand in each Causal Generator.  The combination is whisper quiet and particularly catalytic in facilitating growth and transformation.  Its effects are deeply relaxing, grounding and cleansing as the energies create a coherent field radiating out for hundreds of feet, integrating higher realms with the physical domain. With the aid of this technology, we are better able to shift consciousness and attract beneficial qualities we want in life. It supports opening higher aspects of self for personal healing and transformation. The ability to release old patterns, forgive and accept love for deep healing, transformation and well-being is accelerated. The Causal Generator works extremely well with other Metaforms Sacred Geometries revolving on top, sending those energies into the environment. 

The changes from the Advanced We.Connect are phenomenal. I have it going right now. When my kids act up, I put it on and it creates these waves of positive loving energy. It’s just absolutely amazing. I have been using it during my sessions and I think it increases the results for my clients 100 fold. I can’t wait to add more products."


The Causal Generator arrived.  I cried as I started up the Advanced We.Connect with my picture on top and set an intention of creating a space and a lifestyle that truly supports me in healing on all levels and thriving.  Thank you for this sacred tool."

  • The We.Connect broadcasts the energy of your I.Connect, when placed on top and increases the potency of your I.Connect.
  • Place the We.Connect in a central location in your home, meditation space, alter or healing environment. It works effectively in an office, classroom, store or anywhere you choose, to enhance people’s abilities to understand and work together in harmony.
  • It is pleasurable to relax and gaze into the center of the We.Connect (without your I.Connect on it) and enjoy a meditative experience.
  • Place your left hand over the We.Connect and focus the healing energies passing through you which can be directed flowing out your right hand.

Advanced We.Connect with New Causal Generator Base

Gold-plated Causal Ring

The Advanced We.Connect and I.Connect are powerful tools that create coherence and health by overcoming

chaotic electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. The greatest outcomes you can have are when you

consciously work with your intent. Notice what you are experiencing and learn from each opportunity. As things happen that may be an example of limitations from your habits and patterns, recognize that you are empowered to focus with fresh intent and open yourself to accept love, compassion and the greater gifts of life.

Advanced We.Connect with Causal Ring
 and Advanced I.Connect: $798

The Advanced We.Connect and I.Connect are powerful tools that create coherence and

health by overcoming chaotic electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. The greatest

outcomes you can have are when you consciously work with your intent. Notice what

you are experiencing and learn from each opportunity. As things happen that may be an

example of limitations from your habits and patterns, recognize that you are empowered

to focus with fresh intent and open yourself to accept love, compassion and the greater

gifts of life.


Causal Generator with Causal Ring : $448
Buy this to spin your Metaforms

Causal Generator ONLY : $298
 Buy this if you already have the original We.Connect and Causal Ring

“The We.Connect helped to empower everybody and everything that transpired at the event, so we could receive the high magnitude of transformational benefits at the optimal level. Energies broadcast by the We.Connect support the process of integration and evolutionary shift for the value of experiences to grow ”
Gregory R. 

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