We have discontinued the e.Pendants and have a few e.Pendants available, most with single stones on each side.

Please see our Heart Companion pendants with a beautiful variety of gemstones and our latest technology.

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The e.Pendant opens a flow of energy from Source/God to support one of our greatest opportunities: to become a conduit for Divine Love. Allowing this energy to flow is critical to your well-being and happiness. Through applied kinesiology, we’ve demonstrated to thousands of people that in spite of the blockages created by chemical toxins, electromagnetic pollution, stress and negative emotions like fear, wearing the e. Pendant helps you overcome all difficulties and connects you to your true source of power and knowing. To remain connected to higher consciousness without the support of the e. Pendant is very difficult, because of blockages, distractions and lack of full inner strength. An energy influx is always needed to change states of matter (heat added to ice=water). The e.Pendant is your energy conduit that allows “big” you to work with “little” you to change your state of being. As your stress, denials and fears dissolve, everything you truly desire starts to flow into your life.

Sacred Geometry Technology behind the e.Pendant

One of 12 vortexes used to energize products

For over 20 years Gregory Hoag has been designing and placing thousands of Sacred Geometric antenna systems around the planet. He is now using them as wave guides to direct energy from the level of Source to a collection point in Colorado with 3 aligned double peaked mountains and 12 vortexes. The energy is then direct-ed through the Earth grid system to be picked up by the 12 antenna systems within the e. Pendant as a constant flow of Spiritual Energy. This flow generates a polarity like a magnet to create relaxation and grounding on one side or higher connection and mental focus on the other.

Large Rings are 1 1/8″ diameter, Small Rings are 3/4″ diameter

All prices below are  25% Off the original price

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  • Turquoise / Moonstone
    Large gold or silver – $174.75, originally: $233

    Small  silver: $152.25, originally $203
  • Amethyst / Moonstone
    Small gold: $152.25, originally $203
  • Faceted Pink Tourmaline /Peridot
    Large silver: $190.50, originally $254;
    Small gold: $175.50, originally $234 
  • Blue Sapphire / Citrine small chrome: $165.75,  originally $221.00
  • Blue Topaz / Garnet large gold: $183.75, originally $245
  • Blue Sapphire / Amethyst / Emerald large chrome: $203.25, originally $271
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