Universal Secrets Revealed – 6 Module Course

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Learning the secrets of how Universe is created, so you can better manifest what is important in your life.

Finding greater emotional balance in the midst of chaos and challenges during this time of transformation.

Learning how to overcome the negative effects of 5G and the emotional turmoil in the world.

Becoming more soul connected and able to access your creative, intuitive and multi-dimensional self.

Improving your focus and memory with a calm, clear mind.

Experiencing greater joy in your life and relationships.

Living life from the wisdom of your heart and being fully present.


What Is the Universal Secrets Revealed Course?

For over 37 years, we at Metaforms have been building tools, beautiful sacred objects, and technologies that support connections to higher self, thus helping people transform their health and relationships, gain clear purpose, and attract prosperity.

Tens of thousands of people all over the world who are using our Sacred Geometry tools have already experienced powerful transformations happening in their lives. However, our work is far from over.

Our aim to connect heartfully with more people and offer them ways to positively transform their lives through this powerful technology has continued to grow. This is why we created a new course with new information never before shared. It’s called Universal Secrets Revealed: Simple Actions to Activate Your Core of Love and Power.

In this program, we’ll teach you how to discover and utilize universal geometry to evolve consciousness and navigate your life. As you use the principles of Sacred Geometry, you’ll find greater emotional balance in the midst of chaos and challenges during this time of transformation.

This course is also designed to:

• Help you understand the universal connections of Sacred Geometry to be more soul connected
• Give you ways to reduce stress and establish greater focus
• Enhance your ability to create and manifest
• Increase life-enhancing energy flows for improved health and well-being
• Align with the archetypes of creation so you can deepen your spiritual connection and core of love

This course combines our decades of knowledge and expertise on Sacred Geometry. It’s our most comprehensive program yet and filled with all new material.

This is your invitation to discover this life-changing technology and use the principles that have been proven to help people live soulful, healthy, prosperous, and joyful lives.

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