Evolving Through Sacred Geometry 1 – 8 Session Class


At this time on our planet, our ordinary lives have changed dramatically, and we have been given the time to reflect, release, and choose a new range of possibilities.

We are finding solutions and the keys to happiness not from outside ourselves, but within the inner landscape.

Within our heart and soul, answers are waiting to be uncovered, so that we can create ourselves and the world anew.

Join Gregory and Gail for this 8-session program and learn to utilize Sacred Geometry to enhance your life!

Recorded on Zoom with a live audience, these sessions offer over 10 hours of content that include:

  • The importance of Sacred Geometry in relationship to our spiritual growth and our multi-dimensional evolution.
  • The harmonic resonance between number – angle – form – sound and light. How this understanding was carried forward from ancient times.
  • How the patterns and resonance of energy is constantly seeking unity.
  • The geometric progression of energy into matter. How Universe always moves toward balance and symmetry.
  • The power of expanding to our multidimensional self using 3D Sacred Geometry and the limitations posed by reliance on 2D information.
  • The geometry of the 3D Metatron’s Cube showing up throughout our Universe and harmonics of our Sun and light.
  • Why geometry is the doorway to expanding consciousness and the importance of consistently walking through it.
  • The importance of creating our personal reality through resonance, showing relationships between the Earth, Moon and Sphere of Health geometry.

Watch this 8-session program at your leisure and expand your understanding of Sacred Geometry for greater clarity to evolve your life. Strengthen your spiritual muscle and develop the resources you can depend upon for the good of all.