5G Soulution


Overcome electromagnetic and toxic chaos that blocks us from higher connection.

We were inspired to do a major upgrade on the EMF Soulution resulting in the NEW 5G Soulution.  It has become one of the most powerful tools we have for overcoming the electromagnetic chaos and environmental toxins  blocking us from higher connection.  By itself or combined with other geometries, it opens a portal of consciousness and love that is calming, centering and healing. 

It transforms your environment allowing coherent energies to elevate the vibration of foods, water. your body and mind.  With this new tool you will feel more connected to Mother Earth and simultaneously be lifted into Universal understanding and the warmth of your central core.  Meditate on its movement and then be transported to the same heartful sensations from wherever you are when you remember the vision in your mind’s eye.

Gold-plated. Comes with Advanced I.Connect, herkimer diamond and battery operated spinner ~ $758


Metaforms was created in 1985 by Gail and Gregory Hoag in Boulder, CO. Gregory, an accomplished businessman and metal sculpture artist had been studying sacred geometry and began seeing different geometrical forms in his creative mind. In the early 1980’s, he began welding these structures and producing them for various teachers and other people. It became apparent, particularly with his partnership with Gail, that these energetic forms had significant value for people for their spiritual growth, health, creativity and manifestation of higher purpose.

Metaforms has been a successful company for over 30 years, supporting people worldwide with products that have greatly enhanced their lives and brought them more success. Gregory and Gail became passionate to study and offer information that brings accurate knowledge of Sacred Geometry to the world.

Our highest opportunity as a human being is in becoming a bridge between Spirit and matter. In the flow of energy that arises from this relationship manifests all Love, all Truth, all Well Being and the Purpose for our existence.

Sacred Geometrics for Sacred Space

Metaforms are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field to positively influence your well-being, purpose, health, spiritual evolution and reduce stress

All of our Metaform geometries contain some very unique additions that allow them to have a much larger energetic field than usual geometric constructions. Working with an electron beam we vaporize particular elemental compounds and crystallize them on a copper substrate as microscopic geometries capable of moving energies from very high dimensions. Furthermore, a different vacuum vapor deposition is made on a 2mm glass torus, which undergoes a particular energizing process in our chamber in Colorado. Higher dimensional beings of Light use this element as a portal to send healing and supportive energy to assist human beings in their evolution and wellbeing. This small addition makes a very large difference in the energy flow and your ability to interact with the tool we’ve co-created with Spirit.


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