Divine Integrator Earrings

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The Divine Integration Earrings are Gail’s favorite earrings to wear and pair beautifully with the new Heart & Soul Pendant.
They cleanse, balance and amplify higher vibrational energy for aligning the physical body with the spiritual body.
They support you to connect to your divine essence of love.


Sacred Geometry jewelry is a beautiful way to enhance your connections to mind, body and spirit. Each shape invites you into the energy flow of the natural patterns and rhythms of creation.

All of our Metaforms jewelry contain some very unique additions that allow them to have a much larger energetic field than usual geometric constructions. Working with an electron beam we vaporize particular elemental compounds and crystallize them on a copper substrate as microscopic geometries capable of moving energies from very high dimensions. Furthermore, a different vacuum vapor deposition is made on a 2mm glass torus, which undergoes a particular energizing process in our chamber in Colorado. Higher dimensional beings of Light use this element as a portal to send healing and supportive energy to assist human beings in their evolution and wellbeing. This small addition makes a very large difference in the energy flow and your ability to interact with the tool we¹ve co-created with Spirit.

With your inner knowing, select the shape that is best suited for you.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12.50 × 9.50 × 0.10 in
Metal Finish

Gold Plated, Sterling Silver

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