Actually a fourth dimensional Star of David, the Star of Deva connects you to the myriad of nature’s kingdoms, such as plant, angelic, devic, insect, fairy, etc. It’s great for greenhouses or wherever you’d like the hierarchies of nature to infuse health, life, and nourishment into plants, soil, pets, foods, and people. In humans the Star of Deva opens heart, throat, and pineal chakras to promote harmony and alignment.

  • Work becomes easier as people relate better and feel refreshed in its energy.
  • Helps to resolve emotional conflicts and bring clarity to confusion.
  • A useful tool for emotional therapy and body work.
  • Inspires the magic and beauty of devic realms into human experience.
  • Brings nature’s peace to sacred space.

“The Star of Deva instantly opened all of my chakras with a surge at the crown expanding upward and outward, I was able to view (through my 3rd eye) colors of energy seen more vividly than ever before.”
— Barbara Simpson, spiritual counselor

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