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Sacred Geometry Tools

Look closely at the patterns. Geometry is everywhere.
It is the way the Universe speaks. It is the way energy expresses itself.
From the microscopic to the galactic, everything follows the patterns of energy.These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. These resonances are symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form. This principle of interconnectedness provides us with a wonderful reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for our understanding of all things created in this dimension.

Sacred geometry connects us to the natural laws around us. [quote_right]Sacred Geometry symbols have been used for centuries to connect us to vibrational resonances.[/quote_right]

As above so below… This is an ancient saying, however, what does it mean? If we were to meet an alien, how would we communicate? Or as far as that goes what if we were to time travel 1,000 years or even 5,000 years into our past or into our future. What would be the universal language we could draw upon? To reword it another way, what would be the language of Universe or the language of God common to both of us regardless of our belief system.

There is a language that translates universally and is the true nature of “above”, which reflects in the substance of this physical reality “below””. That language is number, used by science to describe interactions in all realms of the physical and energetic universe. When number moves from the mental and theoretical into the physical it becomes pattern, rhythm, cycle and geometry. Thus, we see the language of God expressed everywhere in our universe. The Above is the archetype, the blueprint, so to speak. In the physical dimension all of nature from plants to animals and minerals follow the energetic blueprint like gelatin flowing into a mold. The highly excited molecules of hot gelatin? conform to nothing in particular. As the energy level drops (cools) the gelatin will conform to the shape of its container.

Reconnect to Source

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We can use Sacred Geometry in producing powerful tools to source as much as any electric appliance can be plugged into an outlet to provide a flow of energy. This increases our energy level in particular areas consistent with the geometry and allows us to accomplish more. The electricity we generate on this planet, however, is finite in nature and often produces toxic waste by?products. When Sacred Geometry is used to draw upon energy we are becoming trained in a new form of energy use, which is infinite in supply and radiates expanding spheres of life positive energy by products. At the moment the effects are subtle, but this is a safe beginning to get our physical, emotional and mental bodies in order before the introduction of stronger energetic technologies, which require more responsibility and integrity of being.

Coherence and congruence are important aspects of Sacred Geometry not only visually and psychologically but also physically. By coherence I am referring to the ability of a form to create a consistent, cohesive field, which excludes the energetic chaos and stress now present in most man made environments. Congruence reflects an aspect of harmony and an exact order of duplication i.e. as above, so below. When Sacred Geometric tools are in our environment it helps create coherence in our field and thus relationship to our Universe. One of the most insidious things today is the breakdown of our environment, through toxins, which disrupt organization and communication in the body. A plethora of electronic frequencies, which have been proven to upset the endocrine system and mental process, also add to this toxic soup. In addition, we have generally increased physical stimuli in a chaotic fashion, which further erodes coherence and focus in the environment. All of the above creates stress in the entire system and breakdown of the emotional body which not only effects us physically catalyzing disease, but it also reduces mental capabilities and focus. Most importantly, however, all of this creates separation from Unity and an inability to communicate with God. It is important to realize that communication with God is a two way street and when communication comes into us it is in part about manifestation and empowerment to act.

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