Merkaba of Oneness

Merkaba of Oneness

Hello. I'm Gregory Hoag here today with my wife Gail.

We're going to talk to you today about one of our more recent forms called the Merkabah of Oneness. First I'm going to show you how we arrived at this particular form. Many of you are familiar with Metatron's Cube, which has a cube on the outside. In the center of this piece are two Tetrahedrons one pointing up and one pointing down.

So you have the Star Tetrahedron which if you look at the center the blue outlines the Octahedron and there are eight points on the outside. So this is where everything I'm telling you comes into play.

This is the Merkabah of Oneness. What's interesting about it is it has all the elements of Metatron's Cube. It has it turned in reverse, however, that is inside out. So in the center is a cube. On the top is half an Octahedron. Another half at the bottom. There are eight Tetrahedral points that correspond to the eight points of the Star Tetrahedron inside, internally. Now the cube is slightly twisted but you've essentially got the same elements as Metatron's Cube.

But in this case, what happens is when you are working with this form it creates a movement to the higher dimensions. A unifying principle that really creates a sense of unity, a sense of oneness and a sense of moving into a Higher Dimensional space, while maintaining your focus and your groundedness to this Dimension.

Now when I was sharing this with a friend, GW Hardin, he said, "What it needs is a Tesla Coil." I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "I don't know." I think he was just hearing it from his Angelic guidance. So after spending some time with it, what we ended up doing was putting one coil around the outside.

The coil is made up of a twisted, three braided wire. that is in the exact proportions of what we call a Light Cubit, because it's working with a higher Sixth Dimensional Light Dimension. Then in the center is a coil that is moving up and down in precise number. We always work with multiples of nine, when we work with coiling, because it gives us that access to the higher Dimensional Realms. We bring in the importance of working with nine, which you'll find in the dimensions of all sacred higher sacred numbers. At the top is a coil of nine turns with titanium.

This whole piece has an effect, especially, when it's revolving on the Causal Generator, of taking one into such a delightful, sublime space of connection and understanding. So it's moving us into a realm that really allows for higher development of knowledge and grounding that knowledge. But giving us such a sense of calmness and peace in the process. You really start feeling the sense that you're moving into an expanded version of yourself when you're working with this geometry.

In a number of the different geometric setups that we're doing, we find that it's important to start with the Merkabah of Oneness. I believe that is because it is a structure that supports the initiation of a process, with that inside out quality that Gregory spoke about of Metatron's Cube and the way the coils of nine are working. They are inviting the ability that we have to begin a process of elevation and move to those higher levels of Who We Are.

So it's a bit of like the opening of a Lotus flower. It invites us to want to go deeper, to want to go into the depths of what is possible. In this structure it can take us deep into the Realms of Who We Are. What we're here for. What we have accumulated in the storehouse of wisdom, knowledge and heart, that we've experienced on so many of the levels of Who We Are.

Not just the physical. But the many different bodies. So this is a very special structure that we can use to take those next steps into Who We Are. Allow ourselves to bring all those pieces together. To invite the different places within us that have been somewhat closed off, but are waiting to open. So the Merkaba of Oneness is a perfect structure to begin those new processes.

It works so well with some of the other structures. Individually it is quite an amazing form as well when it's turning on the Causal Generator. You will feel the core of your being opened and inspired to take the next steps of Who You Are.

Together I think we're really impressed with this Form. Often we put it on the Causal Generator, when as Gail was saying we want to feel that connection. We want to feel that openness, because it is literally turning us inside out in the sense of, letting the personality, the small part of our being, take the small back step and the backseat.

It allows the soul to start doing more of the driving. To start doing more of the directing of who we are in this life. Which is a delightfully, wonderful experience to start to have. Especially when it feels so relaxing. So good to let your soul do the driving.

Thank you and blessings.

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