Powerful times call for powerful tools. Our famous Heart Companion has been the 'spiritual ally' to tens of thousands of people all over the world. Over the last year we've been engaged in evolving the design to meet the challenges and opportunities coming our way in 2023 and beyond. This technology will allow you to feel confident and connected to the soul-centered life you desire.

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All these and more are possible when you keep the beautiful Heart & Soul Companion close to your heart…

How do you picture yourself?

Improve focus and memory with a calm, clear mind

Foster intuition and creativity

Maintain your center and strength in the midst of conflict and stress

Experience greater joy in your life and relationships

Increase productivity and overcome procrastination

Living a life of purpose

What Is The Heart & Soul Companion?

Consciously wearing this Companion is similar to our original 2-sided Heart Companion. It is stronger to support us in these intense times of change. You may find the desire to switch which side is towards your body more often for enhanced connection to Mother Earth or more active creative and mental acuity. We are offering most of the same gem varieties in a choice of silver stainless steel or titanium gold plating in the Highlight, Rainbow, Chakra, Basic and Garnet styles.

Each Heart & Soul Companion contains 2 sides. By choosing which side you wear towards your body, you will feel more energy from the celestial and mental realms with the Star Face or have a more grounded experience with the Earth Face. Play with what feels best to you as you are wearing the Companion each day.

The gems added to the Heart & Soul Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensional frequencies into the physical world. This increases the energy flow into your body with the chakras being the receivers of these energies.

Below on this page you will see numerous styles that all contain the same technology. The difference is the configuration of gems on the companion.

The Heart & Soul Companion is a new and redesigned version of our Legacy Heart Companion, made to more fully support all our senses and the multiple dimensions of who we fully are. In this powerful time of transformation and evolution, this companion will allow you to feel at home in a soul-centered life.


The most powerful, transformative technology that we've created is finally here. Dozens of internal antenna systems are resonant with our expanded Colorado broadcast chamber utilizing the same earth energy lines tapped into by Nikola Tesla a century ago.

Our Legacy Heart Companion blends Sacred Geometric technology into a double-sided energy jewelry piece to wear near your heart. The new Heart & Soul Companion builds upon this same incredible design and technology within, with many improvements and new geometries added on the face plates.

These are the changes we made to the new Heart & Soul Companion:

Earth Face

You choose which side of the pendant to wear towards your body. On the Earth Face, (just one of the two sides of this pendant)we changed the placement of some of the geometries to be more accessible energetically. We also added a C-60 molecule, the benefits of which are:

Star Face

On the Star Face, (the other side of the pendant)we completely changed the design to feature the Divine Integrator balancing with the 6-Pointed Star.

The 6-Pointed Star is the harmonizing structure of the Universe, bringing together the masculine and feminine aspects — as above, so below, the inner, and outer.

The Divine Integrator, meanwhile, supports our alignment and embodiment of the Soul. This allows us to become more heart-centered in our access to higher awareness.

Inside the companion

Internally this companion has the addition of a natural Pearl, piece of Lapis, and Kunzite sphere on a Sterling Silver infinity loop, which is woven into a carbon fiber torus.

Background Face

The background face of both sides is now black with gold-plated patterns, which offers a more beautiful and vibrant look.

What remained the same

As with our Legacy Heart Companion, the new Heart & Soul Companion offers several choices of high-quality arrays of gemstones encased in a brushed stainless steel casing or titanium gold finish. These stunning, powerful, and endearing companion include the latest Metaforms technology, plus more.

Each companion is double-sided with a Star Face and Earth Face. When the Star Face is towards your body, you will experience feeling more divinely connected, while the Earth Face towards your body will help you be more grounded.

Genuine high-quality gemstones in either a smooth dome shape (cabachon) or diamond cut (faceted) enhance the energy and beauty of each pendant. (Size: 1 3/16” diameter)

we have redesigned our chambers

We have also redesigned and upgraded both of our broadcast chambers which are an important aspect of anchoring and maintaining the higher vibrational frequencies of the pendants.

We also added the following new gold-plated geometries that all spin on Causal Generators.

• C-60 with an internal Phi Ratio Star Tet at the top
• New Version of the Merkaba of Oneness
• Divine Integrator
• Double Star Dodecahedron
• Sphere of Health

In the original chamber, we now continuously spin Metatrons Cube within the Pleiadian Portal and have a 5G Soulution aligned with an Aquarian Pyramid and Stargate beneath it.

These added geometries integrate the new energies of forms we have developed in recent years, supporting the alignment of the pendants with our most complete technology.

Heart & Soul Companion Styles to Suit Your Needs and Preference

Highlight (14 Gems)

Our Highlight Heart & Soul Companion with 14 magnificent high-quality faceted gems expressing a high vibrational energy for the current times. It is available with your choice of a Diamond or White Sapphire on the Starface.

Starface (left) In Center: Diamond or White Sapphire. Clockwise from top: Amethyst, AAA Blue Sapphire, Rhodolite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, Citrine, Emerald.

Earthface (right) In Center: Tanzanite. Clockwise from top: Aquamarine, Ruby, Peridot, Orange Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Pink Garnet

For Titanium Gold Finish Add $30

Starts at $449!


Rainbow (14 Gems)

Amethyst, Citrine, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Iolite, White Sapphire, Ruby, Orange Sapphire, Pink Garnet, Blue Topaz, Chrome Diopside, Peridot, Moonstone in cabachon style or Aquamarine in the faceted gem style.

Titanium Gold finish... add $30

Your choice: Cabachons (rounded) on the left or Faceted (cut) gems on the right.

Faceted gems add $20

From: $314.00 / month for 2 months


Chakra (7 Gems)

Amethyst (Crown), Iolite (Third Eye), Blue Sapphire (Throat), Emerald (Heart), Citrine (Solar Plexus), Orange Sapphire (Sacral) Garnet (Base)

Available in Silver or Titanium gold finish... add $30. Faceted gems same price.

Your choice: Cabachons (rounded) on the left or Faceted (cut) gems on the right.

From: $214.00 / month for 2 months


Garnet Heart & Soul Companion

The Garnet Heart Companion contains a garnet cabochon gem on the Star Face.
Available in Silver or Titanium Gold Finish.... add $30 for gold.

From: $119.00 / month for 2 months


Basic Heart Companion

The Basic Heart Companion contains 5 high-quality cabochon gemstones.
Titanium Gold Finish.... add $30.

On the Star Face: Citrine (solar plexus), Amethyst (crown), Garnet (base), Blue Topaz (throat) On the Earth Face: Chrome Diopside (heart) at the center. Only cabochon gems are used.

From: $164.00 / month for 2 months


Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Chains

Our strong 1.2 mm Wheat patterned chains are gold-filled with 14K gold.
This means they will last a lifetime without the gold wearing off.
Also, they have no nickel that sometimes irritates sensitive skin.

French Rope 1.7 mm sterling silver chain.

The chain is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of manufacturing defects. ( i.e. bad clasp, bad Soldering joint, bad link). We will repair or exchange such item(s). However, we cannot be held liable for oxidation/tarnish, customer neglect or mishandling. All returns that are not the result of manufacturing defects will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Choose your chain length ~ 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″, 30″

From: $10.00 / month for 2 months


We are excited to bring you the Pet.Connect! Choose a Pet.Connect to create a two way bond with your pet to:

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Gregory and Gail Hoag are excited to offer the Child Companion! Choose from 3 Heart Companion styles and add a Child Companion to create unity in your family to:

Get the Child Companion Now!

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How to select the perfect Heart & Soul Companion for you

The Heart & Soul Companion moves energy from very high dimensions; however, the final gateways into the physical body are through the chakras. The mineral kingdom and the organized structure found in crystals helps amplify and direct higher energy through the astral level where the emotional body resides and takes it into the etheric and physical body.

All our products are lovingly handmade. 100% guaranteed.

Full refund of product price when it is returned in prime condition within 30 Days of receipt of product. Payment plans 0% interest.

What people are saying about the Heart & Soul Companion

“The new pendant is amazing. My energies are very obviously stronger and I find myself dancing more through my day. I switch faces depending on what I am doing or working on. I keep my other pendant currently in my pillowcase to help with dreaming. I am working on having more lucid dreams”.-
“I had both of your first pendants and the new Heart & Soul Companion is way more powerful. As I put it on, I immediately connected to Source and felt the wisdom of the Divine. I could more quickly move into a deep meditation and experience a high sense of intuition.”
"It’s a lot stronger than the former pendant. I love it! I find it more beautiful too”.
“With the new pendant, I feel more balanced and my chakras are beginning to open more. This is an important next step beyond the earlier pendant”.
— Nathan

The Heart & Soul Companion is not only a piece of art that is the result of quality craftsmanship, it’s also a wearable beauty that has the power to transform your life.

Its components combine ancient and modern technologies serving as antenna to interact with life-positive, coherent frequencies.

As a result, the Heart & Soul Pendant cuts through the chaotic stress of everyday life, establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream, and assists in expanding heart-centered awareness.

Questions about the Heart & Soul Companion?

About Metaforms

Metaforms’ mission is to shift the consciousness and health of humanity, to thrive and play in the new earth energy. We pioneer and produce the finest subtle energy products and services available to empower, transform and evolve the lives of millions. Through the wisdom of sacred geometric technologies, our expanding Metaforms community of inspired leaders activates the spiritual evolution of humanity, allowing the joyful expression of unconditional love and service to flourish.

Gregory Hoag

Gregory Hoag, scientist, bestselling author and artist, has researched Sacred Geometry and consciousness for 47 years. Following a major spiritual awakening (Kundalini) in 1982, he started creating energetic tools through Metaforms, that provide transformative tools to foster spiritual evolution and the expansion of Source. His land in the Colorado Rockies has numerous energy vortexes and strategically placed geometric forms for the purpose of activating the planetary grids and energizing some of the tools produced by Metaforms.

He is recognized as one of the leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

Gail Hoag

Gail Hoag is a health consultant, accomplished artist, spiritual advisor and businesswoman. Her study of light, color and energy in motion in her paintings, launched a deep understanding for creating transformative fields to expand consciousness. Developing her intuitive gifts as an artist, healer and spiritual counselor, she has assisted many people to embrace life more fully. Gail has also served as a business consultant and team building trainer in corporations.

Gail was an avid student of R. Buckminster Fuller and knew the intrinsic value of sacred geometry when she and Gregory met in 1985 and founded Metaforms, realizing their life’s mission to bring sacred geometric energy tools to the world.

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